Mercury Goes Into Pre-Shadow Retrograde On April 26th, 2022

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On April 26th, Mercury enters Pre-Shadow; here are some suggestions for preparing for the Regressive Cycle in Taurus and Gemini.
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The second Mercury Retrograde Season of 2022 will be underway in a few days.

At 26 degrees Taurus, Mercury enters its Pre-Shadow Retrograde, which is divided into two sections. It will go Retrograde at 4 degrees of Gemini on May 10th, then go back into Taurus for a shorter period.

Except for one Inverse Phase later in the year, Mercury’s Retrograde Cycles of 2022 are taking place in Earth and Air Signs this year.

As a result, when a planet enters Pre-Shadow in the late degrees of one Sign, it will continue into the early degrees or so of another Sign and then go Retrograde. This year, the only Retrograde that will stay entirely in its element will be at the end of the year in Capricorn.

This second Mercury Retrograde of 2022 is a mix of Earth and Air. As the Retrograde progresses, it will back out of one Sign and return to late degrees in the other, giving us a Mercury Retrograde in two separate elements. There will be lessons regarding our relationships and communication "Air," as well as learning to improve resources and become practical "Earth."

The Zodiac Signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, which are between 24 and 29 degrees of these Signs, will feel this Regressive Period more than others. Also, the Mutable Signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces from 1 to 10 degrees will experience this Inverse Cycle stronger than others.

What Does Pre-Shadow Retrograde Mean?

During the Pre-Shadow Phases, it's critical to jot down as many important details as possible.

Observing recurring incidences that continue to occur over the next few weeks is an excellent approach to seeing your particular Retrograde pattern.

Some examples of things that could occur and how to spot a pattern:

During the Shadow Phase, there could be an issue where you or another party needs to be flexible when it comes to document signing and an agreement that needs to be reached.

If you've had disagreements with your sibling in the Pre-shadow period, this could be your scenario to resolve during the Retrograde.

Alternatively, you could find yourself working on how to become mindful of your eating habits at the start of the Shadow Phase.

Retrogrades make us retrace our steps, so paying attention during the Pre-Shadow Phase is so important. We have our Regressive Period topic in front of us, so why not give yourself more leverage by writing these things down so you can be better prepared?!

When the planet finally goes Direct, we enter the Post Shadow Phase, which helps clean up any residue leftover from the Retrograde. The great thing about this portion is we can resolve the issue with greater clarity and a sense of being in control.

Early Themes of Mercury Retrograde In Taurus and Gemini

The Taurus part will be shorter; situations that occurred around April 26th to 30th will come back up for review. In Taurus, we will look at problems to deal with narrow-mindedness that’s causing us to become stifled. Our confidence and issues with unhealthy internal dialog could come up, so we might look at ways to build our self-esteem and self-worth. This could be when we reassess our principles to make sure the things we do align with who we are or if we are gaining any value from it. We could question if our relationships and financial situations are bringing us stability along with comfort. And there could be moments when we learn that it’s okay to accept help from others.

Because Mercury will Retrograde back into Taurus, events from the end of April might materialize. Since Mercury made its Trine during the Pre-Shadow scenarios that occurred around April 26th, it is tied to some of the Pluto Retrograde; thus, misunderstandings in romance, dating, control, and self-worth could arise.

Mercury RX in Gemini will be a slightly longer duration. Mercury going Retrograde in its Home Sign could cause things to feel more intensified. Some of the topics that could come about is fixing an issue that requires you to give or understand the facts. This could be a time when you work on being less flaky in all your relationships. Situations involving immediate relatives, specifically sibling relationships, will need to be resolved. Miscommunication and gossip could come up to get clarified. And our relationship to our environment will come up, so this could cause us to look at why we should stay or move from a location that doesn’t suit us.

In the Gemini scenario of this Retrograde, facts about relationships and financial situations could come up to be resolved due to its Sextile with Venus. Also, Mercury in Gemini will Square Juno, so what we are committed to could be in question.

Indeed, the second Retrograde of 2022 will be an interesting one, and considering it will go Shadow a few days before Pluto Retrograde starts will be interesting. This Mercury RX could bring up some hidden elements we missed due to its connection with Pluto.

Of course, as we get closer to the Retrograde, I'll talk more about it, but start paying attention to Taurus-Gemini scenarios in your life since they'll come up again in a few weeks.

The Shadow Period is a moment to pause and consider what might happen. As a result, you'll be better prepared when Mercury goes into Retrograde. I'm not claiming it'll be a cakewalk, but it will assist you in identifying the patterns that may emerge in your life at that time.

Mercury will move Retrograde on May 10th, then Direct on June 2nd. Finally, on June 18th, it will exit the Post-Shadow Retrograde phase.

So, yeah, we’re ending April with a bang but let’s work this to our advantage.

-Later, guys

Gemini and Taurus RX

  • RX during the Taurus-Gemini Season Inverse Cycle
  • Degrees 26° Taurus 4° of Gemini
  • Shadow 4/26/22
  • Retrograde 5/10/22
  • Direct 6/2/22
  • Leaves Post-Shadow 6/18/22

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