The Sun Goes Into Taurus On April 19th, 2022

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With the Sun entering Taurus on April 19th, we may be more motivated to prioritize our needs and embrace a less chaotic existence.
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The ability to know when to treat yourself is a superpower!

Welcome to Taurus Season 2022

And Happy Birthday to all of the Taurus’s; it’s your time to live luxuriously.

We leave the fast-paced way of Aries and enter Taurus’s slow, methodical approach. Our ego will not get off on reckless or sensation-seeking behavior. So, we will be more inclined to relax and feel gratification from creating stability in our lives. With this Sign configuration, we desire steadiness and a predictable schedule.

The Sign of the Bull is all about seeking solace.

Therefore, the urge to make ourselves comfortable will be massive. We become motivated to put effort into what makes us feel good, which is important; sometimes, we forget that we deserve to take a break and treat ourselves well. So, even if it’s just taking a short nap, feeding yourself the right foods, taking a luxurious bath, or even indulging in your favorite sweets, it's nice to reward yourself for a change.

Living a softer life as opposed to grinding culture is a massive theme in Taurus. Our society glorifies the hustle and bustle mentality, which in some cases is okay; we need to be able to seize the day. However, this can also be unhealthy, resulting in burnout. One of the many positive traits of Taurus is it teaches us to take care of our needs, stop to smell the roses, and not push ourselves at a chaotic pace. Therefore, this could be a time to look at balancing the side of you that’s high octane versus tranquil to gain a work-life balance and avoid burnout.

Taurus is all about the benefits of feeling fantastic and having the best. This Sign governs our stimulation through the body, so we crave feel-good things, beautiful scents, comfortable clothes, or a good cigar. Energetically, we become more attuned to our senses during Taurean times. Being pampered is another way to experience those feel-good senses. The sensation of getting a scalp massage while at the salon as they shampoo your hair is a very Taurus vibe.

And the beautiful thing is in Taurus energy you feel less guilty about doing something nice for yourself. Unfortunately, there are times when we feel guilty for splurging. Many of us have money noise which could be from fear of spending or being afraid to do anything for ourselves even if it’s free of charge. Neither one is healthy so let's take this opportunity to be kind and give back to ourselves. Taurus energy knows we deserve that $10 cup of coffee, new mud mask, lipstick, or fabulous pair of jeans; you’ve earned it.

Another fun element of Taurus energy is enjoying the beauty of Nature. Taurus is all about florals and gardens, so this could be a time to visit a botanical garden or park with tons of flowers. Use this as an excuse to enjoy the scents of nature, take in the scenery, and soak up the surroundings. During this portion of spring, most people are ready to plant their herbs, veggies, fruits, or flowers, which is perfect because Taurus Season is fantastic for growing a healthy and sustainable garden.

Because Venus rules Taurus, we feel the urge to do more Venusian things, like gallery-hopping, appreciating art, doing something cultural, and even going to a restaurant that serves cuisines from other countries.

Craving dependability and consistency is one of the best features of this Sign Ingress. Currently, Mercury is in Taurus, which amplifies the Taurean energy of being able to sense everything. With Mercury and the Sun in Taurus, we will have the mindset to stick to whatever we start. Even though we might start at a slow pace, it’s easier to stay the course rather than just doing it fast and burning out later. Steady progress always wins the race, and with Taurus, we gain that sort of momentum.

Internal self-worth is just as crucial as having external validation. Because Taurus is about feeling good, this also has a lot to do with our confidence. We could focus on researching ways to boost self-esteem and ensure our surroundings support healthy self-worth.

Taurus teaches us how to respect ourselves. Many people are unaware of their worth, which is why many of us accept unhealthy circumstances. Knowing your value entails refusing to accept disrespect, declining a relationship with someone dubious, and settling at a job where you’re being degraded. We realize moving forward from situations that disrupt our inner confidence is necessary with this energy.

Of course, there's always a lower vibration with these Sign changes. Taurus energy can be slow-moving on certain things. Sure, it's good to take your time and be methodical; however, this could be an issue if you have an important deadline to meet.

Arrogance and feeling like your way is best could also be an issue with this Ingress. I commend Taurus for taking matters into their own hands to better themselves; however, this can veer on the negative side. There are times in life when we can't always think our method is the only way. And there are times when people want to help you if you’re in a jam, and there’s no shame in accepting that help. We take away the gift of giving by not accepting it.

Resistance to change can cause us to paint ourselves in a corner. With this energy keeping things the same can turn into a rut. One of the lower vibrations of this Ingress is like a sunk cost fallacy. In other words, it’s a situation that we’ve poured our energy into but refuse to let go of even though it’s counterproductive, resulting in us wasting time on a lost cause.

So, try to stay flexible and move forward from the things that haven’t progressed.

Let’s use this Taurus Season to get back on track and stay the course for the beautiful things we are trying to create for ourselves.

-Later guys

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