This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For April 18th to 24th, 2022

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This week, the Sun enters Taurus, shifting the mood from the fast-paced Aries mentality to a more patient approach. Also, the Moon will create the most connections to the other planets, which may cause our moods to vary, causing us to experience emotional ups and downs.
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Hey guys, we have an interesting week full of planetary Transits.

In this week’s Astrology, the Moon will make up a considerable portion of the planet-to-planet Transits causing us to look at our emotional needs and what we require to feel comfortable.

Taurus Season starts this week which could help us understand the importance of stability. And by the weekend, we have a mix of Mercury Transits that could cause our communication with others to seem cold and distant one moment, then more compassionate the next.

If you missed the April 4th and 5th planet watching opportunity, you’re in luck. Just before Sunrise, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, along with Saturn are still visible in this particular order. We will get a rare opportunity to see these planets lined up almost perfectly, which doesn't happen often. This grouping of celestial bodies' appearance from Earth's point of view will look diagonal. Jupiter will be vibrant, Venus is the brightest of this grouping, Mars is a bright orange-red hue, and Saturn will be a dull yellowish color. The Moon will eventually join the party a few days later, making for another spectacular April light show from these heavenly bodies.

On the 18th, the Sun will Square Pluto, which could bring old problems up that need to be resolved. People during this alignment are prone to being irritable and easily provoked when things don't go their way, so try to look after yourself and avoid petty conduct. This could be a day when those with dominating personalities try to control others to feel better about themselves. When it comes to harder Transits like this, the good part is it helps us focus our attention on the things that need transformation in our lives. Use this to work on deep-rooted situations that can no longer be swept under the rug.

Tuesday might give us a much-needed dose of chill vibes with the Sun entering tranquil Taurus, which could provide us with the much-needed mellow vibes we deserve. With Taurus, we will feel more inclined to do the things that comfort us, so if this means sleeping in a little, taking a luxurious bath, or indulging in a bit of comfort food, we will do so with less guilt. This is a time to make slow but steady progress on our goals, and even if it does seem like it's taking time, whatever our ambitions are will be something we strive to gain for the long haul.

Even though the Sun enters easy-going Taurus this week, there is still some edginess from the other configurations occurring over the next bunch of days. For a big chunk of the week, the Moon will make the majority of the Aspects due to the grouping of planets this week. Currently, most planets aren't making connecting Transits until Saturday; therefore, the Moon will be the star of the show.

Lunar Transits are quicker moving than the other planets, so we can experience more ebbs and flows this week.

The Moon will leave jovial Sagittarius and go into Capricorn, which could cause us to feel like we are coming down from a lively vibe to a more serious tone. By the 21st, this Capricorn Moon will be in a complex configuration with Chiron, which could cause us to feel emotionally off-kilter. Then luckily, on that same day, the Moon will connect with Mars and Uranus giving us some enthusiasm to do something fun and clear away emotionally stagnant feelings.

Friday, the Moon alignments continue with Venus and Pluto in an Aspect that might have us examining deep-rooted issues about relationships and finances. Then will Sextile Jupiter, which might help us feel like things are looking up.

By the 23rd, the Moon enters Aquarius for the next two days causing us to feel like; we need to shake things up and do something fun.

After coming off the fun vibes, we will experience more of the harder Lunar Transits. The Moon in Aquarius will eventually make complex alignments to the Lunar Nodes with Saturn, Mercury, Sun, Jupiter, Neptune, and Uranus. With these heavy Aspects, Saturday could cause us to feel like our moods are fluctuating, causing us to detach from our emotions and look for alternate ways to resolve our problems.

Mercury makes the last two configurations on the 24th, which could cause communication to feel rude one moment and then empathetic the next.

With a Square forming from Mercury to Saturn, we could have communication over text that feels dismissive to individuals. Another issue with this Transit is that it could bring out a judgmental side of us and others. As a result, we might find ourselves critiquing someone for various reasons. This also brings in a know-it-all tone, so disagreements could be caused by not liking someone's opinion on a particular subject. Past disappointment could resurface in our minds, resulting in dwelling on petty feelings about others who didn't take responsibility for past actions. My advice is to take several steps back before you react and wait for these moods to pass; otherwise, it could cause a storm of drama that’s not worth your time.

Lastly, Mercury will be in a harmonious alignment with Neptune, which could soften the energy from earlier. This is excellent for respectfully speaking with others and actually caring about how our words affect those around us. Also, Mercury with Neptune in this Aspect is awesome for connecting with our spiritual side. A Transit like this is also great for talking about philosophy, art, music, writing, or poetry, so use this one to connect with your creative side.

Vibes For The Week
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The vibes this week feel lowkey even with a lot of triggery moments occurring from most of the Transits.

The first few days will feel mixed baggy with a smidge of emotional sensitivity. Because this week is more Lunar focused, our emotions will be more prominent than average, so we could have some triggery moments.

However, romance will be high on the graph on the 18th, causing us to feel more flirty than usual. With this amount of romantic energy on Monday, we could feel more open to letting our hair down in dating and relationships.

Because of the way this week is going, we could have moments where we feel very confident and the others where are emotions are less grounded. And at the end of the week, we have more emotional sensitivity with solitude vibes mixed in with mental energy, psychic sense, and confusion.

Transits Of The Week

The 3rd week of April could feel like a total buzzkill after the previous week of harmonious Transits. With the complex alignments occurring this next 7 days, we will need to check in with ourselves and ensure our needs are being met.

Transits For The Week April 18th to 24th:

  • 4/18 Sun Square Pluto: Discovering The Situations That Prevent Transformation In Your Life
  • 4/19 Sun In Taurus: How To Be More Relaxed
  • 4/20 Moon In Capricorn: Not Wanting To Come Off Emotional
  • 4/21 Moon Transits: Trying To Stay Emotionally Grounded
  • 4/22 Moon Transits Part 2: In Like A Lion And Out Like A Velociraptor
  • 4/23 Moon in Aquarius: Feeling Emotionally Detached
  • 4/24Mercury Square Saturn: How To Sound Heartless Over Text Message
  • 4/24 Mercury Sextile Neptune: Feeling Connected With Your Spiritual Mind

Use this week to recognize what isn't good for your emotional wellbeing and find the best way to nurture yourself.

-Later guys

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