The Full Moon In Libra Forecast April 16th, 2022

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On April 16th, there will be a Full Moon in Libra, which will make us want to work on the things that make us feel off-kilter in our relationships and finances.
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Hey guys, we have the Full Moon at 26 degrees of Libra happening on April 16th, at 11:54 AM Pacific which would be 2:24 pm Eastern. Check your local time to see when this lunar event occurs for you.

We’re kicking off the first Full Moon of the Spring in the Sign of Libra, which has to do with harmony, fairness, along with our one-on-one relationships. And since this is a Full Moon, we are looking at this cycle of completion in Libra to see what's working, the things that need tweaking, or circumstances that no longer serve us.

Also, this lunar event is called a Pink Moon. Of course, the Moon will not be that color. The reason why it got the name Pink Moon is that according to native/ancient people, this Moon was associated with the blossoming of new flowers during the very early parts of Spring.

Spiritually, this could symbolize noticeable growth in your life after stagnation. Therefore, this lunar event could be a time when you are finally seeing the fruits of your labor flourish.

Energetically this Full Moon is a mix of energies. It’s good to look at the rulers of the Moon and Sun. The Moon’s Ruler is Venus since Libra's domicile is Aries. The Sun is in Aries, which is Ruled by Mars.

Both Chart Rulers are in a wide Conjunction, creating some much-needed harmony in the areas of our love life and finances that need compassion. Venus is Semisquare to Pluto, so this will be a time you’re taking action in relationships that need to transform. This planet is also in a Sextile with Uranus, which should help us make the changes we need in love and money with more certainty.

Both Luminaries are making a mix of alignments. The Moon will be in a Sesquiquadrate to Venus and a Quincunx to Jupiter and Neptune, which could cause us to feel emotionally off-kilter where we are sure of ourselves one minute, then the next experiencing moments of uncertainty. With the Sun in complex configurations to Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, plus Pluto, this could also cause our confidence to go up and down throughout the next two days.

Luckily, there is a Trine from the Sun to Saturn and a waning out of element Trine to Mars on this planet which could help us push through some of the more difficult Transits. With these two planets in a harmonious Aspect to the Moon, we could have moments where we feel motivated to work through the things holding us back.

Vibes For the Full Moon in Libra
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With the vibes on the graph, we have a variety of energies.

We have some low levels of edgy energies, so you could feel more triggery than average with the solitude and emotional sensitivity on the chart. There is a bit of mental activity, which could cause it to be a day where you just don’t have the time to focus on the details.

Luckily, the most substantial energy on the graph is romantic vibes. It wouldn’t be a Libra Full Moon without it, so we will at least have some softer points to mitigate the more complicated stuff. And there is some light social energy contributing to this; therefore, if you feel stuck, this could help you be more open to having company over.

Libra Full Moon Reflective Questions

Full moons are cycles of completion where we look at what can go forward with us and the things that no longer work. Now that you're in a complete phase of all things, Libra, it’s time to think about what you’ve gained over the last 6 months?

What have you built regarding Libra themes since October 6th, 2021?

Have you worked on committing to the right relationships?

Learn how to create harmony and balance in your life?

Finally, understanding the benefits of not having one-sided relationships?

Understanding what aesthetics need to be tweaked in your life?

Find a way to harmonize who you are as an individual vs. your role in one-on-one relationships?

Have you worked on situations that cause indecision in your life?

Learn to make peace with yourself and others?

Are you looking to build relationships with mutual understanding?

Understanding that you can only collaborate with people on the same wavelength?

Is this a time when you learn that one-on-one relationships are beneficial to your life?

Are you working on how to be in relationships with reliable people?

Have you learned to recognize those who openly oppose you?

Have you worked on losing your identity in relationships?

Learning that bottling things up just to keep the peace isn't helping you?

Understanding that outward appearance doesn't mean a healthy relationship?

It’s time to balance what is lopsided in areas of our lives that are Libra-esk.

This is a period of evaluation of your personal life and financial situation. Being at the 6-month mark of this cycle helps us purge or keep what is worth saving. This could be the point that you are finally ready to act and create stable relationships.

Look at the last 6 months and sort through relationships plus finances that need harmonizing. Doing this could help in making the proper decisions about whether something is worth keeping or moving forward so you can find balance.

Themes For The Libra Full Moon
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Libra is about weighing things out, so this Full Moon transit will be phenomenal for creating a stable foundation in areas of your life ruled by this Venus sign.

Libra Full Moon Checklist:

  • Find a way to harmonize between who you are as an individual vs. your role in one-on-one relationships ⠀
  • Because being superficial hasn't brought you what you want in love, it's time to shift your perspective on appearances.
  • Is there a time in your life when you're more conscious of who isn't on your side?
  • It’s time to have an open talk regarding long-term mutual goals about where your relationship is going with a union that’s been in limbo.
  • There must be a sense of balance in your identity; it's crucial to be your own person while maintaining who you have romantic and platonic relationships.
  • Sweeping things under the rug in your relationships could cause more problems if they aren’t addressed later.
  • It’s perfectly fine to be the kind of person who prefers being in relationships; just make sure it's always for healthy reasons.
  • Become the person who’s decisive for yourself rather than making decisions to please others
  • When it comes to what is fair, learn to stand up for yourself and create boundaries with others. Instead of putting all of your energy into everyone else, know it's okay to give back to yourself.
  • Work through unbalanced emotions and revitalize your energies through self-care.
  • Another place where you must achieve harmony is in romantic relationships that throw your emotions off and make you feel inadequate. So, tackle these issues and clear what isn't supporting your self-esteem in love.
  • Knowing your worth will help in choosing a partner who is worthy of being in your life
  • It's time to reclaim your inner peace and harmony to have a life that allows you to thrive
  • In addition, it’s crucial to examine our relationship with money. In other words, to correct any behaviors holding us back from a healthy financial flow.
  • Libra strongly desires to spend money on luxurious items, as this Sign is drawn to beauty and wealth, so indulge but don't go overboard.

Now that you are at a completion cycle, it is time to create what you want in your life. Harvest the things that worked and cut loose what no longer serves you.

-Later guys⠀

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