Mars Goes Into Pisces On April 14th, 2022

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On April 14th, Mars enters Pisces, assisting us in taking action on what we've wanted to do with our lives.
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Taking action on your wildest dreams is a superpower.

If you missed that massive amount of Pisces energy we had from the end of February through March, you’re in luck. Mars will enter Pisces on April 14th. And having our planet of drive in this empathic Sign will help us compassionately act.

Mars combined with Pisces is more introverted. So even though we can act under this Mars, we aren't going to be as showboaty under this energy. It’s more of a passionate and emotional expression of Mars. As a result, you're not going to feel as competitive under this Mars, but it takes that extra pressure off.

We feel more interested in connecting with our spirituality and our higher mind.

With Mars here, we also feel compelled to care for those in need. This placement is excellent for advocating for those who can’t stand up for themselves.

We are back to having a Stellium in Pisces, with Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune in this Sign “A Stellium is 3 or more planets in a Sign.” Also, at the time I am writing this, the rare Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction in Pisces is still occurring. And having Mars, our planet of action, included in this Stellium will serve as an activator for many Pisces endpoints. All that means is there is an extra emphasis to work through the Pisces things in our lives.

With this Sign, it's passive, receptive energy. So, most of the time, physical manifestations don't materialize right away.

However, the cool thing about Mars connected with Pisces is that we become motivated to act instead of being passive when it comes to our dreams. The lovely thing about Pisces is that we get to lose ourselves in fantasy, but that can also be a problem if we don’t go after what we wish for in our lives. But with this combination, you can have the dream along with the concept of what you want and go after the desired aim. So, goals and objectives that have been living in your head finally get that nudge and turned into something tangible.

Creativity has had a buzz these past 4 months with the pile-up of planets passing through this Sign. The Sun and Mercury went through these points; Venus arrived in Pisces a week ago, and Jupiter has been here since December. Of course, Neptune has been hanging out in this space since 2012 but having all these energies here helps our creative side.

Now that Mars is here, this will further amplify that energy in a driven manner. If there have been any art, music, writing, or other creative projects you’ve been working on for months now, this could be the time that you finally launch them. If you're a creator or a musician, this will give you that extra boost to make something happen for yourself.

We may feel more receptive to energizing our souls through activities that purify us. Restoring ourselves through physicalities like Hot Yoga, Pilates, sweat lodges, swimming, steady-state cardio, and martial arts will help us feel cathartic under this alignment. Improving our health but allowing us to be active while connecting to our higher self will feel easier under this Ingress.

Our gut instincts will be very alert to this energy.

Individuals with psychic abilities could feel spot on and energize. This could result in intuitive moments, especially if you've been stuck for a while psychically. We may feel like we're penetrating our inner world and pulling visions to the surface. As a result, these messages from a higher source of knowledge arrive out of nowhere.

Mars also governs our temperament, and lucky for us, this is the least aggressive Mars. This is not to say we won’t become irritated by things; however, it’s not as explosive when we do. We feel more like crying it out than getting into a tussle. In this energy, we tend to feel bad if we do, in fact, lose our temper. This is due to Pisces' nature of choosing to show compassion and not wanting to hurt other people’s feelings. And the expression of this is not aggressive in any way, by any means.

Of course, we always have a lower expression any time a Sign goes into a new planet, so Mars in Pisces is no different. As stated earlier, this is not the most aggressive expression of Mars; however, our emotions that aren’t getting released could build up and come out awkwardly in this Ingress. Regardless of this being a more passive expression of Mars, we still have a temper, so if something irritates you, it’s essential not to let it build up; therefore, try to find the healthiest way to express it.

Continuing with the submissiveness of this Ingress, we must be mindful that we aren’t acting out in a passive-aggressive way. On the flip side, we could deal with those acting in a petty manner, or people might come off a bit sneaky and disingenuous. We could also behave secretly, which could lead to others feeling manipulated.

In this energy, you want to be mindful of your body and make sure you are doing things to build up your stamina because this is the kind of Mars that isn’t the most energetic. We need to make sure we aren’t neglecting ourselves to the point where it causes us to feel under the weather.

This also goes for setting healthy boundaries with others as well.

During Piscean times, we tend to gravitate towards things to escape the problems we don’t have the energy to deal with. Be aware of reckless behavior for coping like overindulging in alcohol, food, and substances.

Sometimes it’s not the hardcore stuff; it can be seemly harmless escaping like vedging out on Netflix, video games, social media doom scrolling, or watching streams on Twitch. They can be very addictive, then suddenly, the whole day has passed you by, and you haven't done anything. Hence, you just want to be aware that you're not escaping and overindulging in that way.

We are back in Piscean energy, and it’s not even Pisces Season, so try to reap the benefits of this Sign and act on your dreams.

-Later guys

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