This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For April 11th to 17th, 2022

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We have an alignment in this week’s Astrology that hasn’t happened in the Sign of Pisces before. Jupiter has been conjunct Neptune since 1856. Mars will enter Pisces, assisting us in putting our dreams into action. On Saturday, the New Moon in Libra occurs, which may make us examine what is imbalanced in our relationships and careers.
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Hey guys, we have a jammed-packed and transformative week full of planetary Transits.

In this week’s Astrology, the Jupiter- Neptune Conjunction occurs this week, which could amplify our spiritual side. Mars is going into Pisces, which will cause us to take action in a more compassionate way. The Full Moon in Libra occurs on Saturday, causing us to look at what needs to be harmonized in our love lives and finances. Plus, we have a mix of Sun, Mercury, and Venus’s alignments, resulting in our confidence fluctuating, causing us to have an active social week and looking at what needs to be shifted in love plus finances.

Tuesday could start off heavy because we have two alignments with Mars that might trigger an attitude adjustment. Mars will be in a Semisquare to Chiron, causing us to look at why we need to tame our temper and how we need to heal the angry feelings we carry in our lives. Another way this Transit could show up is by looking at why we need to assert ourselves in a balanced way.

On top of that, Mars will be in a Semisextile with Pluto, making it easier to feel riled up. When it comes to the Mars and Pluto alignment, this will ramp up the feeling of being energetic. In terms of motivation, you will feel driven, which is always the best thing about these harder alignments; we will at least accomplish a lot on this day. However, be aware of coming off in a power-hungry manner. Things can get confrontational in this configuration, and people tend to get belligerent when they can’t excerpt their dominance. So do your best not to come off pushy and wait for the right moment to address sensitive situations with others.

Even though the last two alignments were harsh, we do have a few others on that same day which will hopefully mitigate those Transits.

Jupiter and Neptune will make a rare alignment on April 12th that has not occurred in the Sign of Pisces in 166 years. Jupiter is only in its home Sign every 12 years, but Neptune has been in Pisces since 2012. The last time these planets aligned in their native Sign was on March 17th, 1856. All things Jupitarian and Neptunian are magnified in this alignment, both collectively and individually. With an alignment like this, we will look at ways to expand our spiritual growth.

Real opportunities could come our way on the 12th with the Sun connected to Saturn in an alignment that rewards hard work. This is a lovely aspect because we get the much-needed recognition for a job well done. So, if you’ve put in the effort with goals, work, and other projects, your hard work might pay off. With a configuration like this, there is an opportunity to finally get some much-deserved appreciation. And, if you aren’t feeling this Transit in terms of recognition, it gives you the energy to take care of your responsibilities with ease and understand the options you have in front of you for success.

The Sun will be in a Semisextile to Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune from the 13th to the 14th, which could cause the day to feel clouded relationship-wise, mentally, and realistically. This is mixed bag energy where you could be in a good mood, have the urge to go on an adventure, or even go on a learning fest. This Transit brings about some confidence along with luck that comes from just taking a chance, but the issue is it might stir up our entitled side and cause high levels of arrogance to form in the air. Also, be aware of thinking you can do no wrong because this planetary combination might lead to mishaps due to a pumped-up ego.

If you couldn’t get enough Piscean energy, then you’re in luck because Mars, our planet of action, will be going into the Sign of the Tethered Fish. With this Ingress, we will act in a more compassionate way than typical. So, this will help us feel motivated to take action that benefits others. Mars in Pisces allows us to act on our dreams, so if you have an aspiration, this could be the time to execute it. Also, this helps us connect with our creative side and finally work on our artsy or poetic projects.

Communication could be misinterpreted on the 15th with a Semisquare from Mercury to Jupiter and Neptune. Make sure you are understanding others clearly because this could be a day where we fire off at someone because we didn’t understand what they meant, resulting in arguments. The best thing you can do is wait for the right moment to respond when you feel more clear-minded. Also, please take your time because an aspect like this could cause you to be off-kilter and lack sound judgment.

The full Moon in Libra occurs on April 16th, which will give us the urge to find balance in our one-on-one relationships. Since Libra is all about our close personal relationships and this being a Full Moon, we will look at what’s working, the things that need a tweak, and situations we need to walk away from that aren’t serving us.

Venus will be in a complex Transit with Pluto causing feelings of distrust to come up for us, love life, and financially. In other words, if we are in a committed relationship, there might be feelings of suspicion over small things that may possibly be innocent. And regarding money, this could be a time when we question the generosity of others.

Just in time for Easter, Sunday is a day when we truly have an aha moment!

Mercury will be in a Conjunction with Uranus causing us to finally have a light bulb moment with the circumstances that seemed too hard to solve. Our intellect will be sharp on Sunday, so if there’s been something complex you need to study or take a test for, this could be a day where information intuitively flows through you. With this Transit, we finally have a breakthrough on the things we could fix, resulting in getting out of ruts that we’ve been in for a while.

Lastly, Venus and Uranus will be in a harmonious configuration. This should help give you the inspiration to break free from ruts and give yourself a much-needed revamp in love and money.

Energetically, this is incredible energy for having breakthroughs in your social, career, and romantic life. So, if you were feeling low from the other Transits this week, this alignment could give you the extra boost; to take action and restore faith in yourself. Another awesome thing about this Transit is that you will want to get out and be adventurous.

And this could cause you to start looking at different types of people for romantic possibilities or go for an alternative career that you typically overlook.

Vibes for the week
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This week’s vibes are primarily decent, except for a few uncomfortable ones.

We have a steady stream of social vibes. This is the kind of week for getting together with others, making plans to do something adventurous, and feeling like yourself again.

There’s a ton of romantic energy over the weekend; with the Full Moon in Libra and everything that’s occurring with Venus, this could cause Saturday and Sunday to feel flirty.

With little doses of solitude mixed in with mental vibes around the beginning of the week, this could be about taking some time to yourself to analyze personal situations. Plus, another smidge of solitude over the weekend but with all the other vibes, that might not be too much of an issue.

And we do have a small dose of psychic vibes, so there could be moments where your gut instinct is picking up on things here and there.

Transits Of The Week

One thing is for sure; nobody can say April has been a dull month! With the Transits we’ve had, we have no choice but to get moving, encouraged, and adventurous.

Transits For April 11th to 17th:

  • 4/12 Mars Semisquare Chiron: A Way To Tame Your Temper
  • 4/12 Jupiter Conjunct Neptune: Expanding Your Spiritual Awareness
  • 4/12 Sun Sextile Saturn: A Healthy Ego Will Go Along Way
  • 4/13 Mars Semisextile Pluto: Easily Riled Up
  • 4/13 Sun Semisextile Neptune: Not Seeing Yourself In A Realistic Way
  • 4/14 Sun Semisextile Jupiter: Overconfidence
  • 4/14 Mars in Pisces: Taking Action in a Compassionate Way
  • 4/15 Mercury Semisquare Neptune: Communication That Gets Misinterpreted
  • 4/15 Mercury Semisquare Jupiter: Blowing A Conversation Out Of Proportion
  • 4/16 New Moon in Libra: Finding Balance With Your One On One Relationships
  • 4/17 Venus Semisquare Pluto: Distrustful Feelings In Relationships
  • 4/17 Mercury Conjunct Uranus: That Light Bulb Moment That Results In a Breakthrough
  • 4/17 Venus Sextile Uranus: Pleasant Surprises With Love And Finances

Use this week to start a new path that makes you feel grounded and set boundaries with the relationships preventing your growth.

-Later guys

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