Mercury Goes Into Taurus On Apr 9, 2022

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On April 9th, Mercury enters Taurus, providing us an excuse to relax and interact with individuals who make us feel at ease.
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“Wait, give me a few minutes. I need a moment to think this over before deciding.”

We now leave the act first, think about it later energy of Mercury in Aries, and head for the more deliberate decision-making methods of Taurus. Mercury going into mellow Taurus will shift the tone in how we communicate, think, hear, and process data to a more casual approach.

In Taurus, this planet will take some of the sting out of our communication because this Sign strives for things to be laid back and pleasant.

The energy of Mercury in the Sign of the Bull is all about pacing ourselves. Unlike Aries, with Taurus, we will be more patient and take our time to communicate effectively. Suppose something doesn't come fast; no worries, our tolerance levels are relatively high. Having a low-key Mercury like this takes down the need to do things at a hectic pace.

With this combination, our minds become less impulsive. It's essential to consider the advantages and disadvantages before acting. Being impetuous all the time isn't healthy; sometimes, it's better to take your time rather than rush into anything. Otherwise, you'll end up with unnecessary junk, such as frivolous purchases or a bad relationship.

Mercury in this Sign is decisive, but we're slowly lead into a decision. Sure, there are times when we need to be quick on our feet and make a rapid choice; however, if you have the luxury to take your time, it’s best to be sensible and make sure the judgment you are making is the right one.

Conversations become intentional under this Sign Ingress. In this alignment, we gravitate towards mental ease, and for this reason, we are seeking something that is pleasant. As a result, we could actively avoid communication with complex individuals. I’m not saying we can 100% avoid unpleasant conversations, but we will find it easier to dodge those kinds of talks with others under this alignment.

Many people are into AMSR videos due to their satisfying nature. Taurus is about sensory, so combined with Mercury, this could cause us to feel more connected to our senses. So, sensations or sounds may feel more soothing under this energy. Also, this could be a lovely time to take in the rhythms of music to feel relaxed.

Mercury and Taurus are all about retaining data. With this Sign, we absorb information in digestible doses, so it might feel slow, but the data you learn will be retainable. So, if you’re taking a course right now, this could be a time when it’s easier to memorize what you’ve learned. And even if it isn’t about school, this could help us understand the notes for a song, a recipe, or how to use photoshop effectively.

Mentally we will have the stamina to stay on top of our goals. There are moments in life when you we give up out of boredom or don't see the results desired. The hardest part is being in the middle of your objective after setting your intentions, sowing the seeds for what you want to grow, and being eager to reap the benefits. However, there is a point in the middle where we haven't achieved our goal. We give up when we don't see anything growing and fail to complete our projects.

On the other hand, some goals are worth our time and effort, and you should keep going no matter what. Let's admit it, some plans take time to take effect, but it isn't a cause to resign. Everything would be half-finished if you didn't have enough tenacity, so use the stamina of this Sign to help you power through those slow outcomes.

Taurus is the kind of energy that can't be pushed into making a decision. And even though it is a neutral expression, it’s a crucial lesson. We need to know how to have solid boundaries and not do things to please others. In other words, sometimes we feel pressure to make decisions that aren’t to our advantage just to make everyone else comfortable, and as a result, it comes at a cost to us. And there are just some choices that aren’t suitable for everyone, so not being easily swayed into a decision is crucial at times.

And of course, yes, there is a lower vibration to this Sign Ingress.

As mentioned earlier about the neutral expression of Mercury in Taurus, this can be energy where you don't get easily pushed into a decision. Because that’s a slippery slope, it can result in being inflexible with others who are just trying to be reasonable with you.

Mental ruts tend to happen in this energy, so you want to keep your mind active and sharp. Our tendency to feel that our way is the best becomes more pronounced in this energy, so you want to make sure you aren’t falling into the trappings of that way of thinking. We could feel more resistant to change in this energy where we mentally feel comfortable keeping things the same. So, try to be aware of the things that leave you stagnant.

Let's take this time to mellow ourselves out and take advantage of our senses.

-Later guys

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