The New Moon In Aries Forecast March 31st, 2022

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On March 31st, the Aries New Moon will have us thinking about how to create a new beginning in our life that puts us in the driver’s seat.
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Hey guys, we have the New Moon on March 31st at 11:24 pm PST, which is 2:24 am EST. Check your local time to see when this lunation is occurring for you.

In Astrology, the Sign of Aries marks the beginning of the Zodiac and is the commencement of the Zodiacal year. Aries starts a new cycle, ushering us out of the cold and into a new season.

Last year, at the end of March, instead of a new lunar cycle, we had a Full Moon at the start of the Aries Season/Astrological New Year, so we are genuinely getting a totally fresh vibe. Therefore, we are starting the Astrological New Year right during this New Moon!

In terms of the planets participating in this Lunation, a few stelliums will occur during this lunar event, which is a grouping of 3 or more planets in a Sign. There are a bunch of planets in Aries, but the Chart Ruler Mars has its own grouping it’s with at the time of this lunation. Mars will be in Aquarius, connecting to Venus, Saturn, and the asteroid Juno harmoniously.

The chart ruler Mars is connecting with Saturn while in a T Square with the Lunar Nodes. This could cause us to work on serious situations to do with our relationships, themes surrounding resources plus money, and scenarios we've ignored. As a result, we will need to take a more rigorous style of working on these difficulties to gain stability.

Mars will be in a semisquare to Jupiter, prompting us to consider why it's not a good idea to overpromise on the things we can’t produce in a short window of time. This New Moon is Semisquare Venus, while Conjunct Mercury which might cause mixed emotions and miscommunicating in Relationships. With a Transit like this, we will examine how to communicate better in committed relationships.

Even with some of the edgy configurations with this Moon, it will motivate us to work on our goals and become more organized in our lives. Because this is a New Moon, it is about fresh starts, which aren’t always the easiest; however, this lunation will give us the stamina to be more pioneering in our lives.

Vibes Of The Full Moon In Aries
Transits GraphSirius Software

The vibes on the graph are slightly odd. We have low-grade energies with one straight line like this and one peeking out.

And so, we're getting low levels of every vibe within this graph.

We're getting low drive and ambition, good luck energy, confusion, romance, emotional sensitivity, solitude, and psychic vibes. As a result, we could feel a bit disjointed and experience low-grade frustration.

However, the mental energies are at the highest, so this could be a week of making long-term plans and contemplating what needs to change in your life. With this being a New Moon in the First Sign of the Zodiac, figuring out your life’s direction will be crucial.

Aries New Moon Reflective Questions

Aside from the energies occurring now, this is an excellent place to start if you want to integrate more Aries energy. A New moon is about starting something under this fresh cycle, creating what you want to improve on, and including the best qualities of that Sign.

Think about what you want to create in Aries energy?

Do you want to become bold in your life?

Are you ready to let go of what hinders your independence?

Want to learn how to do your own thing?

Ready to find your voice and be more outspoken?

Do you want to learn how to stand up for yourself?

Are you looking to become more ambitious?

Want to become more fit/athletic?

Do you want to become more adventurous in your life?

Ready to become more open to new opportunities that could further your life?

Looking to get in the driver’s seat so you aren’t just a passenger in your own life?

Are you trying to learn how to put yourself first for a change?

Do you want a more dynamic lifestyle?

Are you ready to put yourself out there romantically?

Aries is a fiery, pioneering Sign that needs to be able to pursue its passions to be happy. If you’ve wanted to learn how to be confident and take action, this is an excellent Sign to incorporate. Having a New Moon in This Sign will help us look at what we can do to be in the driver’s seat of our lives.

Because Aries is self-assured, it may assist us in getting out of a funk so we can finally pursue the things we've been hesitant to try. So, inside this energy, you may feel a surge of desire to put yourself out there, whatever that may entail. Or, this might be about getting an extra nudge you needed to reintroduce yourself to the dating game after a long hiatus.

Aries is all about our independence and our capacity to go out and do things on our own. With this, we may feel more secure to try tasks that we would typically require the assistance of friends, family, or a significant other to do.

You-do-you is an Aries motto, so if you need an excuse to put yourself first, this is a chance to learn how to master the art of self-hood.

Take the time to think about what you want to accomplish in the next 6 months.

Themes For The New Moon In Aries
New Moon in Aries ChartSirius Software

A New Moon in Aries might give you the inspiration you need to take your life in the direction you want it to go. Let’s use this lunar event in Aries to take more decisive actions in our lives.

Here is your New Moon in Aries Checklist:

  • Charge your vibes with Cardinal Fire energy to create powerful intentions for your life⠀
  • Stand up for yourself to those who try to hinder your progress; it is time to let go of relationships that hold you back
  • Channel the maverick vibes of an Aries and create a life that’s cutting edge plus on your own terms⠀
  • Step outside of the mundane and try new things⠀
  • Learn how to be courageous and self-assured in your own abilities ⠀
  • Separate yourself from the heard and enjoy your individuality⠀
  • Bring a sense of fun and adventure back into your life⠀
  • Build confidence and reclaim your personal power⠀
  • Become more responsive and quicker on your feet⠀
  • Let go of negativity and fill your life with optimism⠀
  • Be honest about what you need to be happy, even if it means putting yourself first for a change⠀
  • Own who you are and live in your truth⠀
  • Seize all of the opportunities you have in front of you and take advantage of those blessings ⠀
  • Be more proactive in your relationships; it’s time to attract your tribe instead of hanging with people who aren’t on the same frequency
  • Put yourself out there; it’s essential to not fade into the background
  • Become your own version of athleticism; if you have health and body goals, this is the time to set intentions to gain the level of fitness you’ve always wanted⠀
  • Channel your inner gladiator/warrior because it’s time for you to be mighty⠀

Use this New Moon in Aries to put your wants out to the universe to help you achieve what it is you are ready to create.

-Later guys

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