Venus Goes Out Of Retrograde On January 29th, 2022

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Venus will finally be out of Retrograde; what lessons did you learn about love, money, career, and values during this Inverse Cycle?
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Venus is finally going out of Retrograde on January 29th!

We entered this Retrograde Cycle in the middle of November when Venus went into Shadow, signifying that it's time to take charge of our love lives and finances. And now we are coming to the Post Shadow Phase, which will be all about piecing together the situations we went through for the last 2 months.

The Cardinal Zodiac Signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn between 8 and 29 degrees of Capricorn, would have felt this Retrograde the most.

Reflective Questions About The Venus Retrograde

Venus went into Capricorn on November 5th then entered the Pre-Retrograde Shadow Phase on November 17th, causing us to look at some uncomfortable truths about our love life and finances. This was a time to reflect on your romantic unions, employment, income, values, self-esteem, and platonic relationships throughout the Shadow Phase.

Think about what has been going on with you since the second half of November.

Have you been unable to look at love, money, and career the same way?

Have you realized that the current relationship you’re in isn't healthy?

Recently got out of a tumultuous relationship because it affected you?

Decided you needed to take your time before making a serious commitment to anything or anyone?

Has this been a period of endless arguments between you and a spouse, friends, or family?

Has it felt like things have been on hold in a relationship?

Was this a time for you to create a long-term plan to fix your financial circumstances?

Took this time to reevaluate your career and what you need to do to feel fulfilled?

Looked at why you are attracted to material things rather than emotional security?

Did you seek fairness at work with supervisors/bosses?

Reevaluated your relationships with father figures or a maternal figure in your life who plays a more dominant role?

Learned to take more accountability for your actions?

Came to understand that superficiality in love isn’t getting you the relationship you want?

Realized you’ve overcommitted yourself to a person, job, or situation that isn’t on the same page as you?

Revamped your reputation, which could be your public persona, i.e., social media, a network you belong to, career-wise, or friends circles?

Have you learned that you aren’t accountable for everyone and released yourself from unnecessary burdens?

During these Regressive Phases, we weigh out the advantages and disadvantages of our situations to see if we need to work on or move forward from what bogs us down. We get honest with ourselves and come to terms with the circumstances that make us unhappy. After that, we’re able to start the process of putting ourselves in a better position.

By the time we got to December 19th, the themes of this Retrograde had come up for the next 40 days to be rehashed, readjusted, and for resolution. The Regressive period is a time to speak up, take action on the situations where you’re dissatisfied, and prepare yourself for a final decision, whether that’s moving on from a problem or patching things up.

Capricorn is an Astrological Sign that aspires to be excellent and in charge. Venus governs our ideas, our reactions to others, and our finances. It all comes down to maturity and putting in the necessary effort to achieve.

This Sign and planet combination caused us to take our romantic lives, careers, and values seriously. Venus Retrograde could have shown us the difficulties we need to clear up that aren’t bringing us security and don’t offer growth potential. Also, this Retrograde might bring you to the realization your union lacks love and that there’s no emotional connection.

Regarding our finances, there could have been situations with control over funds. This could have been speaking up to a spouse who controls the finances. Or with a toxic boss at work regarding money. On the flip side, there might have been concerns about stinginess and greed in your life that need to be addressed.

These Regressive Cycles come in different phases, Pre, Retrograde, and Post. Even though Venus is now Direct, we still have the Post-Retrograde-Shadow Phase to go through, which will be a period where all these topics will come back up. However, since we are at the Post Phase, there’s more clarity on what to do, so at least as we move through this part, we will do it with precision and take appropriate action.

Of course, if you weren’t experiencing this Retrograde yourself, you could have witnessed it through friends or family, seen a lot of celebrity break-up drama, or observed odd things occurring on a collective level.

Use this Post-Shadow Period to balance yourself out and tie up any loose ends leftover from the Retrograde.

-Later guys

Venus Retrograde Dates to Remember:

  • Ingresses into Capricorn 11/5/22
  • Shadow period 11/17/21
  • Goes Retrograde 12/19/21
  • Venus Station Direct 1/29/22
  • Venus out the of Shadow Period 3/1/22
  • Out of Capricorn on 3/5/22

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