Mars Goes Into Capricorn on January 24th, 2022

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On January 24th, Mars will enter Capricorn, providing us the stamina to accomplish the work we've fallen behind on while also reconnecting with our ambitious side.
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Let’s do this the right way the first time.

Mars, the planet of how we go after what we want and need, is changing Signs which will shift the tone from pursuing everything we can get our hands on to acting in a more organized fashion.

As we leave Mars in Sagittarius, which gave us the energy to act on so many possibilities, we are now ready to narrow down our options with this planet going into Capricorn. We had lots to do and everywhere to be with Sagittarius in this Sign, but with Capricorn, a limit is placed to work efficiently without wasting our energy.

The biggest issue with having too many options is that you will eventually reach a bottleneck. While Mars was in Sagittarius, many people felt confident enough to take every opportunity that landed in their lap resulting in less output. In other words, one person can only take on so much, and eventually, the ability to produce will decrease. The reality is that spinning too many gears is not always advised because eventually, something will fail; we end up overbooking ourselves, overpromising, and underdelivering.

Having a Capricorn Mars will be great for those of us who overdid things during the Sagittarius Ingress and now need to play catch up. So, when it comes to being motivated and taking action, we will do so purposefully.

And Mars is very comfortable here in Capricorn because this is an Exalted placement.

For this reason, Mars will function marvelously with this Sign.

In Astrology, Capricorn is a Sign that pursues excellence and authority. It's about maturity, commitment to success, gaining external security from our achievements, and doing whatever it takes to get to the top.

Interestingly, most would think Capricorn mixed with Mars wouldn’t work so well because it Rules Aries, which is more of a quick-to-action response type of Zodiac Sign. Capricorn is less inclined to react on impulse because it needs to assess the risk, but placed in Mars, this Sign uses its ability to be self-contained and can direct this fiery planet. All of Mars’s eagerness and enthusiasm in Capricorn becomes pointed at being focused and deliberate, resulting in us feeling motivated to go after what’s essential without wasting our time. And with this Mars, we complete what we start, so there won’t be much-unfinished work piling up.

Interestingly, this Mars is suitable for being an overachiever but not the way we were when this Planet was in Sagittarius. In other words, we will have the focus and stamina to tackle complicated tasks, but there will be a limit on how much we put on our plates. Therefore, if you have a challenging goal that requires a ton of attention, long hours, and a ton of energy, this will help motivate you to finish the task.

Output is excellent under this alignment. You will be more streamlined in your pursuits, opening the door for the right opportunities. We also focus on our long-term goals and follow through with them. You will have the wherewithal to build something hard but long-lasting.

Another thing with Mars is we see our temperament, which is more contained. This alignment doesn’t react aggressively, curbing our impulsivity and giving us patience. So, this could even out our attitudes rather than having a hair-trigger.

Romantically, Mars rules our passionate nature, so this also changes the tone with love life and intimate situations. With Mars in Capricorn, you get the more committed side of this planet. In other words, it’s not the footloose and fancy-free sort of encounters we would have under certain Signs. If you are single, this could be a great time to meet someone regardless if Venus is in Retrograde; luckily, it goes Direct in a few days, so that takes the edge off.

For singles, you could meet someone who is the type that wants something serious. Also, this could bring in age gap relationships. Hence, there could be a new person of interest that is older or younger than you coming in for romance.

If you’re just dating, things could start taking a committal turn. Or you guys are reaffirming your relationship and taking things to the next level. Also, intimacy could be more long-lasting than usual.

There's a lower vibration when it comes down to these Sign changes. Earlier in this article, I talked about temperament, and even though this isn’t the angriest Mars placement, it can become pretty heartless; it can be very cold and direct in how things are approached. So that's where you have a problem. Therefore, the temperament we experience in this Mars is not explosive rage but rather a more ruthless approach.

Another issue is the tendency to overwork with this type of Mars. Try to be mindful of over extended periods of working. This energy wants to keep going until the job is done, so try to take breaks; otherwise, you’ll experience burnout.

And there could be a need to always be in control, not allowing others to assist you or completely taking over a project without asking. Capricorn is the kind of Sign that needs to be in charge so try to check yourself if you’re coming off domineering.

So, yeah, even with that, this is a great Mars.

Use this to direct your energy and catch up to what you fell behind on.

-Later guys

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