This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For January 24th to 30th, 2022

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In this week's Astrology, Venus finally exits Retrograde, preparing us for the Post Shadow RX, which should provide more clarity to our romantic and financial lives. Mars also enters Capricorn, encouraging us to act responsibly.
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Hey guys, we have another busy week full of planetary Transits.

In this week’s Astrology, Mars goes into Capricorn, which should give us the ability to take action responsibly. Mercury will go back into Capricorn as it was at the end of 2021, which will lead us to revisit themes from the 29th of December. Venus will go Direct this week and start its Post Retrograde Shadow Phase, causing us to slowly move forward with love life and career situations with more certainty. And we have a ton of Solar alignments that should cause us to see some fluctuations in our confidence levels.

On the 24th, Mars will go into Capricorn, giving us the enthusiasm to act productively and responsibly. This placement is one of the Signs Mars thrives in, so we will get an extra boost from this Ingress in terms of our ambitious pursuits. Our energy will become more intentional in terms of the goals we are striving to achieve. And with this configuration, we will have the staying power to finish what we started.

Mercury will Retrograde into Capricorn on the 25th, which will bring up situations that have been swept under the rug. Because Mercury will be close to Pluto and go back to the place Venus Retrograded, we could see some overlap from these planetary events. In other words, situations with love life and career that were problematic could be drudged up, especially any disagreements from the 16 to 29th of December.

And this tends to bring out the truth, so if there was something you felt in the dark about when it comes to relationships and finances, you could finally get the answers needed to move forward. This will also allow you to stand up for yourself in situations that require you to speak your mind.

Another alignment on the 25th linked with Mercury Retrograding back into Capricorn is a connection this planet will make to Mars. On January 17th, Mercury and Mars were in this exact alignment, bringing up unresolved issues from that time.

Continuing with the 25th are two configurations that could cause our sense of self to fluctuate. The Sun will be in a Semisextile with Jupiter, which causes us to feel confident, adventurous, cheerful, and as if luck is on our side. This transit brings in an extra bit of luck since it motivates us to take chances and go after opportunities putting us in a fortunate position. The only issue with this is our egos tend to get inflated, and it brings out a sense of entitlement, opportunistic behavior, and high levels of arrogance. Also, be aware of thinking you can do no wrong because it is the kind of Transit where mishaps occur due to a pumped-up ego.

Try to stay grounded because the Sun will Semisquare Neptune on that same day. Again, our sense of self will fluctuate because the Sun deals with our ego, and Neptune causes us to feel more sensitive and uncertain than average. Our moods will be all over the place, and you could feel like you don’t know what to do with yourself as a result. The 25th overall is a jammed-packed day with many uncomfortable Aspects; hopefully, the one with Jupiter will be our saving grace because even though it could cause overconfidence issues, at least it does boost our ego. If there’s a choice of feeling blah versus being self-assured, the latter of the two seems better than being unsure of oneself.

A few days later, on the 28th, healing our ego will take center stage with the Sun in a nice Aspect to Chiron. This Transit allows us to recognize our awesomeness, the talents we have, and that we do bring something to the table in life. If you were experiencing self-doubt for the last few days, this would be good for feeling sure of yourself again. And this is a great alignment to receive or give a pep talk so expect to feel pumped up and ready to go after what you desire.

Mercury will Conjunct Pluto on the 28th, which could help us find the answers we were looking for during the Retrograde. An alignment like this could bring in some facts that we have had difficulty understanding since the end of 2021. In other words, this could be a period when you uncover something that occurred around December 29th to January 2nd that seemed too strange to be true.

During the early hours of January 29th, Venus will Station out of Retrograde and be still for a few days. Even though Venus has gone Direct, it still has the Post-Shadow Retrograde Phase to get out of, which won’t happen until March 3rd. The good thing is although we aren’t entirely done with this Regressive Cycle, the Post Shadow Phase has us going over the same topics, but at least by this point, we have more clarity and can take better actions. Venus went into the Pre-Shadow RX Phase on November 17th, then turned Retrograde on December 19th, making this a long cycle of resolving where we needed to get responsible in our relationships and finances.

Situations that happen around November 19th could come back up surprisingly with this alignment regarding monetary and love life situations but harmoniously. More occurrences from the Retrograde will come up unexpectedly on the 29th with a configuration between Venus and Uranus. So, if there has been something you’ve been waiting for love life-wise, this could be a pleasant surprise from a partner. Or with money, this might be a breakthrough moment for something that was stagnant for a while, resulting in a job offer or the clearing of something financial.

If you couldn’t get enough Sun alignments this week, the 30th has you covered. The Sun will make a Square with Uranus, which might cause glitches; if something breaks, beware of trying to DIY your electronics because mishaps could occur with devices in this configuration. An alignment like this could also cause us to feel amped up; as a result, we could feel more energetic and less patient than average. With the Sun and Uranus in a complex alignment, it does cause a ton of impulsivity, so try to ground and pace yourself because we tend to become reckless in this Transit. Additionally, be aware of your temperament because this revs up our tendency to become irritable, petty, and argumentative.

Lastly, on that same day, we have an alignment that will bring up situations from November 19th that occurred with the Sun and Venus. Venus was in the Pre-Retrograde-Shadow Phase the last time this happened, so; old resentments could resurface when it comes to love life situations where you experienced unfairness.

This Week’s Vibes
Transits GraphSirius Software

The graph is very active for the next 7 days. This week is a bunch of peaks and valleys in terms of the kinds of energies we are getting.

Let’s get the annoying stuff out of the way first. We have a steady stream of emotional sensitivity throughout this week because the alignments for the next 7 days are a bit edgy. There is some solitude mixed in at the beginning of the week, so you could need your space from others while you understand what’s next for you and how to improve your own circumstances.

Because there are psychic energies mixed in with imagination and confusion, it will contribute to time to yourself throughout this week to process what you are experiencing emotionally.

Speaking of processing, this week is jammed packed with mental energy, which makes sense with all of the transformative shifts occurring. The mental energy will mix in with high amounts of drive and ambition, so we will feel ready to make changes even though things feel rough.

Lucky vibes come in on the graph pretty strong and will occur throughout the week. So even with some of the more challenging energies, we will have some sweet spots that will help us out during these next 7 days.

Socially, the energy is high throughout the week despite some rougher energies. And romantically, we have a considerable amount of flirty vibes in the air.

Transits For The Week

January has been quite an interesting month, and the next 7 days are no different. Even though things will feel edgy at the start of the week, we will feel motivated to take action on situations that have been on the back burner.

This week’s Transits January 24th to 30th:

  • 1/24 Mars In Capricorn: Taking Action In a Responsible Way
  • 1/25 Sun Semisextile Jupiter: How An Ego Boost Could Go Wrong
  • 1/25 Sun Semisquare Neptune: The Need To Withdraw Socially
  • 1/ 25 Mercury Retrogrades Back into Capricorn: Deja Vue From The End Of December
  • 1/25 Mercury Semisquare Mars: Dealing With Disagreeable Individuals PT 2
  • 1/28 Sun Sextile Chiron: Healing Your Sense Of Self
  • 1/28 Mercury Conjunct Pluto: Understanding Situations For What They Truly Are PT 2
  • 1/29 Venus Direct: How To Take Accountability In Relationships
  • 1/29 Venus Trine Uranus: Changing Things Up In Love And Finances
  • 1/30 Sun Square Uranus: A Glitchy Day
  • 1/30 Sun Semisextile Venus: Unfairness In Love That Deflated Your Ego

Use this week to resolve the things that have been swept under the rug, and do your best to boost your confidence healthily.

-Later guys

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