The Sun Goes Into Aquarius On January 19th, 2022

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The Sun will go into Aquarius on January 19th, causing us to have an urge to do something fun and different than our usual routine.
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Having solid friendships is something money can’t buy!

Welcome to Aquarius Season 2022

And Happy Birthday to all of the Aquarians out there; it’s your turn to let your originality shine!

If you couldn’t get enough Aquarian energy and just want more, more, more, whelp, you’re in luck. The Sun is now in the sign of the Water Bearer!!

Each celestial body combined with a Zodiac Sign will have its place where it shines or has an uncomfortable experience. Some things seem to flow in life, but certain combinations just don’t blend at other times. Essential Dignities in Astrology allows us to see which Signs flow or have a bit of friction in certain planets.

Astrologically, the Sun represents the self and how we shine as an individual. Libra is all about relationships which diverts the Sun’s attention off itself. In Libra, one-on-one relationships become the focal point, so the Sun has a more difficult time here for that reason.

However, this does not mean we can’t at least channel the higher frequencies of this Sign.

In Aquarius, it’s about bringing others with you and not keeping the spotlight all to yourself; through this Sign, we all share the success together.

And even with the Sun being in Detriment in this Zodiac Sign, it doesn’t mean we won’t have a blast. Aquarius is fun energy because it gets us out of our comfort zone and doing things we are usually too skeptical to try. In other words, if you’ve needed some adventure in your life, this energy will give you the boost you need to get started.

With Aquarius, we try to find an inventive way to get out of our comfort zone and focus on moving beyond our old routines. And this doesn’t have to be anything wild; it can simply be checking out a restaurant that seems intimidating because the menu has foods you have never tried before. Or, finally, shopping at a mall that’s 30 minutes away just to take a break from the usual stores you frequent.

Aquarius Season always occurs in the middle of winter when most of us are just ready to get out again. People tend to feel stagnant this time of year, so once we get to Aquarius, we are more than willing to change things up and just let our hair down. And with the Sun being in this Sign, we will feel more confident to get out of the house and start mingling.

Socially, this could be great for just getting together with friends. Aquarius Season brings in the need to gather, so this is a time where things get busy on a social level. We could feel more open to making plans, going to concerts, having a game night with friends, and even making new ones.

This could be a time when your phone is going off more; people want to do more facetime or zooms, just to reconnect with the people we consider our inner circle. There is an urge to communicate with like-minded people in this energy.

Another awesome thing that happens with the Sun in Aquarius is people tend to be all about aiding others. Aquarius is the energy of making things better for society, so there could be more situations where individuals are helping others more than typical.

Of course, there's always a lower vibration to these Sign changes.

Even though Aquarius is fun energy, some things could come up in terms of being overly detached, intellectual arrogance, and wanting change so fast that your rebellious side comes out. Also, there is an aloofness about this energy for being a Sign of friendship, so there could be some issues with those who are too detached.

Uranus, the modern Ruler of Aquarius, will go direct a few days before, so this could help in terms of finally feeling like you’re having a breakthrough in your life. And Mercury is currently Retrograde in Aquarius, which might cause a few communication issues as we start this Season.

Use this Aquarius Season to bust out of your rut and create a better future for yourself.

-Later guys

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