Uranus Goes Out Of Retrograde On January 18th, 2022

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After 5 ½ months, Uranus will go Direct on January 18th; how did this Retrograde help you be more spontaneous?

Uranus goes Direct after being in Retrograde since mid-August of 2021, causing us to look at what’s causing us to be stagnant in our lives.

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There’s no better feeling than finally getting out of a rut!

Uranus is Stationing Direct on the 18th, so after 5 ½ months, this planet will be out of Retrograde. On top of that, Uranus is the last of the outer planets to go out of its Regressive Phase from the 2021 Retrogrades. This means we get a break from some of the long transmutative lessons outer planet Inverse Cycles cause us.

With this celestial body going Direct, it’s possible to have a sudden solution to complex problems. In other words, stagnant circumstances related to career, relationships, or personal goals could finally gain momentum.

Retrogrades are very noticeable collectively, but you can still feel this personally if they are aspecting anything in your chart. The Signs who will experience Uranus Retrograde the most will be Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, between 8 to 18 degrees.

Uranus Retrograde Reflective Questions

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In Astrology, Uranus is the planet that helps us get out of ruts we’ve been in for a while that are holding us back from our true potential. So, if you were being Aspected by this Retrograde, you could have felt more of an urge to break out of patterns that left you stagnant.

On May 2nd, Uranus went into its Shadow Retrograde Phase, so think back to what might have been going on with you regarding Uranian issues in your life since that date.

For the last 5 ½ months, has there been any area of your life where you are trying to get out of a funk, but you just have not been able to get yourself to that place?

Have you been looking at ways to connect with your authentic self regardless of what others think?

Do you feel like you’ve sacrificed who you are to make other people comfortable?

Think back to what has occurred in your life since the middle of August; what kind of internal shift have you undergone?

Here are some reflective questions to ask yourself:

Have you felt as though you’ve had a sudden wake-up call to break out of your stagnation?

Did you feel like you needed a complete overhaul in your life?

Has this been a period where you’ve had sudden breakthroughs?

Was this a time you stopped repressing your own needs?

Are you at a point where you can no longer live a life that feels inauthentic?

Are you returning to specific dreams/goals that you might have suppressed to make others happy?

Have you learned to become more self-reliant?

Learning to prioritize your personal freedom of expression?

Felt as though you’ve had some sort of spiritual awakening?

Have you become more connected with your intellectual side?

Understanding your need to connect with people on the same frequency as you?

Have you felt liberated because you no longer need the approval of others?

Realized that living a mundane life is not for you?

In these Retrogrades, we look at where our comfort zone has become a trap.

Being in alignment with yourself and life is essential, so we do a wellness check on what’s out of step in this Inverse cycle. This could be learning to embrace your off-beat side, individuality, the friends you associate with, etc. If those things aren’t in alignment, this is your opportunity to course-correct them.

Awakening to your purpose, whatever that may be, comes up during this time. You want to build something better for the future. If one of your Natal Placements is being Aspected by this Uranus RX, this would have allowed you to look at where you are headed. And to let go of the things that bogged you down, which distracted you from personal progress.

Uranus Retrogrades are about finding solutions to complex situations in your life. We can’t stay the same, things need to change, so this Retrograde provides that. Of course, these aren’t overnight fixes, and even though this planet’s inverse cycle lasts 5 1/2 months, it will take time to make changes.

The areas of life where you’ve stalled out get more emphasis during Uranus RX, so as this planet goes forward during the Post-Shadow Phase, we will gain more clarity and solutions to old problems.

So, the things that have built up for months will play out over this Inverse cycle to be fixed.

Use this time to break stuck patterns.

-Later guys

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