This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For January 17th to 23rd, 2022

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In this week's Astrology, we have a remarkable 7-days ahead due to a pile-up of alignments, which could cause this to feel like a period of nonstop change.
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Hey guys, we have a transformative week full of planetary Transits.

In this week’s Astrology, Uranus is finally going Direct after 5 1/2 months in Retrograde, making it the last outer planet to leave its Inverse Cycle. We have the second Full Moon occurring in Cancer, which should help us understand our definition of home and family. The Sun will move out of Capricorn and into Aquarius, changing the tone from “doing things the way it’s always been done” to “let’s change up our routine” sort of vibe. And Mercury which is in Retrograde, will make a ton of alignments causing us to deal with issues from the past few weeks while adjusting to new developments in our current lives.

To kick off the week, we have the Full Moon in Cancer on the 17th. This Full Moon brings us to a cycle of completion where we look at what Cancerian themes were going on 6 months ago regarding our personal life, home, and family. This lunation will have us looking back at what we accomplished in these areas of life and moving forward from the things that no longer serve us.

Venus Retrograde and Saturn will be in a Semisquare on the 17th, which could bring up relationship issues from a month ago where you recognize things aren’t as loving as they should be in your union. You could be dealing with feelings of isolation in your love life due to a significant other who’s cold. An alignment like this causes you to look at your romantic needs and is a reminder that you deserve better in relationships. Venus is also connecting with the North Node in a Sesquiquadrate as well, which could show you it’s time to move forward even if it's hard. Of course, that’s not an overnight thing to get out of an unhealthy relationship, but this could give you the nudge to start the process of moving on to better things.

The Lunar Nodes are changing into Taurus and Scorpio on the 18th. The Nodes are karmic points in the Astrology chart, showing us what we have gotten good at and how to improve those areas. In other words, we might have gotten used to a particular way of being, and now it’s time to grow so we can walk into a new purpose.

Uranus is going Direct with the Lunar Nodes while Mercury is in Retrograde, which could cause the 19th to be very glitchy.

With this celestial body going out of Retrograde, we could suddenly resolve an old standing problem. In other words, if there has been an issue related to career, relationships, personal goals, even a living situation that’s been stifling, this could give you a solution on how to get out of stagnation.

The Signs who will experience Uranus Retrograde the most would have been Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, between 8 to 18 degrees.

That same day Mercury will Sextile Chiron. We’ve already experienced this alignment on January 9th and are returning to this spot as Mercury traces its Retrograde steps.

Mercury and Chiron in a harmonious Transit are fantastic because it helps you make peace with yourself and your inner mind. A configuration such as this aids in understanding what’s required of you to get back on track to start your healing journey. And if there’s been some conflict with others from the Mercury Retrograde, this Aspect might assist you in making amends with someone worth your time.

Mars and Uranus are in a Sesquiquadrate, leading to a lack of patience with others who aren’t on the same frequency. Unlike the Chiron Alignment, tempers could flare up under this Aspect on the 18th. This causes a need to rush things, so be aware of clumsiness. Mars-Uranus connections bring out the defiant tone in people, so there could be pushback if others aren't allowed to do their own thing.

Mars and Pluto will be in a Semisextile on the 19th. With the two of the edgiest planets in our Solar System in a complex alignment, things could be more antagonistic than usual. Please do your best not to engage with people looking for trouble, steer clear of the drama and let them argue with themselves. It’s easier said than done but try to center yourself because this type of Transit causes our hair-trigger to activate easily. One good thing about harder alignments is they can be channeled appropriately through ambitious pursuits because we become motivated to act, so use it to work on aspirations.

At least on the 19th, the Sun goes into Aquarius, giving us a fresh new way to connect with our self-expression.

We strive to think of new ways to break out of our comfort zones with Aquarius. This doesn't have to be anything extravagant it could simply be picking a new place to grab your morning coffee just to try something different. Or you could decide to try a new gym across town instead of your usual workout facility.

The Aquarius Season brings a desire to gather, so we could need some serious socializing. In other words, your urge to get out and hang with friends will be higher than average. Plus, there will be a need to be active and take part in adventurous activities.

Part two of the Mercury Semisquare Neptune saga occurs on the 20th. Since the 6th while Mercury was in the Shadow Period, it made an alignment with Neptune, which could have caused you to feel like your mind was on a loop. So, this could bring up situations from that date where there was a miscommunication with someone. Also, this tends to inflate communication from people with their own agendas so try not to engage with those attempting to take advantage of you.

Mercury will be in a Semisextile with Jupiter on the 21st, which should cause us to feel more optimistic than average. This alignment is good for getting our mind off things that are too stressful to deal with, which helps us just let our hair down. The only issue with this is if you do have important things to take care of, this Transit could make it easy to be lax. Therefore, if you have important documents to sign, make sure you read everything and do not skim the crucial details. Also, people tend to exaggerate more than average with this alignment, so there could be situations where the truth is stretched.

Some form of clarity could come in with a supportive Aspect. On the 23rd, the Sun and Mercury will be in a Conjunction, which will help us feel more alert. This configuration allows us to feel capable, have clear thoughts, communicate effectively, set up plans with ease, and have an overall fun day. This Transit causes us to be busy but in a good way.

Hopefully, the lovely energy of Mercury carries us through because Mars and Saturn will make a complex Aspect on the 23rd. With this alignment, you want to make sure you aren’t pushing other people to go as fast as you are, or it could backfire. This alignment tends to bring out the types of situations where you have one person who wants to get their way but is up against someone in a higher position than them, so this doesn’t go over well. Try to watch your aggressive streak and know that sometimes we just have to wait for our turn.

This Weeks Vibes
Transits Graphimage by author

The vibes on the graph truly reflect what's occurring in the sky right now.

At the beginning of the week, we have small amounts of solitude energy, which causes us to need time to figure out our stuff.

Some of the vibes intersect with drive, ambition, and good luck throughout the week. So even though things are edgy, we still have many sweet spots to make things happen for ourselves. Like I said a few paragraphs ago about harder Transits, sometimes they give us the ability to move mountains.

Love life-wise, we have a good stream of romantic energy that carries us from the 18th of the week to the 23rd. So at least there’s a chance for relationship harmony, even if it’s a transformative week.

And one of the most potent energies is the psychic vibes from the 19th to 23rd, peaking out on the 21st. There is a bit of confusion on the graph for that same day mixed in with the psychic energy so do your best to stay grounded. If you’re having an off-kilter day, allow yourself some grace and do something relaxing, like listing to podcasts or binge-watching your favorite shows.

Transits For The Week

Indeed, we have one of those weeks that will feel edgy and wonky; please be easy on yourself if you’re feeling some of the effects of the harder Transits.

This week’s Transits:

  • 1/17 Full Moon in Cancer: What’s Your Definition Of Home And Family?
  • 1/17 Venus Semi-Sextile Saturn: Losing Interest In A Superficial Relationship Part 2
  • 1/18 North Node In Taurus- South Node in Scorpio: Shedding Off Old Trauma
  • 1/18 Uranus Direct: Surprising Solutions To Stagnant Situations
  • 1/18 Mercury Sextile Chiron: Healing Past Disappointment Part 2
  • 1/18 Mars Sesquiquadrate Uranus: Impatience Will Get You Nowhere
  • 1/19 Sun in Aquarius: Time To Connect With Old Friends
  • 1/19 Mars Semisextile Pluto: Being Mean Is So Out Of Style Part 1
  • 1/20 Mercury Semisquare Neptune: Cognitive Dissonance Part 2
  • 1/21 Mercury Semisextile Jupiter: People Who Bend The Truth Part 1
  • 1/23 Sun Conjunct Mercury: Feeling Clear Minded Again
  • 1/23 Mars Semisquare Saturn: Don’t Push Your Limits

Use this week to clarify things that have caused confusion and reevaluate what you genuinely need to be happy and balanced in your life.

-Later guys

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