The Full Moon in Cancer Forecast: January 17th, 2022

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With the first Full Moon of the year in Cancer, we will feel more inclined to focus on what brings us comfort and emotional security.
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Hey guys, we have the Full Wolf Moon at 27 degrees of Cancer, occurring on January 17th, at 3:48 pm PST, which is 6:48 pm Eastern. Check your local time to see when this lunation is happening for you.

This is the first Full Moon of the year and is referred to as a Wolf Moon!

January’s Full Moon is called a Wolf Moon because back in ancient times, it was due to there being more wolves out, creating a loud howling noise. This was due to the lack of food during winter, which resulted in the wolves howling out of hunger. Winter tends to be a barren time of year, so it makes sense that food was scarce back in those times.

Spiritually, because Full Moons are at the peak of the lunar cycle, and this one is associated with need, it’s a good idea to take an inventory of everything that brings you comfort. In other words, it’s essential to think about what fills your soul and put a limit on people or situations that deplete your precious energy.

Energetically, this Moon has some sweet spots mixed in with edgier alignments, so our moods could fluctuate for a few days. Our emotions might fluctuate because Full Moons are about looking at what we’ve built, the things that need tweaking, and what needs to be left behind.

Even though this Moon is making some complex alignments, at least it’s in a Sign it loves. Cancer is the best placement for this Moon because it’s in Domicile. In other words, this Moon will function better than most because it’s in its Home Sign; the Moon rules Cancer, so this should mitigate a few issues.

Vibes For this Full Moon
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The vibes on the graph reflect the mix of moods I was referring to in the last paragraph.

Solitude is high on the chart for the next 48 hours; this is because, with some of the Transits and Cancer energy, we have the urge to sequester ourselves away from it all. This could be when you need some privacy and take a break from dealing with too many people. So, being at home might feel like your sanctuary more so than usual during this time. And considering Cancer rules our domestic life, privacy, and the home, this would be the perfect time to relax in your humble abode.

One of the energies in close proximity to the solitude energy is drive and ambition. So even if you feel like you don’t want to deal with people, you could feel extra motivated. It would be best to get things done at home without distractions from other people to do what you do best.

There’s a moderate amount of good luck energy mixed in here, so we could have some moments where everything falls into place.

And there’s a good amount of romance in the air during this time. This romantic vibe could bring in extra flirtation from a person of interest or one-on-one interactions with a partner.

Full Moon Reflective Questions

Full moons are cycles of completion where we look at what can go forward with us and the things that no longer work.

Think about your life 6 months ago; how has your journey for emotional support gone so far?

What has come to a completion in Cancerian energy?

What helps you feel secure⁠?

Are you letting go of shallow relationships that don’t bring inner security?

Are you walking toward a life that is more emotionally fulfilling?

Have you created stability so you can feel in control of your life and emotions?

Have you learned to make your personal life a priority?

Has this been a time when you reinvent the definition of family in your life and break unhealthy cycles?

Are you at a place where you’re healing from past disappointment when it comes to relatives?

Was this a time where you delved deep into the backstory of your family?

Learning to nurture yourself and those who have earned it?

Understanding that you need to be protective of yourself and your non-negotiables?

Looking for a place you can feel at home in, even if it means a move?

Realizing you need to trust your gut more instead of doubting your intuition?

Cancer is all about our comfort, family, personal life, home environment, privacy, and what brings us emotional security, so if you’ve been working on these things since July 9th of 2021, you will be able to see your next steps. In other words, if things are working the way you expected, then this is a time to pat yourself on the back.

However, if you aren’t quite there, this could be a time to tweak what you want regarding your personal life. Or, if things aren’t working the way you anticipated, this could be your opportunity to release what no longer serves you in Cancer energy.

Themes For The Cancer Full Moon
Full Moon in CancerSirius Software

This checklist should help you understand some of the topics that could come up during this time.

Here are the themes for the Full Moon in Cancer:

  • It is time to find a balance between protecting your energy versus completely closing yourself off from others ⁠
  • Get in touch with your feelings, psychic powers, and feminine vibes⁠
  • Heal ancestral stigmas; it’s your time to break free from generational curses⁠
  • Sometimes the family we create is the one we become closest with
  • Make time for comfort in your life so you can rejuvenate after a hard day
  • You don’t need to chase acceptance from family members that’s caused you pain
  • Please find a way not to let others emotionally dump their drama onto you⁠
  • Nurture yourself first for a change⁠ rather than neglecting your needs for people who aren’t grateful
  • Give affection to those who give it to you⁠ it’s time only to accept reciprocal relationships
  • Hold on to what is essential in your personal life and discard what bogs you down
  • It’s okay to keep the sentimental items that are important as long as you are not accumulating unnecessary things⁠
  • Keep doing what helps you feel secure and emotionally grounded
  • Listen to your gut instinct because it never steers you wrong
  • Find a healthy balance between being present in a relationship and being overbearing
  • ⁠Create a space that looks and feels like home to you⁠
  • Allow yourself to be in touch with your emotional body⁠
  • Let go of the things you’ve hoarded that cramp your style, be it physical, emotional, or material things you need to release⁠
  • Don’t sacrifice your morals or standards for the sake of companionship
  • Know you are worthy of having the security you seek in relationships ⁠
  • It’s time to move towards situations that are authentic and kind⁠

Use this Full Moon to balance your emotions and create a place that feels like home.

-Later guys

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