Mercury Goes Retrograde On Jan 14, 2022

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Mercury will go Retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn for the first time in 2022, providing the opportunity to reevaluate what needs updating in our lives and where we lack consistency.
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Welcome to Mercury Retrograde Season 2022.

We are kicking off 2022 with an interesting type of Retrograde because this time, instead of this planet only going backward in a single Sign, we will get two Zodiac Signs for the price of one. Mercury will go Retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn, giving us an Inverse Phase with more variety than typical.

Mercury went into its Pre-shadow Phase on 29 December, so think back to what was going on with you regarding relationships and responsibilities?

The Zodiac Signs that will feel this Regressive Period more than others will be Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, between 1 to 12 degrees of these Signs. Also, the Cardinal Signs between 23 to 29 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

One thing to note about Retrogrades, they aren’t meant to be scary; instead, these cycles serve as a way for us to reconfigure situations that aren’t working so we can find a solution to our circumstances.

The Aquarius RX Portion
Mercury in Aquarius RXSirius Software

Over the last 3 years, we’ve had 3 connections in Aquarius.

And now we are back here in the Sign of The Water Bearer. Hence, anything regarding relationships, friends, being yourself, needing to bust out of ruts, embracing your individuality, and being an independent thinker will come up over the Retrograde.

Here are some of the themes that could occur during Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius:

  • Learning to become more detached in situations where our emotions aren’t helping us
  • Working on clearing mental ruts
  • Developing a game plan, so we aren’t stagnant
  • It shows you how to update or upgrade your circumstances and move forward from what held you back
  • When it comes down to friendships, this is a time to make sure you get back as much as you are giving.
  • Things could be glitchier than average due to Mercury Retrogrades association with technological functioning, especially in Aquarius
  • Do some research before purchasing electronics because buyers’ remorse or delays tend to happen with this kind of Retrograde
  • Scenarios could come up about being comfortable with your individuality instead, so you aren’t following what everyone else is doing
  • Learning to be more open to change could be an essential lesson in this Retrograde
  • Friendships that don’t help you grow as a person could come up for review
  • Feeling like you’re finally having an aha moment with anything that’s left you stagnant

Most of this Retrograde will occur in Aquarius, so we will have a longer time to examine some of these themes resulting in improving our circumstances.

One of the best ways to see how this Retrograde will play out is by looking at where Mercury RX will connect with your chart. So, if this is in your 12th house, then this could be a time where you’re reexamining how to reconnect with your spiritual side. Or, if this is in your 6th house, issues with co-workers could come up so they can be resolved.

The Capricorn RX Portion
Mercury in Capricorn RXSirius Software

Mercury RX in Capricorn will be the shorter part of this Inverse Cycle and will involve the period of December 29th to January 1st. Under the Sign of responsibility, the circumstances we’ve neglected in our lives will come up for a review so we can resolve them.

Also, this Regressive Phase for Mercury back in Capricorn will play a significant role in the Venus Retrograde because this planet will go over the same zone as Venus did in its Inverse Cycle. Since Mercury is the planet of communication, it might bring up some much-needed discussions from a portion of the Venus RX Cycle, which could help us talk about what got swept under the rug in our relationships or careers.

These are the themes that could happen while Mercury is Retrograde in Capricorn:

  • Learning not to be so critical of yourself
  • This could be a time you’re freeing yourself from self-imposed limitations
  • Business matters could need to be reviewed or revamped
  • This could be a time of finding a work-life balance, so you aren’t as burnt out
  • You might examine the things in your life that lack practicality
  • Do some research because this is a great time to understand how to improve your finances
  • Understanding what’s keeping you from being more frugal
  • You could work on becoming more mentally mature
  • Owning up to your responsibilities
  • Miscommunication that was ruthless or cold needs to be resolved
  • Learning how to be more committal to yourself and others
  • Be aware of being overly critical on a personal level or to the people around you
  • This is excellent for becoming better at managing your affairs; look at where your priorities are in life
  • Try your best not to be too cold and ruthless with your words
  • Addressing things in a relationship that got swept under the rug
  • Working through complex situations with a boss
  • Dealing with issues with family members, especially those who have more of a dominant role

We deal with our practicality, resources, people in higher positions or parental figures, and maturity with Capricorn. So, these kinds of themes will be more pronounced during this part of the Retrograde.

Critical thinking will be one of the important lessons with this portion of Mercury RX in Capricorn. So, if something was overlooked, we might re-examine different data points that were missed. As a result, we will be able to back up what we suspected with facts instead of speculation.

Depending on how Mercury RX is transiting in your chart and which house it’s Retrograding in, we can see your Retrograde topic. So, if this is in your 9th house, then you could need to resolve a situation with higher education.

Or, in your 3rd house, you might need to be extra diligent about reading the fine details when it comes to important documents you’re about to sign.

Even though Mercury will only be in Capricorn for a few days, it's still a good idea to pay attention to these things so you can resolve what needs to be concluded.

Mercury will go direct on February 3, and it will finally leave Shadow on 23 February. So yeah, guys, this will be an interesting retrograde season with Venus Retrograde and then Uranus going Direct, which I will talk about next week.

-Later Guys

Important Dates to Remember

  • Pre-Retrograde Shadow 12/29/21
  • Goes Retrograde 1/14/22
  • Out of Retrograde 2/3/22
  • Leaves Post Retrograde Shadow 2/23/22

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