This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For January 10th to 16th, 2022

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Mercury goes Retrograde for the first time in 2022 in this week’s Astrology. Also, the planet of communication, Mercury, will make a bunch of alignments that might cause mixed signals.
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Hey guys, we have a busy week full of planetary Transits.

In this week’s Astrology, Mercury goes Retrograde in Aquarius, causing us to reevaluate our platonic relationships. On top of that, Mercury will be very active in terms of alignments, which will make up most of the Transits this week, so communication will be high but with a chance of words not coming across correctly. And we have an interesting mix of Aspects happening to Neptune, causing us to want to connect with our spiritual side.

On the 10th, Venus will be in a Semisquare with Jupiter. We tend to get carried away when these two celestial bodies come together, so overindulging in food and drink seems to occur easily with this alignment. But, even with its caveats, this kind of Transit can be a lot of fun; it brings in a need to be celebratory so you could feel more inclined to do something exhilarating.

Because Venus is in Retrograde, this could dampen some of the fun from this configuration and cause us to look at the relationships where someone oversells their affection to us. November 15th was the last time these planets were in this arrangement, so this might bring up situations about overdoing it in love and finances from two months ago that need resolution.

Continuing with the fun vibes on that same day, the Sun will Sextile Neptune, bringing some spiritual vibes to the air. This is the perfect day for meditation, dancing, and writing. We tend to be introspective with an alignment like this which helps us connect with our higher selves. Our ability to pick up on things psychically will be good as well.

With this configuration, we have more of an urge to do some self-care with spiritual things like giving yourself a reading with an oracle or Tarot card deck. Or, if you don’t own a deck, you can embrace your inner techie side by using a Tarot app on your phone. Also, it’s a perfect day to burn sage to put some positive vibes in the air.

Unlike the last alignment with Neptune, this one can feel a bit draining; on the 11th, Mars will make a Square with Neptune. Mars and Neptune in a complex alignment tends to cause feelings of sluggishness, so you could feel sleepier than usual today. Also, we tend to be something of a sponge when it comes to other people’s moods and energy, so make sure you set up proper boundaries.

One of the healthiest ways to use this alignment is through creativity, so try to channel this Mars-Neptune alignment into something artsy.

Sometimes we say the wrong thing unintentionally. On the 14th, Mercury will Square Uranus just as it’s about to go into Retrograde that same day. Be aware of how you speak to people today because something could get blurted that wasn’t supposed to be known, causing drama over text or DM’s.

Mercury went into its Pre Shadow-Retrograde on December 29th and is now ready to go backward in Aquarius and Capricorn, so we will look at our friendships and other nonromantic relationships, plus work on our maturity during this Regressive Cycle. As Mercury retraces its steps, themes involving circumstances that were going on around January 2nd will come back up for review.

It’s a good idea to think about what you were planning in terms of friendships, nonromantic relationships, and networking activities because, as it hits that area of Aquarius again, you should receive a revelation on how to move forward. This part of the retrograde offers some sort of resolution to your circumstances. Situations that need change will be heightened at this time, especially with platonic relationships.

With the Capricorn portion of this Retrograde, we will go over lessons about practicality, where we lack maturity, and how we critically think. This is the shorter part of the Regressive cycle and will involve situations from December 29th to January 1st, so we will take a second look at unresolved issues from that period. Mercury will go Direct on February 3rd then leave its Post-Shadow Phase on 2/23.

Around the 16th, the alignments could feel edgier than usual. The Sun will Conjunct Pluto, which tends to bring out intensity in others. With an alignment like this, you could feel called to transform unhealthy things in your life, such as controlling behaviors, impulses, or dealing with selfish people. With an Aspect like this, we also examine our concerns with trust in relationships where we can no longer put our faith in a person due to inconsistency.

The Sun in a Conjunction with Pluto aids in seeing through those trying to benefit from us; that way, we can set limits on unacceptable behavior. Also, this provides us with the push we need to find better coping skills.

Lastly, Mercury will be in a Semisquare with Mars that same day, which will happen a few more times during this Retrograde Cycle. We will need to speak up to others who disagree with our decisions. This leads to conversations with others who are committed to misunderstanding you; as a result, they get confrontational.

Vibes For The Week
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The graph for the next 7 days appears like there is little activity; however, we still have a busy week ahead.

This week, the psychic vibes are high, especially from the 10th to the 12th. With the alignments occurring to Neptune, you could feel more receptive than usual, so your intuition could be on target regarding you’re sensing about a particular situation.

Also, these psychic vibes are mixed, which could cause you to feel sensitive to other people’s energies, so you want to make sure you aren’t feeling drained on an empathic level.

Romantically the energy is high, so people could feel very open with their feelings more than usual. This is a week where romance can feel over the top, and in some ways, there could be scenarios where people are laying it on too thick.

Emotionally, the sensitivity will seem low grade, although there will be some irritable moments, especially on the 15th and 16th. This weekend has the potential to be fun; however, it’s not without its uncomfortable moments; try to let things roll off your back that isn’t worth your time and energy.

Transits for the Week

With this week being slightly off-kilter, try to go slow, and please don’t act from a place of impulse. If you feel like your emotions or thoughts contribute to how you react, try to rein yourself in and wait for the right moment to respond to others.

Transits For The Week:

  • 1/10 Venus Semisquare Jupiter: When You Have The Urge For A Shopping Spree pt 2
  • 1/10 Sun Sextile Neptune: A Spiritual Ego Boost
  • 1/11 Mars Square Neptune: When You Want To Take Action, But You’re Drained
  • 1/14 Mercury Retrograde: Get Ready For The 2022 Earth & Air Cycle
  • 1/14 Mercury Square Uranus: Oops, Wasn’t Supposed to Say That, gulp! pt 1
  • 1/16 Sun Conjunct Pluto: Ready To Transform Situations That No Longer Serve You
  • 1/17 Mercury Semisquare Mars: Dealing With Disagreeable Individuals part 1

Use this week to review and reconfigure the situations in your life that require a new solution to old standing problems.

-Later Guys

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