Mercury Goes Into Pre-Shadow Retrograde On December 29th, 2021

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Mercury will go into Pre-Shadow Retrograde in Capricorn and Aquarius causing us to look at a multitude of situations with our friendships, and how we take responsibility.
Mercury in two different Signsimage by author

I’ve got a few words for you, Pre-Shadow Retrograde!

We are now entering the first Mercury Retrograde Season of 2022.

Mercury is going into its Pre-Shadow Retrograde at 25 degrees of Capricorn, and there are two parts to this RX. It is happening for a short period in Capricorn, but most of the Inverse Cycle takes place in Aquarius.

This year, we will have Mercury Retros in Earth and Air Signs. This happens when a planet is covering the late degrees of one Sign and will continue to go Shadow over the first 10 degrees or so of another. Therefore, it will Retrograde out of the one Sign and go back into the late degrees of the other, giving us a Mercury Retrograde in two different elements.

Over the next 12 months, there will be lessons about our relationships along with communication “Air” and learning to work on our mindset about resources plus practicality “Earth.”

The Zodiac Signs that will feel this Regressive Period more than others will be Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, between 1 to 12 degrees of these Signs. Also, the Cardinal Signs between 23 to 29 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

What Does Pre-Shadow Retrograde Mean?

It’s essential to write down as many vital points as possible during Pre-Shadow Phases.

An excellent way to see your personal Retrograde pattern is by observing repeating scenarios that continue to occur over the next few weeks.

For example, let’s say it’s a disagreement with a spouse about your responsibilities to one another that’s come up 3 times for the last few weeks, then this could be your scenario to resolve during the Retrograde. Or, you lost a document that needs to be signed in a month; this Retrograde could be about recovering those papers. Another theme that could come up is miscommunication that causes a delay, which sets you back for a month, and the entire Inverse Phase will be about you doing some sort of course correction.

Once the full Retrograde takes place, all of the earlier issues will play out to resolve them.

Retrogrades cause us to retrace our steps; this is why it’s good to pay attention during the Pre-Shadow Phase. We get our topic for the Regressive Period staring us in the face, so if you could give yourself more leverage, why not write these things down so you can be more prepared?!

Once the planet finally goes Direct, we move to the Post Shadow Phase, where the topics that hit us the most continue to happen; however, we can deal with them with more clarity and feel like we are in the driver’s seat.

Early Themes of Mercury Retrograde In Aquarius and Capricorn

The Aquarius part will be longer; situations that occurred around January 2nd to 14th will come back up for review.

Under the Sign of The Water Bearer, concerns about friendships, groups, being yourself, needing to bust out of ruts, embracing your freedom, speaking your mind, and being an independent thinker are going to be the core themes.

Mercury RX in Capricorn will be about commitment issues, integrity, critical thinking, and coldness towards others. This portion is smaller and will involve the period of December 29th to January 1st.

Even though this is a shorter period, there’s a lot going on at this part of the Cycle. Mercury Retrograding back into Capricorn will make a Conjunction with Pluto, so this could cause situations and thoughts from the past to resurface. And it is linked with some of the Venus Retrograde scenarios that happened around December 19th, so miscommunication in love life and career could occur.

So yeah, this will be quite an interesting Mercury RX Phase.

Of course, I will talk more about it as we approach this Retrograde but start paying attention to the Aquarius-Capricorn situations in your life because they will pop back up over the next month.

The Shadow Periods are a time to reflect and take notes about what could occur. So that way, when you go through the Retrograde, you’ll feel more prepared. I'm not saying it'll be a walk in the park, but it will help you identify the themes that may happen in your life during that time.

Mercury will go retrograde on January 14, then Direct on February 3, 2022. Lastly, it finally leaves the Post-Shadow Retrograde phase on February 23 of 2022.

Yup, we are starting 2022 with a bang but let’s work this to our advantage.

-Later guys

Mercury Retrograde Dates to Remember:

  • Pre-Retrograde Shadow 12/29/21
  • Goes Retrograde 1/14/22
  • Out of Retrograde 2/3/22
  • Leaves Post Retrograde Shadow 2/23/22

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