This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For December 27th to January 2nd, 2022

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In this week’s Astrology, Jupiter will go into Pisces, causing us to ring in the New Year in an imaginative way. Mercury will go into Pre-Shadow Retrograde, then head into Aquarius for a more extended stint than typical. Also, the first New Moon of 2022 occurs this week to help us with our ambitious pursuits.
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Hey guys, we have a colorful week of planetary transits!

This week’s Astrology shifts the air with Jupiter going into Pisces as it was for a few months over the spring and early summer. Mercury goes into its Pre-Retrograde Shadow, causing us to review our maturity and what needs to be upgraded in our lives. The Sun aligns with Uranus in a harmonious Transit, marking the end of its Retrograde in the next few weeks. Mercury is going into Aquarius, which should help us bust out of mental ruts. We have the first New Moon of the year happening in Capricorn at the end of the week, showing us where we can stay the course on our goals. And Mars is connecting with Saturn in a productive manner, which could help us clear roadblocks.

At the beginning of the week, we have a pile-up of alignments.

On the 28th, Mars will make a Semisquare with Pluto. With this configuration, we tend to feel edgier than usual, so try to find a healthy outlet for anger. Things can get confrontational in this alignment, and people tend to get belligerent when they can’t exert their dominance; my best advice for that is to disengage, so you aren’t being pulled into the drama. We feel more motivated than typical to get things done, so try to channel this productively without becoming too pushy.

And if you couldn’t get more Mars Transits, then the 29th has you covered.

Mars will make a complex Aspect to Uranus, which adds to the frustration from the day before. With Mars-Uranus alignments, the good thing about them is we have the energy to power through our day; however, you just want to make sure you aren’t rushing since this could cause mishaps.

Another thing with this alignment is that it causes a low tolerance for slow-moving individuals and a lack of patience. This is overconfident energy, so try not to underestimate situations and others because that can backfire. People tend to get feisty during this alignment so try to channel it into something productive that burns energy but doesn’t cause drama or disruption.

Unlike the Mars-Uranus Aspect, we have a Sun-Chiron Transit that could bring up confidence issues on that same day. With the Sun in a Square to Chiron, this causes us to dwell on things that didn’t go the way we wanted. This is the kind of energy where you could seek validation to get an ego boost but aren’t getting the response you want from others. This causes us to look at where we can gain inner confidence rather than seeking it from other people.

Continuing with the 29th, Mercury will enter its Pre-Retrograde Shadow.

Wait, Retrograde, isn’t Venus in RX? Now we are getting a Mercury Inverse Cycle?!

Yes, Mercury will go Retrograde at the beginning of 2022, and we will have 4 Inverse cycles that year from this planet. We will see 3 out of four Regressive Phases in Air Signs, but they will Retrograde back into Earth Signs. Therefore, each of the Inverse Periods will be half Air and a portion of Earth, with the exception of the final Retrograde of 2022 occurring only in one element.

So yes, we will have two personal planets Retro simultaneously. Mercury and Venus will connect as these weeks move along, tying them in a cycle together.

Mercury will go Retrograde on January 14th, 2022, and then go Direct on February 3rd. Of course, there will be more posts about this as we come closer to the Retrograde.

Luckily, we have a saving grace for the 29th; Jupiter is going into Pisces, helping us dream bigger than usual.

Around May 13th of this year, Jupiter went into Pisces for a few months before Retrograding back into Aquarius, so we got a small preview of what to expect in this Sign. So think back to what was occurring in your life from May through July, involving spiritual growth and going after your dreams in a big way?!

Jupiter in Pisces brings in a more easy-going, let your hair down, compassionate, and promising tone, which causes a more hopeful vibe. There will be a separate post about this Ingress.

Mars will Sextile Saturn on the 30th, which will help if you’ve stalled and have felt completely burnt out on hard-to-complete tasks. An alignment like this gives us the energy to get back on track and gain progress on the things that have fallen to the waist side. This is excellent for getting serious about your goals, work, and even relationships.

That same day Mercury will Conjunct Pluto, which ties in with its Retrograde cycle it is about to make in the next 2 weeks. Pay attention to situations that come up in uncovering information that’s been swept under the rug. This could be a time of discovering something that you might have thought you imagined but are now learning it’s a reality.

More Mercury and Mars scenarios come back up on New Year’s Eve. The 31st is an exciting day that could start with some minor irritations from Mercury in a Semisquare to Mars, so be aware of people who try to make you feel uncomfortable for speaking up for yourself.

However, on that same day, we get a pleasant surprise from the Sun and Uranus. This is one of the best alignments to ring in the New Year because it puts us in an upbeat mood, gives us the urge to do new things, plus seek some fun and adventure. Another cool thing about this Aspect is it helps us have sudden breakthroughs that shed light on a situation where you’ve felt stuck.

New Year’s Day brings in a sudden burst of refreshing thoughts. Mercury will go into Aquarius on the 1st, changing how we think, communicate, and listen. We will understand things from a more advanced point of view, so our ability to think beyond the traditional will come naturally. In other words, Mercury combined with Aquarius has us thinking in new and fresh ways that are on the cutting edge. Therefore, this will be excellent for understanding things from an ahead of the curve perspective.

The First New Moon of the Year happens on the 2nd in the Sign of Capricorn. As far as New Moons go, this one is relatively calm with only a few uncomfortable alignments, so whatever you are trying to create in Capricorn energy should come without too much hassle. This lunation is excellent for creating a new structure in your life that gives you long-term stability.

Lastly, the 2nd could be a weird day for communication with Mercury in a Semisextile with Jupiter. People tend to overstretch the truth, so this might be when you discover some individuals just can’t keep their stories straight. This could be a day where you find holes in information you previously believed to be correct.

This Week’s Vibes
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This week’s vibes are mixed, which makes sense considering we have a bunch of days with edgy alignments.

One of the good things about having more challenging energies is that we become motivated, which is some of the vibes showing up on the graph with drive and ambition. So even though we have more complicated configurations to start the week, your ability to get things done will be strong.

Romantic energy shows up at the beginning of the week, so Monday could be one of those days you feel motivated to put yourself out there in dating situations.

Mixed in with that romantic and motivating vibe is solitude, so you could need a break from everyone while you work on your own stuff. With the solitude energy, you could feel torn about taking space for yourself out of guilt, but it is necessary to recharge no matter what. This will occur throughout the week so give yourself some grace to heal when necessary. Psychic energy will tie in with this by the end of the week, causing you to feel extra sensitive to other people’s energies.

Mental energy will mix in with some of the other vibes, which will also cause you to be more reflective than usual. The new year is always a time for deep contemplation about your next steps in love and career so use this quiet time to make a game plan for yourself.

And even though we have complex things occurring, there is some good luck energy from the 28th to the 31st just in time for NYE. The vibes for New Year’s Eve are going to give an easy to get carried away sort of tone, but in a lot of ways, we’ve earned it after a rough few years of not being able to be celebratory.

Transits For the Week

We end the year with a bang with all of these Transits; I guess this means we are leaving 2021 in style.

This Week's Transits December 28th to January 2nd:

  • 12/28 Mars Semisquare Pluto: When Being Told No Becomes Irritating
  • 12/29 Mars Quincunx Uranus: A low Tolerance For Slow Moving People
  • 12/29 Sun Square Chiron: Attempting To Boost Your Confidence After Let Down
  • 12/29 Mercury Goes Into Pre Retrograde Shadow: Thinking Critically About Your Long Game
  • 12/29 Jupiter in Pisces: Expanding Your Spiritual Awareness
  • 12/30 Mars Sextile Saturn: When You’re Finally Able To See Progress
  • 12/30 Mercury Conjunct Pluto: Understanding Situations For What They Truly Are
  • 12/31 Mercury Semisquare Mars: Speaking Up For Others Even If It Makes You Seem Like a Jerk
  • 12/31 Sun Trine Uranus: A Sudden Breakthrough
  • 1/1 Mercury in Aquarius: Thinking Outside The Rubix Cube
  • 1/2 Mercury Semisextile Jupiter: Over Embellishing

Happy New Year everyone, I hope you all have a wonderful, prosperous, and fun 2022!!

-Later guys

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