Venus Retrograde In Capricorn Forecast For Each Zodiac Sign

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Venus is now in Retrograde; here’s what you can expect with love and money based on your Zodiac Sign.
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There are times when we need to take a cold hard look at ourselves.

Venus will go Retrograde in the Sign of Capricorn on December 19th, causing us to do a much-needed review of our lives. This celestial body has been in Capricorn since the beginning of November and will be here until March 2nd due to the Retrograde cycle.

The Pre- Retrograde Shadow Phase occurred on November 17th, so try to think back to what Venus RX-related themes happened since that date because they will play out through this Inverse Cycle.

With this Retrograde, you get an opportunity to see things for what they are through the lens of Capricorn, so topics that come up will be around love life, money, your reputation, maturity, and how to take responsibility for yourself plus others.

In our romantic lives, this will be a time where we dig deep and look over our current situations to see if they were worth the commitment. We will become aware of where we felt overly responsible for our partner or relied too heavily on our relationship. This is our chance to take ownership of where it’s time to grow up in our love life.

Money-wise, this will be a period to get serious about our job situations.

We will examine if making a bold move job-wise will get us to the next level or if we need to tough it out and stay a little longer at our current place of employment. This helps us understand where we might have been greedy in financial situations or where we depended too heavily on others to take care of us. Also, this is our time to set some financial boundaries regarding people who rely too strongly on us.

What Does Venus Retrograde In Capricorn Mean For Your Sign

Here’s how Venus Retrograde in Capricorn will affect your Sign. I recommend going by your Rising Sign for more accuracy; of course, use your Sun or Moon, which will also give details as to how this Inverse Cycle will play out.


Aries, because you are a Cardinal Sign, you will feel more intensity due to your Zodiac placement making complex Alignments to this Retrograde.

You have big decisions to make with your career.

This is a time where you could be weighing out if you want to keep going with the current place of employment or blaze your own trail. Of course, this will be a slow four months, and there are some roadblocks, but once you get past this point, you will know how to proceed.

This could also be a time where you do a total revamp to your public status; in other words, there could be a refresh to your social media and how you present online.


Taurus, have you been toying with the idea of investing in your education?

At the time of this Retrograde, you could feel indecisive about taking courses to gain certifications versus starting or going back to college. Another alternative for taking your education to the next level is becoming self-taught on a subject.

Travel plans could feel tricky, so try to do your research regarding taking any sort of trip. Also, this could be a time where you have issues with narrow-minded individuals who feel their words are gospel.

Use this time to figure out what has been missing when it comes to opening yourself up to opportunities.


Gemini, your relationships could experience transformation during this Retrograde.

This is a period of examining what’s working and who to keep in your life; however, it could be a time to move forward if it is something that you can no longer sustain.

During this Retrograde, your focus will be on better financial habits for yourself and resources you share with another person. If money isn’t balanced, then this could result in disputes with other parties involved.

Another thing with this Retrograde is it could be a time of uncovering things that have been hidden from you. So you could finally find out the truth about a romantic situation, family, or something to do with money.

You could also come to terms with a relationship that is based on control and finally take your power back.


Cancer, because your Sign makes a complex Aspect to Venus, you will feel this more intensely. You are a Cardinal Sign and Opposite to Capricorn, so relationship stuff will be at the forefront for you.

With this Retrograde, you will learn which of your one-on-one relationships lacks fairness.

This could have to do with feeling like you are overly responsible for others and nothing in return. Looking at who is worth your time and commitment will be crucial, so if you realize a situation is not reciprocal, this is your time to move forward.

Course correction is something you’ll do during this time if you’ve been a people pleaser and now have no boundaries with others. Use this time to set limits.

Also, past relationships that didn’t have any closure could come up for resolution during this period.


Leo, you could find yourself making adjustments when it comes to the service of others.

Venus Retrograde will cause you to review how much energy you put into making everyone else comfortable while neglecting yourself. This could be with co-workers, as well as the people in your day-to-day life, but it’s time to balance out the workload and delegate to other people, so you aren’t bombarded.

It’s crucial to get your work-life balance in order, and this Retrograde will help you see where things need to be tweaked so you can have harmony. Use this time to check in with yourself and fix your regimen so you aren’t feeling as off-kilter as you’ve been.


Virgo, this Venus Retrograde shows you where you need to get in touch with your creative side.

This inverse cycle will have you exploring your creativity and uncovering some of your hidden talents.

With romance, flings from the past could come back to get your attention in an attempt to reel you back into a hook-up situation.

Dating-wise, this Retrograde will help you understand the difference between someone who is just for a good time versus someone who can be there for the long haul.

If there are any children in your life this could be a time where you are stepping up your responsibilities to them.


Libra, you are another Sign that will feel this Retrograde strongly.

Family issues come up regarding unexpressed disappointment.

If you’ve been bottling things up for some time, this is a period to express yourself and be heard. So this could be a time where you finally speak your mind when it comes to people in your home or actual blood relatives.

If there has been a lack of nurturing in your life, this is a time where you try to get to the root cause so you can move forward and be comfortable with your emotions. You also will reevaluate what feeling secure and emotionally fulfilled means to you and how to obtain it in your life.


When it comes to Venus Retrograde, Scorpio, you could have some things to sort out with your close relatives, specifically siblings. This might be other family members such as aunts, uncles, and cousins as well.

This could be when you need to speak your mind with others who try to stop you from telling the truth. There could also be conversations where you need to speak up to those who try to dominate the narrative.

Use this time as an opportunity to re-examine your local scene to see if it meets your needs. In other words, you could be feeling indecisive on whether a move out of your area is what you need to get to the next level in your life.


Sagittarius, you could feel like you’ve been in a rut when it comes to your finances.

This could be a period when you are looking at ways to build something that will give you financial stability in the future.

Venus Retrograde will help you look at what you need to build up your self-esteem so you can start feeling like your old self again. Also, it’s a time to create a space that brings you comfort.


Capricorn, this Venus Retrograde is in your Sign, so you will feel this inverse cycle the most.

This is finally your time to do you; of course, that could come with some backlash from others who want you always to be available so they can benefit.

Your perspective on how you approach life goes through an overhaul, so you will come out of this Retrograde period fresh and with a new lease on life.

Romantic relationships that aren’t healthy will also be something that you are shifting from, so if someone has been toxic, this will be your time to show them the door.


Aquarius, this is a time for you to look at where you’ve been overly sacrificial in the past and find ways not to give away too much. In this Retrograde, there could be issues with people overstepping their boundaries with you, and so this is the time to find your voice.

Even if this feels like a hazy period for relationships, try to find ways to connect with your higher self and ground when you can.


Pisces, this is a time when you look at your friend groups and clean out who isn’t really in your corner. You are getting to a point where you know it’s crucial to have solid relationships, and if you aren’t getting that from others, it could be time to move on.

One of the good things about this Retrograde is that you realize you can do better than some of the one-sided relationships you’ve had.

Old hopes could come back so you can work on the dreams you put on the back burner a while ago.

Venus will go out of Retrograde on January 29th, then out of the Post Shadow retrograde Phase on March 2nd of 2022. Use this time to build something substantial in your love lives and career.

Venus Retrograde Dates to Remember:

  • Ingresses into Capricorn 11/5/22
  • Shadow period 11/17/21
  • Goes Retrograde 12/19/21
  • Venus Station Direct 1/29/22
  • Venus out the of Shadow Period 3/1/22
  • Out of Capricorn on 3/5/22

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