The Sun Goes Into Capricorn On December 21st, 2021

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With the Sun going into Capricorn, we could finally get the endurance we need to work on things that we are typically too distracted to do for our personal life and career.
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Having the endurance to complete most things people lack the dedication to do is a superpower!

Welcome to Capricorn Season 2021!

And Happy Birthday to all of the Capricorns out there; it’s your turn to be excellent!

We now leave the festive vibes of shoot your shot Sagittarius to let’s take things seriously vibe of Capricorn. Since the Sun deals with our self-expression and ego, we will feel more inclined to focus on being extra responsible plus work hard to gain recognition. This is an entirely different tone to Sagittarius, which comes from a place of belief and taking significant risks.

So, when we head into Capricorn, this is where we buckle down and really get serious about our life plan.

We start to question:

What are our goals?

Are we using our time wisely or wastefully?

How are we going to leave our mark on this world?

How do we make the right choices?

How do we become more responsible and take accountability for our actions?

Even though this is an entirely different energy than the good vibes and fun times tone of Sagittarius, we must remember that there are times in our lives when we ought to get serious.

It’s essential to have different types of people to make the world go round, and the Capricorn archetype is no exception. How else would we get through college, living below our means so we can stack our money, purchase a car, pay off debt, raise kids, save money for a down payment on a house or car, or work our job even if we don’t want to be there?

Because we need income due to rent/mortgage, a vehicle, childcare, education, and groceries not being free, which is one of the many reasons adopting the responsible strength of Capricorn is crucial. Our urge for outward security becomes stronger under this Sign. Primarily, our needs get met through material things and resources rather than through emotions under this Sign.

We do it through perseverance and feeling a sense of responsibility.

Buckling down isn’t glamorous by any means, but if we have big goals, one of the best ways to get through them is hard work, commitment, and a practical mindset. The Sun in the Sign of the sea-goat wants to stay the course so it can get to the top of the mountain and plant its flag in victory for completion of a tough climb. So at least, this aids in having more staying power during this period.

Capricorn is about what we do with our time and how to use it wisely. In Capricorn, we commit to mastery, which is serious because getting to the next level, becoming skillful, building a legacy, plus creating something sustainable takes time and patience. So, in this alignment, you could feel more inclined to build something that feeds you for the long haul.

Stepping up to the plate also has a lot to do with conduct as well. With this Sign change, we could feel like we need to clean up our act or learn the art of being mature, taking accountability, and acting in a way that shows we have integrity. We work on our reputation and try to have a better social standing.

This is about learning to conduct yourself maturely and taking responsibility for your actions, which is essential in life, and we all should practice it.

Cautiousness is a natural tone that sweeps over us during Capricorn Season.

I mentioned this when Mercury and Venus went into this Sign; we tend to be cautious because Capricorn is commitment-oriented, so it must be correct when a final decision is made or taking a relationship to the next level with someone. Nobody wants to be stuck because of bad judgment. Therefore, Capricorns take their time to assess what the risk and rewards are going to be; they want the best outcome possible. Honestly, that’s the best way to go about things if it’s in balance because there is a slippery slope to being overly cautious.

Okay, now that I got all the hum-drum stuff out of the way, here is the incredible thing about Capricorn once you’ve put in the work, you get to let your hair down!! Hard work does pay off in this energy, so once you’ve done everything you need to complete a goal, you reap the rewards. You get to celebrate, take that vacation, enjoy the fruits of your labor, and go to the club.

Capricorns know how to celebrate! If you've ever seen a Capricorn let loose after a whole bunch of hard work, they are the life of the party. This always surprises people because they're used to a very serious, hard nose, hardworking sort of person. So yes, we will have some fun through humor, letting off steam, and appreciating life more because we worked hard.

Humor fills the air with this Sign but differently from what we experienced with the slapstick form of Sagittarian comedy. In Capricorn, dry wit plus good sarcasm tends to come out, catching us off guard and making us laugh. This is because Capricorns can see the realities of life then make a joke about it, resulting in some dark humor. So, we certainly will have some fun under this Sign change.

Of course, there's a shadow side, as there always is with these Zodiac Sign changes.

The tone could become icier than expected due to the standoffish nature of this sign. People can come off ruthless within this energy, cold, mean with no empathy whatsoever, and overly cautious. This brings in a feeling of apathy, which is something to be aware of if you suddenly experience numbness.

Gloominess tends to occur under this Sign, so it’s common for moods to go up and down in waves. Generally, this is the time of year people tend to feel that way, especially if you live in the Northern Hemisphere and reside in a cold-weather city, so there's a slight sense of dread that does come with winter. Like Capricorns opposite Sign, Cancer, moodiness comes in waves, but this is more like a pessimistic mood than emotional fluctuations.

As mentioned a few paragraphs ago, cautiousness occurs under this Sign, but it can be to the point you get stuck on the lower expression. This issue is being afraid to choose, resulting in stagnation and restricting oneself from controlling an outcome. For this reason, try to make decisions you are comfortable with, then baby-step your way through the ones you are afraid of so you can do things.

Cut yourself some slack if you are feeling some of the lower vibrations, and try to embrace the witty nature of this Sign. Also, use this to get some work done that you usually lack the dedication to do. Let’s use this helpful energy to commit ourselves to excellence.

-Later guys

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