This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For December 20th to 27th, 2021

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In this week’s Astrology, we have another busy week of communication due to Mercury. Plus, the Venus Retrograde will bring back themes from December 11th, causing us to rethink relationship situations.
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Hey guys, we have another transformative week of planetary Transits.

In this week’s Astrology, we have two outer planets connecting in an alignment that’s not common. Saturn and Uranus will make their 3rd contact in a series of 4 Aspects to one another that will be useful in releasing tension. Venus Retrograde will reconnect with alignments it’s made over the last week, so there could be a replay from the previous 7 days. And we have another heavy Mercury week so expect communication to be non-stop for many days.

Communication might start out rough at the beginning of the week with Mercury in a Semisextile to Saturn. People tend to come off aloof with this energy, which could cause a person to seem like they are being abrupt over text messages or social media. Also, people tend to drop off of communication and go radio silent, so there could be a bit of ghosting on text. Additionally, be aware of your inner and outer dialog because this aspect could cause you to be mean in your delivery.

Luckily, Mercury is connecting in a harmonious alignment with Uranus on that same day. Energetically this Transit helps us have breakthrough moments with situations that seem hard to solve. In other words, this Aspect aids in looking at old problems from a different angle, so if you’ve been stuck on an issue for a while, this should help you find a solution.

This brings in the kind of day where we get to experience mentally stimulating conversations that are fun. So, unlike the other alignment going on that day, this one is lovely. Hopefully, this mitigates that harsher tone of the earlier Transit. Another cool thing about this configuration is that we tend to get surprising news but in a good way.

On the 22nd, we have more Mercury connections, this time in a complex alignment to Jupiter. With this Transit, communication can be humorous, so this has a lighter side. This is one of those Aspects where things can get carried away, so you just want to make sure you are grounded when speaking to people because this tends to bring out the egoic side of individuals.

The third of 4 Squares between Saturn and Uranus occurs on the 23rd, causing us to look at where tension is building in our lives. We've already experienced these in February, then June, and now we are back here for the last one of 2021. There could be some sort of friction about struggling to keep things the same vs. making the changes you need to thrive in your current circumstance is in life.

One important thing to note is that there are valuable parts of the past that you can bring on your journey, but it is also essential to grow as a person for your life, not becoming stagnant. So, find the best way to integrate these things to alleviate stress. Use this as an opportunity to release the pressure that could have accumulated because of not changing certain conditions in your life.

Mars will connect with Chiron in a harmonious alignment on the 25th, giving us a healing tone on Christmas. This Transit provides us with the motivation we need to become active participants in our lives to work on things that held us back. Another lovely thing about this alignment is that it gives us a healthy way to assert ourselves and go after our aspirations in a way that’s not pushy. It’s a balanced and cathartic way of taking action for ourselves.

Now that Venus is RX, this planet is making its way back to alignments that previously occurred during its Pre-Retrograde Shadow Period. On the 25th, Venus will connect with Pluto again as it did on the 11th, so situations from that time could come back up about relationships. With this Aspect, we look at what we’ve been in denial about in our unions and see things for what they really are, which isn’t easy. This is a time to resolve the stuff that got swept under the rug in your love life and career.

Mercury will be in a harmonious alignment with Neptune on the 26th, which is excellent for connecting with our spiritual side. This is the type of day where communication takes a more compassionate tone. A Transit like this is also great for talking about philosophy, art, music, or writing poetry, so use this one to connect with your more creative side.

Currently, Venus is making connections during its Retrograde cycle that has us looking at where we are dissatisfied in relationships. On the 27th, this alignment between Venus and Mars could have us looking at where a relationship has lost its appeal due to petty arguments, deception, or a lack of passion. Use this Transit to look at what you need in a relationship to be happy and what your next steps should be when it comes to love.

This Weeks Vibes
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Looking at the vibes on the graph, this is an active week.

Let’s get the most annoying one out of the way; there is a steady stream of emotional sensitivity throughout the week. Even though we have a bunch of favorable Transits, you could feel extra triggery. Some of these vibes will overlap with the mental, psychic, and imagination/confusion energy, so the weekend might feel off-kilter for our emotions and decision-making.

Even though the tone is triggery for the next 7 days, we have some lighter energies. There’s a ton of ambitious energy at the beginning of the week, peaking out on the 22nd, so this should help you tackle things you’re normally not inspired to do. Plus, there’s a smidge of good luck, mental, and social vibes on the chart, adding to the fortunate energy at the start of the week.

Yes, Venus is in its Regressive Cycle; however, this doesn’t mean we won’t hit some sweet spots; some easy Transits are occurring despite the Retrograde. Relationships could get an extra boost with the considerable amount of romantic energy on the chart. This is another vibe playing out for the entire week, with the peak of this energy on December 25th. This is right around Christmas, which could make for a good mistletoe moment.

Transits For The week

These next 7 days are mostly a good mix of alignments that will get us to communicate, reflect on our personal lives, and take some unnecessary pressure off ourselves.

This Week's Transits December 20th to 27th:

  • 12/20 Mercury Semisextile Saturn: Dismissive Over Text
  • 12/20 Mercury Trine Uranus: Experiencing Strokes Of Genius
  • 12/21 The Sun Goes Into Capricorn: Committing Yourself To Excellence
  • 12/22 Mercury Semisquare Jupiter: Communication That’s Inflated
  • 12/23 Saturn Sextile Uranus: A Build Up Of Tensions Part 3
  • 12/25 Mars Trine Chiron: Finally Having The Energy To Heal
  • 12/25 Venus Conjunct Pluto: The Urge For A Deeper Relationship part 2
  • 12/26 Mercury Sextile Neptune: Feeling Connected With Your Higher Self
  • 12/27 Venus Semisextile Mars: Addressing Dissatisfaction In Relationships

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

-Later guys

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