The Full Moon In Gemini Forecast: December 18th, 2021

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With the final Full Moon of the year, we will look at what we need to come to a close to live a life that allows us more flexibility.
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Hey guys, we have the Full Micro Cold Moon at 27 Degrees of Gemini happening on December 18th at 8:35 PM PST, which is 11:35 pm Eastern. Check your local time to see when this lunation is happening where you live.

A micro-Moon, what does that mean?

A micro-Moon has to do with our Moon looking smaller due to its distance from Earth. The actual name for when the Moon is further away from our planet is called Apogee. Just like we have Super Moons causing this celestial body to look huge, there are times where the Moon appears smaller than typical. This occurs due to the Moon’s elliptical orbit. Hence, it’s not perfectly circular, which is why we have moments when our natural satellite is furthest away “Apogee” or closest from Earth’s perspective, “Perigee.”

This is also a Cold Moon because it occurs around the longest night of the year, which can be chilly. This particular Lunation also has another name, “The Moon Before Yule,” because this generally happens a few days before or after Christmas during the Winter Solstice.

Spiritually, with this being a Cold and Micro Moon, this could be a time where you are scaling back on the things that squander your energy. In other words, situations that cause you to waste precious time and resources might need to go, or boundaries need to be set, so you aren’t put in a place of scarcity.

Also, this is the last Full Moon of the year, which could aid in closing a chapter to the things that stifle your flexibility. Gemini is about having a multitude of options in your life, so if you’ve become stuck, this could be time to release what holds you back. Full moons are cycles of completion, so it’s about a resolution to the things we’ve worked on for the last 6 months.

With the Transits of this Moon, you could feel more contemplative than usual about where everything in your life is going. The Chart Rulers Mercury and Jupiter are in decent positions, so this will at least soften some of the stings. This is a time to recalibrate when it comes to your personal story, love life, career/finance, and healing the areas of your mind where you get stuck on a mental loop.

Also, there will be a loose T-Square from the Sun and Moon to Neptune at the apex point, forcing us to balance our beliefs versus the facts, so you could feel at odds with people who have opinions that don’t align with what you believe. With this Transit, the best way is to do the research needed to find the truth.

Even though there are some foggy moments, we will at least have periods to find solutions to old standing problems. Mercury will make a Trine with Uranus, causing us to have eureka moments. In other words, if you’ve been stagnant mentally or communication-wise, then this alignment could lead to a breakthrough, finally.

Lastly, things could feel edgy in this Lunation, with other transformative alignments occurring. Venus is going Retrograde, and Chiron goes Direct that Same Day, so this could cause your attention to go on where you’re dissatisfied in relationships and look at how you can maintain your personal power.

Vibes For The Full Micro Moon in Gemini
Transits GraphSirius Software

The graph for this Full Moon is loaded with some harmonious energies, which is nice to see.

With so much good luck energy on the chart, we could have some unexpected opportunities, situations, or meet-ups with others that turn out to be enjoyable. Even though we have more challenging energies going on, a change could bring in something lucky.

Communication will be very active during this time, and considering we are dealing with Gemini vibes, expect your phone and social media to be buzzy. Plus, there is a good amount of social energy which will bring in some welcomed company. This amount of conversational energy is likely to be a sociable few days.

Our capacity for rationale will be accessible since we have a decent amount of mental vibes on the chart, too, so with this being a Full Moon in a Mercurial Sign, our thoughts could be filled with creative ways to improve our circumstances. We could end up doing a lot of research and fact-checking to make sure our next steps are the right ones. Also, this could get your curiosity to try something new, more pronounced than usual.

There’s a low but steady stream of romantic energy going on at the moment of the Full Moon. With Venus going Retrograde and Still connected with Pluto, this could rev up the intensity in our intimate relationships, causing more passion and fixation on our partner.

And, of course, we do have some edgy vibes on the graph. Emotionally you could feel low amounts of annoyances, so there could be a sensitivity to people who cant regulate themselves.

Full Moon In Gemini Reflective Questions
Full Moon ChartSirius Software

With this being the peak of the Lunar Phase, we are at a cycle of completion. This is where we look at what can come with us and the things that no longer function.

Now that we are at the Full Moon, it’s time to understand your options better.

Think about where you have been since June 10th; where have you re-written your story?

Where are you ending a chapter in a script that no longer suits you?

What is it in your life that can be viewed differently? ⠀

Where are you trying to gain flexibility in your life? ⠀

Let this be a time to discard attachment that limits you to one thing?

Are you realizing you shouldn’t limit yourself to just one source, i.e., income, friendships, dating, etc?

Have you started a journey that involves creativity through language or writing?

Figuring out if your environment is meant for you or if it’s time to move?

Learned only to accept facts over belief?

In Gemini, our minds will be more open to new ideas and just thirsty for stimulation, primarily intellectual but some playful stuff as well. We also learn the art of flexibility regarding our viewpoints because Gemini is all about objectivity.

Full Moon In Gemini Checklist

It’s time to work this Wonder Twin Magic to your advantage and bring this stimulating Mutable energy into your world!!⠀

Here are the themes for this lunation:

  • Learning to let go of people who constantly lie to you⠀
  • Taking steps to shift your mindset and recalibrate your thought processes ⠀
  • Becoming better at multi-tasking rather than being scattered
  • Taking the time to calm a mind that’s overactive and find healthy ways to handle anxiety⠀
  • Cut yourself slack if you are indecisive and look for areas where you can become more certain Build your intellectual skills by staying curious and learning something new every day⠀
  • Embrace a detail-oriented style so you can sharpen your skills and not skip a beat⠀
  • Finding your voice so you can communicate with confidence to the people who pique your curiosity
  • It’s okay to be multifaceted embrace those parts of your personality because no human is one dimensional⠀
  • Become breezy and learn to roll with the punches ⠀⠀
  • Allow your curiosity to take you on new adventures or to learn new subjects ⠀
  • Embrace the Gemini attitude in your love life so you can chat it up with the best of them and have a fun time being playfully flirty
  • Understanding that you don’t always have to put your eggs in one basket when it comes to everything in your life, options are important ⠀
  • Creating a buzz around your goals and setting a new trend
  • Work on the contradictions that prevent you from getting ahead
  • Trying to work on why you go from one thing to the next and get easily bored
  • Balance the inconsistent parts of you that comes off flaky
  • Getting back in touch with your playful side
  • Incorporate the youthful side in you, even if it’s listening to music you used to enjoy or gaming
  • Writing more, whether it’s for yourself or finally putting your literary skills out there.

Gemini is about getting in touch with your environment, so this would be a time to understand if your local scene is the right fit for your life and how do you want to affect it

Hopefully, this Full Moon shows you how much progress you’ve made with Gemini themes and where some tweaks need to be made

Use this incredible Gemi energy to bring flexibility to your life.

-Later guys⠀

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