Mercury Goes Into Capricorn On December 13th, 2021

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Mercury will go into Capricorn, causing our communication plus thinking to be more sensible and ambitious.
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Critical thinking is a superpower!

Mercury is leaving the go big or go home mindset of Sagittarius and entering into let’s think this through Capricorn. And because this is Mercury, our planet of thinking, communicating, and understanding, the tone in how we do these things changes to a more pragmatic fashion rather than philosophical.

Capricorn helps us narrow things down, it helps us take life more seriously, shows us where our focus is needed, and in Mercury, it shows us the art of effective communication. Shifting from Sagittarius to Capricorn causes the dial to be turned down to a more appropriate octave, so our thinking and conversations become less noisy. We become less extroverted and slightly introverted. We also become more direct and to the point rather than as long-winded as in Sagittarius.

In Capricorn, Mercury causes our thoughts to be more orderly. We can process information efficiently without adding extra things we don’t need, so there is less filler with this energy.

Another good thing with this is that our reasoning will be sharp, so critical thinking skills won't be just sitting there for decoration; we will utilize them. Therefore, evaluating things, comprehension, problem-solving, and making decisions will be done with sound judgment.

Under this alignment, we tend to take decisive action, not as quickly as we would with other combinations like Mercury in Aries, or Mercury in Leo, but in a manner that’s timely. This is about making the right decision and sticking to it because Capricorn is about commitment and plays the long game, so it doesn’t want to be tied to a mistake.

If it doesn't work, it's one of those things where you make your decision, and you stick to it because you looked at all the data, and all the information proves that this is worth your time.

Putting the hard work and focus into mastering skills is another benefit to this alignment. Our mind tends to have the stamina in this Sign placement to do the necessary work to commit ourselves to become more masterful in a subject we would like to be a leader in one day.

One of the good things about this is we become more mindful about our responsibilities and take them seriously. In other words, people tend to have more integrity and stick to their word, so if you make plans or promises, then they are more likely to occur rather than fall through.

Even though some of this stuff might sound boring, we need this kind of mindset occasionally so we can get our life on track.

Luckily, there is some fun to be had with Mercury in Capricorn. With this alignment, humor actually exists; it just takes a more sarcastic tone. People tend to let their wit out in a dry manner.

With the lower expression of this energy, we must be mindful of how we speak to ourselves and others. There is an inclination to be too direct in this energy that comes off rude and icy. Also, people tend to be overly critical of others along with a demeanor that seems aloof.

Being overly skeptical can be an issue with this alignment, which there is nothing wrong with we need to question things in life, but this can result in people being so cynical it’s rude.

Mentally, you could find yourself worrying about responsibilities that cause you not to relax. And we have to watch out for our internal dialog due to some of the guilt that could come from feeling like we aren’t doing enough.

And, we will get a second chance to play with this Capricorn energy because Mercury will move into Aquarius then Retrograde back to this Sign. Mercury will go into Pre-shadow Retrograde on December 29th and then go into its full Inverse Cycle on Jan 14th, 2022.

So yeah, this is a different version of Mercury in Capricorn, and this Mercury will be participating in the Venus Retrograde as well, adding an interesting tone to this situation. Of course, I will cover all of these events when the time comes.

-Later guys

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