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Mars Goes Into Sagittarius On December 13th, 2021

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For the next 6 weeks, Mars will be in Sagittarius, which should give us the stamina to go after our aspirations in a big way.
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Occasionally, it’s okay to adopt a nothing to lose and everything to gain attitude.

If you were starting to feel sad because Sagittarius Season is ending, then you’re in luck because Mars is going into the Sign of the Archer. We leave a focused and transformative Mars for the kind that’s about expanding our stamina as well as taking significant risks.

Venus was the first to go into Sadge, then the Sun, followed by Mercury, and now Mars will be in here to help us shoot our shot.

I’ve been saying the “Shoot your shot” with all of these planets in Sagittarius because this is the kind of Sign that gives us hope that we can reach new heights. Mars ingressing into this sign is about seeking opportunities, taking chances, and realizing how lucky we are to have options.

In Sagittarius, we feel self-assured to put ourselves out there.

Keep in mind, it’s always time to go for the gold, but why not do it when you have an extra dose of confidence. The great thing about this combination is having an action-oriented planet like Mars combined with the feeling lucky energy of a Sign like Sagittarius will motivate you to go after the things you didn’t have the enthusiasm to do.

Energetically our spirits could be lighter with this one depending on the circumstances. Mars rules our temper; however, we tend to be more cheerful with this combination. I’m not saying people won’t get angry because they will, and this does have a shadow side, but people are inclined to choose fun rather than aggression under this Mars.

Sagittarius combine with Mars also equals more adventure in our lives.

As a result, you could feel more inclined to go on an adventure, do some exploring, be social, and throw a party. Doing things out of the ordinary is one of the best features of this alignment; we get the urge to expand our horizons when it comes to fun. This is because we tend to throw caution to the wind in this energy and just say, “You know what? I think I will have that extra drink” or “I never go rock climbing, let’s do this!”

Sometimes we suddenly experience the fear of missing out, we decide to join in the festivities. And it doesn’t have to be anything crazy it could simply be trying that coffee shop you’ve been eyeballing for the last 8 months, or going to a new restaurant, even making a purchase like that pair of jeans you wanted for weeks and now’s the time to seize the day.

However, if you decide to go on a big adventure, this is the Sign of long-distance journeys, so this could be a time when you finally book a trip you’ve wanted to go on that’s further away than you are used to doing.

And because this is Mars, we are dealing with passion because it also rules our intimacy, so romantically, you could be going after things in a big way.

Unlike Mars in Scorpio, this is not the kind of energy about taking things seriously; it’s more of a free-spirited Mars when it comes to love life situations. It’s not the most committal, so if you are single and looking, this could be a time where it’s best to just go with the flow with whoever you meet.

With this alignment, it’s about being here for a good time and not for the long haul, so for now, try to just be in the moment with whoever you meet. And with the Venus Retrograde approaching, it’s good to go slow anyway.

Even though Venus is going Retrograde, this doesn't stop these things. So again, you just want to be aware of it because romantically, we do have some transformative energy ahead with Venus RX. But with Mars in Sagittarius, we also go after what we want in our love life in a big way. So, the seize the day approach could come up romantically whether you are single or committed.

For singles, this could be a time where you’re meeting people who take charge when it comes to pursuing you. The opportunity to meet free-spirited types is higher than average, so this could be a time you’re more open to those who are different than you. And, if you’re in a relationship, this could be a period where you guys are getting passionate and being more adventurous with one another.

A Mars-like this helps us focus on enjoyment, not being a passenger in our lives, and indulging in the feel-good things that make us happy. Hence, we could be more likely to overdo it, so we must be mindful of reining ourselves in while we are in this alignment.

Of course, there’s always a lower expression of these Sign changes. One of the issues with this is it can bring an overexuberant tone to the air, which can seem fun but reckless.

Again, Mars rules our temper, so people tend to argue about opinions and beliefs. These kinds of skirmishes happen all the time; however, with the extra dose of Mars in Sagittarius, people can become more heated than usual and push their beliefs on others. Because Mars is in a Sign of expansion, this causes our moods and confidence to become more inflated than average. And, this brings out the abrasive side in people’s delivery to others, so some feelings could get hurt under this Sign change.

Other than that, this can be a good alignment if channeled appropriately.

Use this energy to push yourself to new heights and go big on whatever you desire.

-Later guys

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