The Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius Forecast: December 3rd, 2022

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With the Total Eclipse in Sagittarius, we could feel inspired to start a new path that has us seeking better opportunities in our life overall.
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Hey guys, we have the Super New Moon Total Solar Eclipse at 12 degrees of Sagittarius on December 3rd at 11:42 pm PST, which is around 2:42 am Eastern; check your local time to see when this lunar event is occurring for you.

This Lunation will be the last Solar Eclipse and the final New Moon of the year.

Also, this will be the last eclipse in Sagittarius for a while; we won’t see these Nodes again until October of 2029.

The eclipse will be visible in the Southern tip of South America, The Falkland Islands, South Africa, Antarctica, the southern part of Australia, some of New Zealand, and the South Atlantic. So, we won’t get to see this one in the United States as we did during the Great American Eclipse. However, we will still feel the effects of this Lunation.

Eclipses are intricate versions of New and Full Moons that significantly change the air by shifting light in the luminaries. As a result, it could bring in a new phase in a person’s life or clear out situations that are no longer practical.

Think of a software or operating system upgrade; these Lunations change things like a patch update to your computer. Generally, when you add new software or have an update, your computer gets rebooted, causing a change to the existing script running on the PC.

Eclipses are revisions because they change the things that need a new process.

We tend to experience Eclipses if they are aspecting one of our planets or angles of our chart.

Look at the degree of the eclipse because a close alignment to your natal placement will cause it to be impactful for you. And if you aren’t feeling the effects, you could be seeing them play out on a collective level or with the people in your environment.

A Super New Moon, really?!

This Lunar event is in Perigee, which occurs when the Moon is closest to Earth. As a result, the Moon is more prominent than usual. However, because it’s a New Moon, it is hard to see the size due to the conjunction with the Sun since the Rays will block it out. So energetically, this will have a lot of strength in terms of the gravitational pull on our bodies of water around the Earth. This is due to the Moon and Sun’s connecting alignments; it causes a gravitational tug that pulls on our shores plus emotions with New and Full moons twice a month.

And in terms of the Aspects that are going on during the Eclipse, the Chart Ruler Jupiter will be making a Square to Mars, causing some unjustified confidence, so there could be issues with arrogant people during this lunar event. This could also result in overdoing it when it comes to a good time because this kind of alignment puts us in the party spirit, which isn’t a bad thing; just be mindful of when to say when,

Lastly, there will be a T-Square to the North and South Node of the Moon with Jupiter at the apex point, causing us to examine how we can release unnecessary burdens or self-imposed restrictions in our life. This could also put us in a headspace to better ourselves regarding knowledge or higher education.

Solar Eclipse Vibes
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Even with this being a Solar Eclipse, the energies are moderate.

On the graph, there is a decent amount of Lucky energy due to some of the alignments. So this eclipse could have a more optimistic vibe. During this eclipse, you could have an urge to take chances you usually wouldn’t because there is a nothing to lose and everything to gain tone around this Moon.

Socially, there is a bunch of energy to support communication and get-togethers with family or friends. The next few days might feel active in terms of connecting with people you haven’t spoken to in a while, or you could just feel like engaging more than usual with loved ones.

Again, even though we have some complex alignments, these vibes for this Eclipse seem to mitigate the harsher situations going on at this event.

Solar Eclipse In Sagittarius Themes
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New Moons are about starting something fresh in your life with the Zodiac Sign’s energy at the time of the lunation. However, I don’t recommend setting intentions or incorporating this energy for this lunar event since this is an eclipse; please don’t manifest.

Manifestation rituals during eclipses could have adverse effects due to the volatility of this sort of Solar/Lunar event.

At a Solar Eclipse, the Moon moves between the Earth, blocking out the Sun’s Rays resulting in the light of this luminary being obstructed. Solar Eclipses are about new starts and represent masculine energy which could mean shifts for male figures.

Since Solar Eclipses are about sudden changes that usher in something new, there could be an update in terms of Sagittarian themes in our personal lives or on a collective level.

So instead of a checklist, here are some possible starts you could experience in the Sagittarius New Moon Eclipse:

  • This could awaken a new path that helps you seek better opportunities
  • Could realign you so you can point your energy in the right direction
  • Start the stages of restoring faith back in yourself
  • It might aid in expanding your consciousness
  • Rejuvenates your soul after a huge sacrifice
  • Feeling more open to leaving the past behind to start a new journey
  • Beginning a period where you seek out universal truths
  • Connects you to higher consciousness
  • The urge to further your education
  • A reset o the mind, body, spirit
  • Clears out beliefs that no longer serve you
  • It opens opportunities that bring you to new heights in your life
  • Expanding your life in a way that allows you to move beyond self-imposed restrictions
  • Feeling ready to take more risks and put yourself out there
  • Becoming more light-hearted and embracing humor in your life
  • Adopting new philosophies
  • Embracing the freedom-loving parts of yourself
  • This could start you on a new journey to become more social
  • The start of becoming more optimistic and realizing things could work out in your life
  • And beginning to realize it’s time for you to shoot your shot at the things you’ve always wanted.

With this eclipse, take some notes on the things occurring around you because this could indicate where this Lunation is starting something fresh for you in Sagittarius energy.

-Later guys

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