Neptune Retrograde Goes Out Of Retrograde On December 1st, 2021

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After 5 ½ months, Neptune is going Direct RX what the lessons you learned about setting boundaries with others were.
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What you imagined was real is now hard to believe.

Neptune is going Direct on December 1st, after being in Retrograde since June 25th, causing us to review our reality for an extended period.

With Neptune Retrogrades, we must face the inconvenience of reality.

In other words, we get an opportunity to see a situation for what it is rather than being in denial. What we refuse to look at in our lives might help us get through tough times, but dismissal of the truth is not meant to be a permanent solution to our problems; it is only needed for the moment to protect our feelings.

A slow-moving planet like Neptune could make this Retrograde feel subtle if you aren’t aspected by this Inverse Phase. Hence, if you aren’t experiencing this Regressive Period yourself, you can still see a vibrational shift on a collective level. Or, you could notice people in your life appear to be going through some change on an individual level during Neptune RX.

Neptune Retrograde Questions

Neptune Retrogrades are about facing the inconvenience of looking at situations that weren’t based on reality. In other words, the areas of our lives that we’ve been in denial about become noticeable, causing us to take off our rose-colored glasses in unacceptable situations. We also conclude that we weren’t imagining things and were experiencing certain forms of manipulation.

Are you starting to understand when an unscrupulous person is gaslighting you?

Realizing you’ve been in denial to cope with uncomfortable truths?

Are you learning to stop using escapism to run away from your emotions?

Are you beginning to show yourself some compassion or forgiveness?

Finally, seeing someone for who they really are rather than an idealized version of them?

Separating from beliefs that hold you back?

Regaining faith back in yourself after situations that cause self-doubt

Understanding that you aren’t wrong for setting boundaries with people who drain you?

Are you coming up with a plan to stop sacrificing your needs to the point of self-abandonment?

Are you working on not losing yourself in your relationships?

Stepping away from romantic situations with those who aren’t available for a real relationship?

Learning that you need alone time to recharge and get back to yourself?

Not allowing others to deplete you by emotionally dumping their drama onto you?

This inverse cycle gives us a dose of realism, so if one of your natal planets is being aspected by this Retrograde, you will be working on Neptunian situations. Some of these themes could be a loss of faith in yourself or others, ending unrequited love scenarios, walking away from people who take advantage of you, or fixing the areas of your life where you are overly sacrificial.

Depending on how Neptune was transiting in your chart and which house it is placed in at the time of the Retrograde, this will be the area of life that needs to be reviewed. So, if this is in your 7th house, things could come up about denial in relationships that aren’t based on reality. Or, in your 10th house, this could be a time where you are coming out of the illusion of being stuck at an unfulfilling job.

Individuals who would have been more affected by this Inverse Cycle are Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius, within 17 to 27 degrees of these Zodiac Signs.

Neptune RX is about letting go of the things that aren’t what they seem, even if we are not ready to deal with them. These cycles come around to help us break our patterns to take a good look just to make sure this is what we want for our lives.

Now that this planet is Direct, we still have the Post Shadow Retrograde Phase to go through, but since we are on the other side of this Inverse Cycle, there are more data points than we had 5 ½ months ago. Use this time to resolve the things that have been swept under the rug and create a game plan that keeps you in touch with reality.

-Later guys

Here are some important dates to remember⁠

  • Shadow Period 3/4/2021⁠
  • Retrograde Station 6/25/21⁠
  • Neptune goes Direct 12/1/21⁠
  • Out of Shadow Direct Period 3/21/2

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