Mercury Goes into Sagittarius On November 24th, 2021

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Mercury goes into Sagittarius, putting a more optimistic tone to conversing with others and thinking more philosophically.
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Express yourself regardless of other peoples’ opinions!

Mercury, our planet of communication and thinking, is leaving Scorpio and going into Sagittarius on the 24th, shifting the tone to a more optimistic one. We will go from the Scorpionic brooding way of thinking and speaking to an upbeat inflection.

This Celestial body in Sagittarius is more delightful, funny, and cheerful, even if Mercury is in Detriment with this Sign.

Essential Dignities is a system used in Astrology that allows us to see which Signs work or have a more difficult time in certain planets. With all of the different Astrological combinations, at some point, a celestial body, when mixed with a particular Zodiac Sign, maybe awkward.

Sagittarius is a Jupiter ruled Sign the opposite of Gemini, which is Mercury-ruled. Both signs are about perspective; Gemini is about the details and viewing the facts, but Sagittarius is about the big picture, looking at situations based on opinion. So when you combine this with Mercury’s need for the data points against a belief-based point of view, things can get off-kilter.

Gemini is a fine-tuned left-brained Sign, while Sagittarius is a right-brained one with a broad range perspective. With these two Signs, even looking at their ruling planets, Mercury is about the micro, and Jupiter is about the macro way to process information.

Now, I’m not saying things will be terrible because of this; Mercury in Sagittarius and those born with this Placement are great conversationalists. But when it comes to this combination, it does have a hard time.

Does this mean that we won’t enjoy ourselves in this Sign change? Of course, not; we just need to be aware that some things might glitch out with this Ingress.

One of the many great things about Mercury in Sagittarius is it brings in optimism which is much needed considering how this month has gone. We get a massive dose of enthusiasm with this Alignment which should help us feel lighter than we did while Mercury was in Scorpio. This gives us the confidence to go out and do things, plus we feel more open to socializing.

Socially this brings in the opportunity to just let our hair down and have the best conversations with the people we know. This also helps us feel more open to speaking with those who are not in our inner circle. Sagittarius is about opening yourself up to people who are different from you. This could be a time when you are going outside of your usual network of friends/associates and learning to meet new people with fresh perspectives.

Hangouts and communication could feel more overextended during this time because, in Sagittarius, we tend to get carried away with fun and don’t know when to cut ourselves off. So if you’re typically the type to wrap up conversations or leave gatherings early, you could find yourself enthralled in the fun of an endless social situation.

Confidence that comes with this helps in terms of feeling like luck is on your side. As a result, you experience less negative headspace allowing you to shoot your shot at what you desire. This will be a great time to make a game plan for yourself, so you can go after the goals you want to achieve.

Motivation expands during this time, so you could feel inspired to finally book that trip you put on the back burner since this Sign rules long travels. This could be a period where you are looking to explore new places, or even if you aren’t planning on taking a trip, it could be journeys of the mind through a good book or documentary.

Education-wise, this alignment is excellent for learning philosophy, writing, art, history, religion, and other languages. The great thing about this placement is that it helps you connect with your right brain, so if you’re a creative thinker, this will be your sweet spot. Sagittarius is a truth and knowledge-hungry Sign so capitalize on this period to gain answers to things and learn a new subject.

Also, when it comes to understanding topics, this is a good time for non-traditional learners. Non-traditional learning methods go a long way with Mercury in Sagittarius because you can access another perspective than our typical system of doing things, which is always refreshing. We need different styles of learning to make the world go round.

College will be wrapping up soon, so this could be a time when you're studying for final exams. With Mercury in Sagittarius, you could decide to take a nontraditional approach to research that might aid in absorbing that information.

Conversely, in these Sign changes, we always deal with the lower expression of things which is never fun. But when it comes to the less positive side of this, you could face overly opinionated people who only listen to things that align with their beliefs. Confirmation bias tends to be an issue with this ingress as well, where people will only listen to something if it aligns with their view without checking the facts and being objective.

Your own truth is the best truth can be a slippery slope in the lower expression, so try to be balanced. We all have personal truths, which is entirely normal; you just want to be aware it's not stagnating you from living your best life.

Another thing with this is there could be times when you feel all over the place, which could make conversations wonky or not feel like you can process overly logical things. Try to balance this out by doing right brain-oriented things and keeping your conversations light with humor. And if you have to get deep, do it philosophically.

Intellectual arrogance exists within this energy as well, and if you are dealing with these kinds of people, let them blow out their hot air. Don't engage. Some of this could be face to face or on social media. Internet spars tend to happen more than usual in this energy so try to tame your inner troll if possible. Agree to disagree and move on with your day.

So yeah, this can get uncomfortable.

Use this time to be high-minded, be social, have a light-hearted take on life, and shoot your shot when it comes to your goals.

Here’s to being forward-thinking!

-Later guys

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