The Sun Goes Into Sagittarius Forecast: November 22nd, 2021

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The Sun is going into Sagittarius on the 22nd, causing us to feel luckier than average and giving us the confidence to chase our goals.
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It feels so good to know there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Welcome to Sagittarius Season, 2021!

And Happy Birthday, Sagittarians; it’s your time to shine!!

Who’s ready to get in touch with their inner adventurer and expand their horizons?

Whelp that will be easy under this Sign change because Sagittarius motivates us to explore and go beyond our small spaces to experience more out of life.

Jupiter is this Signs Ruling planet that’s all about going big or going home, so if channeled correctly, we will have the enthusiasm to do the things we were cautious about. And this Jupiter Sign is about humorous shenanigans, which shift the tone from Scorpio, and in Scorpio, we are involved with deep shadow work.

Overall, we leave Scorpio Season, which is severe, it is intense, and about facing the not so pretty truth. We get in touch with our deep emotions, trauma and learn how to heal from past pain. But once we hit Sagittarius, we emerge with hope and optimism that everything will work out. We come out of the dark with new epiphanies and appreciate the lighter things in life, with the hope of the future.

We enter a fun-loving; let’s not take things seriously, Sagittarius way of life.

Sagittarius Season allows us to move beyond a lot of our restrictions. The stuff that holds us back becomes less intense, so we can explore what’s out there and shoot our shot at the opportunities in front of us.

When we have Venus and Sagittarius, I wanted to remind you guys to go for what you want because a certain amount of luck comes with this Sign. Even though we were in a Mercury Retrograde when Venus was in Sadge, there was a considerable opportunity to take a risk that could pay off.

And don’t get me wrong, you can always go after an opportunity no matter what Sign dominates the cosmic weather.

However, Sagittarius is great because you feel luckier under this energy. The confidence of Sagittarius has us going after things we were too afraid to try because of the likelihood of being rejected for a job that we think we're underqualified or they wouldn't possibly want us. As a result, it has a way of clearing out imposter syndrome.

So, use this time to believe in yourself if you feel this energy and apply for that job or scholarship.

Another lovely advantage to this energy is people get more social. And if you're not able to see people face to face because of everything that's going on in the world, remember there's Zoom; you could do paint and sip parties over a video call platform with your friends or family.

Humor tends to fill the air, so hysterical conversations, cracking jokes, or getting stuck on something so funny you could barely keep a straight face tends to happen under this alignment. If you’ve been too serious, lately use this as an opportunity to get in touch with your silly side.

Socially it’s a time of sharing different perspectives and connecting, so you could be engaged in exciting discussions during this time.

Travel is also extensive in the energy of Sagittarius. Jupiter rules long-distance travel, so this could be a time you’re making plans to visit people who live states away from you or overseas. Also, there could be a trip you put on the back burner that you are finally comfortable booking at this time.

Generosity is immense in this energy, so this could be a time where you are paying it forward, or others are doing the same for you. The possibility of seeing that on a world stage is strong during Sagittarius Season as well.

For those of us who live in the States, Sagittarius Season always falls around the week of thanksgiving, which is totally a Sadgey holiday.

This Jupiter ruled Sign is the epitome of Turkey Day because, in Sagittarius, we travel to the people we care about, crack jokes; it’s about gathering with others, overdoing it with food, alcohol, and displays of grandiosity. The Jupitarian tone of being opinionated also occurs during Thanksgiving; families tend to get into interesting and sometimes heated debates with loved ones.

However, with the Sun in this Sign, we appreciate generosity, learn from other people’s perspectives, enjoy the company of loved ones, and get comfortable with truth-telling during Sagittarius Season which is synonymous with Thanksgiving.

With these Sign changes, we always deal with the lower expression of things which is never fun. But when it comes to the less positive side of this, you could deal with opinions and truth-telling that is based on perspective rather than fact. Also, when it comes to speaking the “truth,” it can come out rudely.

Another thing to be aware of is carelessness under this energy. In Sagittarius, it’s about not taking life so seriously, which can be fine as long as it’s balanced, but the shadow side of this is reckless behavior and irresponsibility.

And entitlement issues tend to come out in people where they feel the world owes them something.

So yeah, it can be sticky; you just want to make sure you are practicing some sort of self-awareness.

Use this Sagittarius Season wisely, because, despite some of the lower expressions of this Sign, it is a good time just to be jolly.

-Later guys

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