Venus Will Go Into Pre Shadow Retrograde On November 17, 2021

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This week, Venus goes into its Shadow Retrograde Cycle for the next 4 weeks to help us observe what needs to be taken seriously in our romantic life and career.
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Taking accountability for your actions is a superpower.

Entering Venus RX Season

Venus goes into its Pre-Retrograde Shadow on November 17th, kicking off the path this planet will make for the next month before it goes into its Regressive Cycle. So pay close attention to scenarios going on from now until the 19th of December because they will come back up for resolution. In other words, around 12/19 to 1/29/22, we will be reliving the things that occurred from the end of November to mid-December.

We get Venus Retrograde every 18 months. And so when these Inverse Phases happen, they hit hard and heavy. The reason this happens is that planets in Retrograde tend to bring out the lower vibrations of the Sign it is going backward in making things more complex than usual.

What Does Shadow Retrograde Mean
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It’s crucial to jot down as many data points as possible during large planetary cycles.

The main themes that will come up during this Venus Retrograde in Capricorn will be our relationships and finances. So anything to do with those types of situations is something to be aware of over the next month. I say this because it will help you navigate through this Retrograde better. At least you will know what issues could arise for you as an individual and work through them.

One of the best ways to see a Retrograde pattern for yourself is looking at the repeating theme that keeps coming up over this next month. So if it happens to be a disagreement with you and your partner that has occurred 4 times in the last month, then that’s your clue. Another situation could work where something that seemed like a sure thing keeps getting delayed. So this could be an indicator of what’s coming up.

Retrogrades are about a retracing of steps, so when we get to the Pre-Shadow, our topic for the inverse cycle seems to occur before the Regressive Phase. Then the actual Retrograde takes place causing us to return to the earlier issues so we can resolve them.

Once the planet finally goes Direct, we move to the Post Shadow Phase, where the topics that hit us the most continue to happen; however, we can deal with them with more clarity and feel like we are in the driver’s seat.

Early Themes of Venus Retrograde In Capricorn

Venus has been in Capricorn for the last 2 weeks so we’ve acquainted ourselves with this vibe, the Inverse Cycle just puts an edgier spin on things. During this Retrograde, we will see a mixed bag of the lower expressions. It’s essential to look at the Sign Venus is in, and in this case, we are getting one in Capricorn.

On the relationship spectrum of things, issues with coldness, an absence of vulnerability, commitment issues, and no intimacy come up during this Retrograde. So if you’ve been in an emotionally unfulfilling relationship, this could be your time to work out the kinks of moving forward. There could be issues in relationships with significant age gaps because, in Capricorn, we deal with maturity.

In money situations, there could be issues with those who try to dominate the finances, such as someone you are committed to or work situations with a toxic boss. With the opposing side to this Ingress, there are issues with stinginess and greed as well.

Similarly, It could have a lot to do with a job where you hit the glass ceiling and cannot go any further up the ladder because Capricorn is social climbing energy. With a Retrograde like this, you become clear that the company you are with isn’t for you any longer, and it’s time to look for a career that offers growth.

But yeah, it's a complicated Retrograde in terms of the topics that come up.

Again, write down what you're noticing because it could clarify what’s occurring when Venus goes into Retrograde on December 19. This planet will be in a Regressive Period for about 40 days, so try to work through the things that are blocking you from getting to the next level.

And, of course, I will post a more in-depth article about Venus RX as we get to December.

Use these next 4 months to build something solid in your love life and career.

-Later guys

Venus Retrograde Dates to Remember:

  • Ingresses into Capricorn 11/5/22
  • Shadow period 11/17/21
  • Goes Retrograde 12/19/21
  • Venus Station Direct 1/29/22
  • Venus out the of Shadow Period 3/1/22
  • Out of Capricorn on 3/5/22

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