The Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse Forecast: Nov 19, 2021

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The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus could help us understand why we need to put our energy into the things that bring us consistency.
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Hey guys, we have the Full Beaver Moon and Partial Lunar Eclipse at 27 degrees of Taurus on November 19th, at 12:57 am PST which would be around 3:57 am Eastern. Don’t forget to check your local time to see when this Lunation is occurring for you.

And this being an Eclipse makes it a power-packed lunar event.

Eclipses happen during the Full Lunar cycle when the Sun and the Moon are close to the Nodes in Opposition to one another. We don’t always get Eclipses during Beaver Moons, but because the Lunar Nodes are very close to the Sun and Moon, this Lunation is in the proper position for this kind of event to occur. The Moon will be in the Earth’s Shadow known as the Umbra, resulting in an eclipse.

A Partial Lunar Eclipse is when the Moon is covered only by a certain percentage because it is at a fainter part of the Earth Shadow. However, we will still see some coverage over the Moon regardless of it not being a Total Lunar Eclipse.

Also known as the Frost Moon, this Lunation got its name through observation from Native tribes who saw beavers preparing their damns for a long cold winter. For this reason, this is the kind of Moon that is about making sure you have the proper necessities to get through hard times so you can feel emotionally and financially secure. Considering this is the peak of the Lunar cycle, we deal with the things that need to go and what we can take with us, so this could be a time you are re-evaluating what’s essential for your comfort in the long run.

And this is the first Eclipse in Taurus in years; there have not been any of these Lunar Events in this Sign Since 2012. Over the next two years, we will continue to have Lunar and Solar Eclipses in Taurus plus Scorpio until May 5th, 2023.

As far as Full Moons go, this one is easy in Taurus. The Moon likes being here because it’s Exalted in this Sign, and it is making more harmonious Aspects than harder ones. So even though this is an eclipse, this has a lighter tone instead of a harsh one.

Also, the chart Ruler is in good condition with some of its alignments to other planets.

However, we do have a T Square going on at this time, and as a result, things can feel edgy. It is a subtle amount of frustration rather than out-of-hand vibes but could still cause low-grade annoyances. And it is in opposition to Mercury, also the Sun, which happens during these lunar events.

Vibes For The Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus
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The vibes on the graph are pretty mixed at the time of this eclipse.

There is some romantic energy from this Venus Ruled Sign, so relationship stuff should be enjoyable and very passionate.

We have a decent amount of social vibes, so getting together with the people you consider important will be easy. An overall friendly tone makes it a Lunation just to have fun conversations with friends and family.

With some of the mental stuff coming up on the graph, you are analyzing how you could improve your circumstances, especially when it comes to your resources. This could also be a time to weigh out what you need to do to get to the next step in your career.

And of course, we do have some emotional sensitivity, but it is a small amount, so you could just feel mild irritations during this Lunation.

Lunar Eclipse Reflection

Think about where you were at the beginning of May; have you learned to be solid and cultivate Taurus energy into your life?

Have you learned to let things roll off your back?

Are you learning to enjoy the creature comforts in life?

Have you worked on issues with self-worth?

Are you realizing the things you used to value no longer matter?

Learned not to let people push you past your comfort zone?

Become more persistent when it comes to staying the course on the things you want?

Worked on money noise, so you aren’t afraid of making more income?

Have you understood the importance of treating yourself to the finer things in life?

Are you learning to become more reliable?

This is a cycle of what has been built, completed, where you can reap the rewards or end things that didn’t work.

Lunar Eclipses are about having an aha moment when it comes to the serious situations connected with a Sign’s energy. This could be when you are purging out old values that held you back or stepping away from toxic female figures in your life since Lunar Eclipses rule feminine energy.

Full Moon In Taurus Checklist
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An important thing to note during an Eclipse is, please don’t do any manifesting. Doing manifestation rituals during eclipses could have adverse effects due to the volatility of this sort of lunar event.

Instead, do an inventory of the last six months to see how far you’ve come.

Here are some things to review since May 11th of 2022:

  • How have you created stability in your life
  • Have you worked on your impulsivity and learned the art of patience
  • Understood that If a situation doesn’t bring value to your life, then move forward
  • Learned not to allow anyone to push you into decisions you aren’t comfortable doing
  • Eliminated the conditions that cause you discomfort
  • Learned to still be generous but only to people who aren’t overly dependent on you
  • Let go of problems that are beyond your control
  • Come to a place where you are learning its okay to luxuriate because you’ve earned it
  • Learned how to get in touch with your sensual or goddess energy
  • Started to seek internal validation for strength self-worth and self-esteem
  • Learned to stick to your decisions without wavering
  • Created a space that brings you comfort in your life
  • To only give your energy to those who have staying power.
  • Are staying on course no matter what distractions might veer you off
  • Become more persistent in whatever you are trying to launch
  • Have you become comfortable with material things without feeling shallow or guilty?
  • Learning how to build financial stability
  • Have you sought out stability, peace, and security in your life emotionally?

Harvest all you’ve gathered in these last six months and reap the benefits. Hopefully, these last 6 months have been fruitful for you guys, and you’ve worked on some of these Taurean themes. I hope you all have the best Lunar Eclipse ever!

-Later guys

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