This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For November 15 to 21st, 2021

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In this week’s Astrology, our confidence, communication, love life, and financial stuff will be more pronounced with a bunch of Mercury, Sun, the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, and Venus Going into Pre Shadow Retrograde.
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Hey guys, we have a jammed-pack week full of planetary transits.

In this week’s Astrology, we have a bunch of alignments with the Sun, which will bring up situations to do with our confidence and ego. This is a busy time for Venus, with a few harder alignments, one fun Transit, and this planet will Transition into its Pre-Retrograde Shadow Phase. And Mercury will be making a ton of Aspects this week, giving us a mix of enjoyable communication and some that are out of pocket. Additionally, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Taurus on the 19th will help us let go of the things that lack consistency in our lives.

At the start of this week, November 15th will be a day that causes you to see the truth about love and what kind of behavior is acceptable in your relationships.

The Sun will make a Square to Jupiter, bringing in an element of social energy and going out to enjoy yourself. The only thing with a hard Sun-Jupiter Transit is that it causes people’s egos to be overinflated, so you could be dealing with individuals with high levels of unjustified confidence.

November 16th is a day where you could feel like your self-confidence is fluctuating because we have two more alignments with the Sun. First, The Sun will make a Sesquiquadrate with Chiron, which could cause discomfort with being yourself. There could be moments where you are hyper-focused about the way you are coming off to others.

Unlike that aspect, the Sun will make a harmonious alignment with Pluto, which should help you clear your mind and let go of the things that prevent you from transforming. This alignment is good at focusing your energy on what’s important and building your confidence based on the hard work you’ve done.

Venus will go into its Pre Retrograde Shadow Phase on November 17th, so pay attention to what occurs with love and financial situations for the next month because these scenarios will play out again at the end of December. This planet will go into Retrograde on December 19th, then turn Direct on 1/29/22, and will end its Post Retrograde Shadow Period 3/1/22

On that same day, Mars will make an Opposition to Uranus. With this alignment, things can get dicey because it is very energetic and causes people to want to do their own thing, which can go great if appropriately channeled. However, this is the kind of Transit that causes people to be more rebellious than typical, so it could lead to a lot of pushback if someone feels like they are being bossed around. Also, tempers flair up under this Aspect, so be aware of losing patience with others who move or talk slower than you. Take your time today because this does cause clumsiness as well.

November 18th has an interesting tone because we have two alignments that bring up our spirituality and where we place our beliefs.

Jupiter is making a semi-square with Chiron. This Transit brings up complex issues regarding your belief systems. It also raises issues about your hopes, wishes, opportunities, and things you might want for yourself. But the problem with this is it has you looking at it in a way that may not be realistic. It may have you kind of hopping on this idea that everything will work out.

And even if it seems like it might be shaky, you're still putting energy into something that may not be worth your time. It's kind of the thing where people fall into those get rich, quick schemes in situations or try to make something that's wishful thinking into a reality. So it's something you want to be careful with. You don't want to trade off what's valuable for a bag of magical beans and then get disappointed that it doesn't turn into a magic beanstalk. So do your best to be aware of impulsive decisions and watch out for scammers as well.

On that same day, Mercury is making a Trine with Neptune, which is terrific for just communicating in an empathetic way. It's great for sharing with other people on a spiritual level, having mystical conversations, and getting into discussions about spiritual topics overall.

If you’re looking for a beautiful change with love and money, then this is the Transit for you!! On the 19th, Venus and Uranus will be in a Trine bringing in some much-needed positive energy.

Energetically, this transit should bring in better odds in our love life situations, so things should go from boring to exciting, no matter your current relationship status. Additionally, an aspect like this is significant for unexpected financial luck, maybe not in the sense of a windfall, but it brings in a little help.

Venus is the planet that aids with our material gains, so combining her with a celestial body like Uranus can bring in some happy surprises in the form of job offers and money you didn’t think you would receive.

That same day the Sun will be in a Semi-Square with Venus, so you could feel like having a day that’s filled with enjoyable things. This Transit does bring up the need for more attention in relationships, so try to be balanced when seeking affection from a significant other.

The 20th is a mixed bag day for communication. Mercury will make a Sesquiquadrate to Chiron, causing us to dwell on the past. This Transit is intrusive because it forces you to talk about things that have been resolved, causing more complications in your situation.

With Mercury and Jupiter in a Square on the 20th, you could feel very scatterbrained today, so it would be the best time to take a breather as you might feel distracted. If this is happening, just find a way to take a break and go back to whatever you need to do once you aren’t feeling so ditzy. Another thing that happens with this is that it might cause you to feel very jittery, which could cause uneasiness. Lastly, this brings out the cocky side in individuals, so it is always best to just let people blowing out hot air tire themselves out.

At least we end the week with a solution to our complex issues. On the 21st, Mercury and Pluto are coming together in an aspect that could help you solve problems you’ve had a hard time deciphering for yourself. This is the perfect Transit to do some deep transformative inner work with your mind. Conversations should have some substance today as well.

Vibes For The Week
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The graph for the next 7 days is an assortment of energies, and it’s a decent mix of happy, lighter points mixed in with some uncomfortable vibes. Even though we have complicated things occurring this week, at least we have a fun tone to the air.

There is some social energy mixed in with edgy stuff, so this could be a week where you feel good and want to be around people, but you still have a few stressors in the background. There are triggery energies on the chart, along with imagination and confusion, which could cause you to feel off-kilter in the middle of the week.

With the imagination and confusion shown on the chart, just be aware of scammy situations, and make sure you read the fine print if you are going into anything. Likewise, this could bring in those who distort the truth, so be cautious and use your discernment.

Also, the emotional sensitivity is mixed in with foggy energy so try to make sure you aren’t acting on impulse due to your emotional state.

At least this week has a lot of promise with the drive and ambition mixed in with social energy, so this should motivate you to go after what you want. This should be a time to focus on what you need to move forward with all of the mental energy. Look at the possibilities that are in front of you because there are opportunities worth going after.

And over the weekend, we have romantic energy with more social stuff occurring, so this should bring a fun and flirty element to the week.

Transit’s For The Week

The Transits this week are jammed packed, but at least we will have the motivation to get things done, work on our complex issues, and have some fun in between.

This week's Transits November 15t to 21st:

11/15 Venus Square Chiron: Accepting Bad Behavior In Relationships

11/15 Sun Square Jupiter: Unjustified Levels Of Confidence

11/16 Sun Sesquiquadrate Chiron: Having Issues Being Yourself

11/16 Sun Sextile Pluto: Finally Clearing Out The Things That Prevent You From Shining

11/17 Venus Pre Retrograde Shadow Phase: A Serious Look At Your Love Life And Money

11/17 Mars Oppose Uranus: Extreme Amounts Of Energy

11/18 Jupiter Semisquare Chiron: Questioning Your Beliefs

11/18 Mercury Trine Neptune: Connecting With Your Abstract Side

11/19 Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse In Taurus: Clearing Out Inconsistent things

11/19 Venus Trine Uranus: Unexpected Things In A Good Way For Your Love And Finances

11/19 Sun Semi-Square Venus: Feeling Like You Need More Attention Than Humanly Possible

11/20 Mercury Sesquiquadrate Chiron: Dwelling On The Past

11/20 Mercury Square Jupiter: Communication With People Who Brag Because They Are Insecure

11/21 Mercury Sextile Pluto: Coming Up With Ways To Solve Complex Problems

Use this week to see what you truly need from your love life and career because with Venus Going into Shadow Retrograde, we will be hyper-focused on these things.

-Later guys

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