Venus Goes Into Capricorn on Nov 5, 2021

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Venus will go into Capricorn, which should help us understand our values regarding commitments in love and career, plus raising our standards on what we expect out of life. Plus, Venus will be in this Sign until March of 2022 due to its Retrograde Cycle.
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If we all took our love life seriously, stability in relationships would never be an issue.

Venus is going into Capricorn on November 5th, and although this expression isn’t a thrill ride like it was in Sagittarius, we will gain so much from this Sign change.

Unlike Venus in Sagittarius, this Capricorn version is narrower when it comes to openness. In Sagittarius, it’s about keeping your options open; with Venus in Capricorn, it’s about putting a limit on what you allow in love-life and career. Does this mean we won’t get any action romantically or job-wise, no! However, it does mean that we can’t just take every application that lands on our doorstep regarding dating and our financial situations.

Venus in Capricorn is about pragmatism in matters of the heart and money, so our approach to these things won’t be as inflated. This is the kind of Venus that is cautious and takes its time before committing, and not for cheater reasons, but more so because once it does settle down, it’s in it for the long haul, and who wants to be tied to a mistake.

Regarding our love life, this will put a tone in the air to go slow and make sure our person of interest fits with what we want for the future. So, if you are single, you could feel more hung back than normal about some of your prospects. Or you could meet someone who becomes a solid long-term partner. With Venus in Capricorn, the possibility of commitment becomes higher due to this Sign’s need for permanency in everything it does.

Age gap relationships tend to happen under this alignment.

Capricorn is the Sign of the elder, timekeeping, things that have been around for a long time, and someone who has more wisdom and authority than you, so when it’s placed in a relationship planet like Venus, age differences can pop up in your dating life. The possibility of meeting someone older or younger is strong, which there is nothing wrong with as long as you both are consenting adults; age is just a number.

The loyal types are more active during this time to attract individuals who don’t want to be with multiple people. One of the great things about this Venus is those faithful individuals in matters of the heart come forward, so hopefully, if you’re single, this is the kind of person that comes in for you. Or, if you are dating, you guys take things to an exclusive level.

People tend to become responsible in their unions, so if you’re in a relationship, this could be a time where your partner is stepping up. This could be the moment to take your connection to the next level and reaffirm your commitments to one another. Also, this could be a period of becoming serious about marriage, so proposals aren’t off the table while Venus is in Capricorn.

In job and financial situations, you could be at a point where you are ready to commit yourself to hard work so you can see a raise or a promotion. This also inspires you to become more serious about your career and set yourself on a trajectory that helps you level up from your status.

Of course, there is always a low vibration when any planet changes signs. So, the situation that could come from this is having issues when it comes to being vulnerable; this could bring out a side of you that is commitment-phobic. The cold side of people comes out in relationships, like the person you are with is dry, and there is no intimacy in the union.

In money situations, there could be issues with those who try to dominate the finances, which could be someone you are committed to or work situations with a toxic boss. With the opposing side to this Ingress, there are issues with stinginess and greed as well.

Venus will also go Retrograde under this Ingress, so we will be in this energy for quite a while, and by a while, I mean until the beginning of March. So this isn’t your typical Sign that spends about 3 ½ weeks in Venus; instead, we have 4 months of Capricorn lessons with our love and finances that will come up so we can sort them out.

Of course, I will have a separate post about the Venus Retrograde.

Use these next 4 months to build something solid in your love life and career.

Venus Retrograde Dates to Remember:

  • Ingresses into Capricorn 11/5/22
  • Shadow period 11/17/21
  • Goes Retrograde 12/19/21
  • Venus Station Direct 1/29/22
  • Venus out the of Shadow Period 3/1/22
  • Out of Capricorn on 3/5/22

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