Mercury Goes Into Scorpio On November 4th, 2021

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With Mercury going into Scorpio, we will have the ability to focus on the things we don’t have the energy for and get the opportunity to clear our minds of clutter.
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Let’s face it there are moments when being in your head is necessary.

Mercury is finally changing Signs after 2 ½ months in Libra, so now our communication, thoughts, and how we process data will shift to a more Scorpionic tone.

In Scorpio, we can do some much-needed reflecting.

As we leave the Libra vibe, we go from a more social and bubblier style to an analytical-introverted tone. Even though Mercury was Retrograde in Libra, there was still a lighthearted vibe before and after the inverse cycle. Mercury in Libra is typically a good time where you don’t take things as seriously; you get to be social and enjoy yourself. In Scorpio, we leave those aspects behind to go inward and reflect on what we need to transform in our lives to become stronger.

So, energetically, the tone becomes introverted in this Sign change where we start focusing on what's meaningful. Communication-wise, Scorpio is all about meaningful conversations, not small talk, or superficial chatting. Mercury in Scorpio is all about going deep and communicating in a way that has substance, which is something I personally appreciate about this Sign.

Socially, people become more intimate in the way they hang out with others, of course not in a sexual way, but in this energy, it’s about connecting with those that matter rather than having a crowd around you. So, this could be a time when you’re all about hanging out with only a few friends instead of having an entourage with you. It’s about socializing with the people you have a connection with and not just hanging out to fill a void. This could be family, close friends, or someone you are romantically involved with in terms of keeping your circle small.

Mercury in Scorpio brings in a focused tone with the way we communicate; people tend to be more receptive and listen intensively. This is the kind of energy where you contribute to the conversations but are more conscious that people need to get their stuff out so it’s easier to hold space for others during the conversation. Scorpio is a Sign of detoxification so when it comes to it being in Mercury, this could help you and others in terms of releasing stuck thoughts and emotions through cathartic conversations.

A wave of consciousness also comes through with this energy so you could feel the need to scope things out before speaking or making any decisions about your next steps. The level of Scorpio energy will be strong too because we have a stellium “3 or more planets in a Sign” of planets in Scorpio, The Sun, Mars, The New Moon, and now Mercury. The Moon will carry off the mood bringing an intensity to the air on the 5th, and head into Sagittarius but we will still have 3 planets in this Sign for a good duration of November.

With this many planets in Scorpio along with it going into Mercury, our minds could finally get focused, which should help with our attention span. In other words, since Scorpio energy is about fixation, this would be a good time to study a topic you usually wouldn’t have the bandwidth to retain. You're able to put your attention on issues that may be harder to digest. Also, your analytical skills will be sharp with this energy. If you’re in school right now, this could be a time where you can get through more arduous coursework.

Dissecting and understanding a topic that might be hard, like Astrology, Numerology, esoteric topics, occult knowledge, anything to do with science, Psychology, or Psychiatry. These are the perfect subjects to study because Scorpio specializes in complex topics. Under this Ingress, it’s easier to be more analytical plus put your focus into absorbing knowledge.

Similarly, your focus also goes on the things you had on the backburner that could be stressful. With a Mercury in Scorpio, we tend to look at the things we avoided that need to be faced so this might be a time when you finally learn how to deal with old trauma, understand your triggers, and look at the truth.

Speaking of the truth, this is a type of energy where people tend to be more open and honest about harsh realities. Sometimes you end up dealing with individuals who are willing to speak the truth that nobody else is ready to hear or say. Of course, that can be a welcomed truth or sometimes be a darker fact we don’t want to hear about. Mercury is a more neutral expression in this Sign; your perception of the facts could be good, bad, or indifferent; however, the truth is essential. Surprise truth-telling tends to go on during Mercury in Scorpio, on a personal level, or world stage.

And of course, there's also a lower vibration to Mercury in Scorpio as it is when any planet goes into a Sign.

People tend to go inward, which is not a bad thing; however, sometimes, this can get out of hand. You just want to make sure you aren’t living in your head entirely and isolating yourself from others. Mentally overthinking tends to happen in this energy causing suspicious thoughts to occur. So, you just want to be aware of that and make sure you’re as grounded as possible. If being cautious or too much analyzing is making you hyper-vigilant, try to find a middle ground.

Feeling suspicious in this energy can also lead to petty arguments due to searching for the truth and piecing stuff together. So, if you’re in a relationship, it could lead to jealousy or a situation where animosity has built up with family, friends, or even a job situation.

These lower expressions of this Sign are just something you want to be aware of in this energy. Other than that, let this be a time to focus on the things that we usually don't like to tackle. And use this Mercury in Scorpio to work on having meaningful conversations with the people who matter.

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