The Super New Moon In Scorpio Forecast November 4th, 2021

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The November New Moon in Scorpio is just what we needed to move forward from situations that are at a dead-end, plus empowering yourself so you can take control of your life.
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Hey guys, we have the Super New Moon at 12 degrees of Scorpio on November 4th, 2021, at 2:14 pm PST, which would be 5:14 Eastern. Check your local time to see when this Lunation is happening in your location.

A Super New Moon, how is that possible?!

This Lunar event is in Perigee, which occurs when the Moon is at its closest proximity to the Earth. As a result, the Moon is more prominent than usual. However, because it’s a New Moon, it is hard to see the size due to the conjunction with the Sun since the Rays will block it out. So energetically, this will have a lot of strength in terms of the gravitational pull on our bodies of water around the earth. This is due to the Moon and Sun’s connecting alignments; it causes a gravitational tug that pulls on our shores plus emotions with New and Full moons twice a month.

Speaking of emotions, this Lunation is a bit rough around the edges, but we have some sweet spots with a few Transits.

Energetically, the Scorpio vibes will be strong too because we have a stellium which is “3 or more planets in a Sign.” The planets in Scorpio at the time of this Lunar event will be the Sun, Mars, Moon, and Mercury. With this many planets in Scorpio, it will amplify the intensity when it comes to our emotions. Because this is intense energy, try to experience it in the most rational way possible. Try to channel the higher vibrations of the Scorpionic energy and use it to clear out what isn’t meaningful in your personal life; that way, you can bring in more substance situations.

A T Square is forming to Saturn from Mars and Uranus, making for a rough start to this New Moon. This will add extra pressure on the situations where we need to start embracing our authentic selves and no longer apologize for who we are or what we like. Also, it will help us begin to get out of our comfort zones. These fresh phases of the Moon are about creating something you would like to see grow for yourself, which isn’t always the easiest.

This is a beginning point, and sometimes those things can be rough.

At least the ancient ruler (Mars) and the Modern home planet (Pluto) are in Signs they are comfortable with being in, and once they get close in degrees, they will form a harmonious aspect. Hopefully, that will mitigate some of the harsher alignments so we can balance our emotions.

Vibes of the New Moon in Scorpio
Transits GraphSirius Software

Okay, so the graph is pretty odd-looking, I usually do this a month out, and when the chart came up this way, I blamed it on Mercury Retrograde. But this is the graph I keep getting, so we have to work with what we’ve got; I've never seen a chart that had straight lines like this and one peeking out.

And so, we're getting low levels of every vibe within this graph.

We're getting low levels of drive and ambition, good luck energy, mental energy, confusion, romance, emotional sensitivity, solitude, plus psychic vibes.

The psychic vibes are the only line spiking up on the graph, which makes sense because Scorpio is a highly intuitive Sign. So, your third eye could feel very activated during this Lunation, which tends to cause weird dreams that seem prophetic.

So yeah, there's some interesting stuff amidst going on during this New Moon in Scorpio, and it’s mixed baggy. It's edgy and has more problematic aspects, but sometimes it's not always the easiest when we start new stuff.

Scorpio New Moon Reflective Questions

Aside from the energies happening, this is an excellent place to start if you want to incorporate more Scorpio energy into your life. New moons are about new beginnings, creating something fresh, and including the best qualities of that sign.

Think about what you want to transform in your life over the next 6 months?

Are you looking to become more focused?

Do you want to work on your coping skills?

Become more responsible when it comes to paying off debt?

Connect with the positive traits you’ve inherited from your family?

Are you looking to let go of the things that no longer serve you?

Do you want to gain control over the things that have gotten out of hand in your life?

Are you trying to gain your personal power back?

Ready to walk away from turbulent relationships?

Be in a relationship that’s more than surface level?

Uncover the truth about situations that need to come to light?

In Scorpio, it’s about connecting with the sides of yourself you are afraid to look at that need to be transformed. Therefore, we will have to take an honest look at ourselves during this New Moon to kickstart what we would like to change over the next 6 months.

New Moon in Scorpio Themes
New Moon in Scorpio ChartSirius Software

It’s time to regenerate from the things that held you back and move on to your next chapter in life. ⠀

Here are some of the themes from this New Moon:

  • Take steps to remove mental blocks that have stagnated you from going after your goals
  • Try not to control your emotions, but find a way to balance them, so they aren't out of whack.
  • Scorpio rules the 8th House, which deals with debts, loans, and other people’s money, so this could be a time to work on gaining control of your finances and clearing away debt. ⠀
  • Go beyond the surface and delve deep into situations that require you not to be superficial in relationships, career, friendship, etc.⠀
  • Scorpio represents what we inherit through 8th House topics, so this could be when you look to express positive traits passed down by your family.
  • Work on trust issues, find a healthy medium between being open to others while setting boundaries with specific individuals. As long as these things are in balance, you will be able to know who is worth your acceptance. ⠀
  • Research the things you didn’t have the energy to because Scorpio is excellent for examing the hard to focus on task⠀
  • Slowly take steps to work on past trauma that causes you to be a passenger in your own life⠀
  • Get in touch with your internal dialog to empower yourself and understand what is causing so much self-doubt about your capabilities.⠀
  • Only give your time to those who are reciprocal; this is the point in your life where you can’t waste energy on one-sided relationships.
  • Get in touch with your spiritual, intuitive, and psychic side; it's time to trust your instincts.
  • Work with the energy of this Moon to learn how to be more observant in life so you can see the truth beyond a surface level. ⠀
  • Use your personal power in a balanced way that gives you strength while not dominating others. Channel the strength to stand up for yourself and don’t allow others to control you.⠀
  • Emerge from situations that have derailed you and come back swinging⠀

Scorpio is intense energy, but there are times where we must look at harsh truths to repair our lives. Use this New Moon to purify your soul and purge out what’s toxic so you can attract high vibes only.

-Later guys

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