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Mars Will Go Into Scorpion On October 30th, 2021

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Mars going into Scorpio will help us act in a more focused way while empowering ourselves in the areas of our life that need strengthening.
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Mars is going into one of its Signs of Rulership, Scorpio.

It’s been over a year since Mars was in one of its home Signs, but now that it is, this celestial body can perform at full capacity. The Sun is also in Scorpio, so these planets are amplifying one another.

One thing that might sound confusing is most people associate Pluto with Scorpio, which is the modern Ruler, Mars is the ancient planet of assignment to this Sign, so there is dual rulership.

In Scorpio, Mars expresses differently than it would in Aries, and this Sign Placement is described more intuitively than outward like it is in the Ram. We get an action-oriented side of Mars that is more focused and transformative.

Energetically, this is the planet that is our drive, motivation, and how we go after what we want in life. It is quick, decisive, and sometimes impulsive in Aries, but Scorpio is more deliberate and focused. Mars in Scorpio has its eye on the prize, so it moves more calculatedly, seeking a slow victory rather than instant gratification.

So, with this Mars, we will go after what we want but fixedly on our goals. This Mars will be good for taking the right actions regarding our jobs, finances, relationships, and desires. It is also in the Sign of intimacy, so this does rev up that sort of action.

Our love lives get more passionate during this time, so if you are single, you could experience a strong attraction with a new person that leads to something steamy. For those in a relationship, this could add some unexpected intensity to your love life in a good way and have you guys more focused on one another.

It’s good that it helps us get the ball rolling to tackle the heavy things we usually don’t have the energy to deal with every day. Now, of course, this doesn’t have to be anything tragic, but it will motivate us to face things we just would instead put on the back burner.

Lazer precision goes on the things we need to pour energy into; like deep research, we will have the staying power to use our analytical skills. Especially for jobs that require your undivided attention, we get to use our brainpower in a hardcore way.

With all of that intelligence being used, this could also be when you impress higher-ups because you are rolling up your sleeves and getting the job done. It also connects you with people in positions of power; this works in a high vibrational way.

Speaking of power, this gets a person in touch with that side of themself so they can gain some control over their life.

A Mars in Scorpio period is the best time to get the ball rolling on topics you didn’t have the motivation to that are complex. This could be things like Human Design, Astrology, and anything esoteric.

With Mars, you also act on the things you’ve repressed, so this could be a time where you work on old trauma. Detoxing happens in this energy, too, so if you wanted to clear out your system, behavior, or old habits, a nice purge could be what you seek during this time.

Intuition runs high under this alignment, so you can feel more connected and trust your gut. This is the psychic side of Mars, so it helps you spiritually act.

As there is with any Sign change, we deal with the shadow side of a placement. Jealousy tends to happen intensely under this alignment, and there is a tendency to be overly suspicious of a partner or other people.

Trust issues come back up to be addressed, which is not bad; however, you want to be aware of how you react to others and not make accusations. There is also a retaliating vibe to this, so you could seek retribution if you feel slighted by others.

Obsessive behaviors tend to come out, during this period. As a result, the focused energy we gain during Mars in Scorpio could cause over fixation on a subject, person, or other circumstances. If those situations occur, try to channel this energy with activities that help you focus on what’s important. Going out and getting fresh air, long walks, dancing, working out, a nice steam room, sauna, or warm bath helps because it’s detoxifying, and this energy calls for purging out what’s unhealthy.

So, yeah, this will be an interesting time for sure. Mars in Scorpio is intense.

However, it is a good Mars, so let's use this to our advantage to change the circumstances that are no longer working for us. And, use this time to get motivated to focus on situations we didn’t have the energy to resolve.

-Later guys

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