The Sun Goes into Scorpio On Oct 22, 2021

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The Sun will go into Scorpio for the next month, helping us focus on what we need to transform to better our lives.
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At some point, we need to embrace our intense side.

We are leaving Libras Seasons’ harmony-seeking tone and headed for a time where we need to become more serious about our situations.

Welcome to Scorpio Season 2021!

And Happy Birthday to all the Scorpios; it’s your time to shine!

The Sun headed for this section of the Zodiac will genuinely shift the tone. We’ve already got a taste of Scorpio from Venus, but the Sun coming over this point in the Solar System will illuminate this Sign in a big way.

With the Sun in Scorpio, our ego is more tuned into serious things; we also become more focused on what’s vital. Scorpio helps us go beyond the superficial so we can endure complex matters.

We leave the extroverted vibe of Libra for a more reflective approach to things. Socially, Scorpio energy is a bit more hang back, that’s not to say we won’t go out or conversate with others, but you will be okay with your own company.

In Scorpio, we feel things more intensely, and we feel like withdrawing in this Sign change because the psychic vibes are higher than usual. So, when a person intuitively senses vibes on a deep level, they must recharge their batteries. It’s hard to be around many people when you’re feeling empathic, which is why some Scorpios will socialize for a bit then quietly leave a function.

Scorpio Season brings about a tone that's spooky, some people aren’t fans of the eerie vibe, but on a personal note, I absolutely enjoy it.

During this time, there is a thin veil between the living and what can’t be seen with the naked eye. We connect with the unknown and mystical sides of life with holidays like Halloween and Día de Muertos, “Day of the Dead,” these celebrations honor the spirit world which occurs while the Sun is in Scorpio.

One of the things I love about Scorpio is it causes us to go deep, and there is no superficiality to this Sign. Thus, this could be a time where we examine things with more depth rather than a surface level. In Scorpio, we get the opportunity to uncover hidden knowledge, like esoteric, the occult, and Astrological topics. So, this is an excellent time for researching the things you didn’t have the attention span to complete.

Scorpio energy is detoxifying, and it’s a time to purge out unhealthy things from your diet; this would be a good time for a deep cleanse. This is a time for healing what’s repressed and addressing your coping mechanism so you can resolve old trauma.

Transformation comes through in Scorpio season because this energy is about cycles of regeneration. In other words, we go through a metamorphosis to get to the next level, and we shed off what is no longer working.

With this Sign, we search for the truth and try to understand topics of a psychological nature. This energy causes us to do some soul searching and make the necessary changes we need to become better versions of ourselves. We go inward to purge out what’s toxic so we can purify our souls and do the hard work necessary to transform. Then as we get closer to the Sun entering Sagittarius, it's time to reemerge and celebrate our hard shadow work and become social again.

Of course, with any Sign change, there is always a lower vibration. Because this is a Sign of deep feelings, some things can be misconstrued, and emotional reactions could happen as a result. Some of the issues that could arise could manifest in the form of jealousy, power struggles, vengefulness, and obsession.

Things from the past also get drudged up uncomfortably, and secrets get exposed. Water signs have a way of storing information. Scorpio and Cancer specifically bring up old stories, so that’s something to be aware of in this energy.

As intense as all these scenarios sound, sometimes it’s necessary to face things so you can clear them out and move forward. And it’s not all uncomfortable; Scorpio Season can be a time of getting to know yourself and others in a meaningful way.

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