This Week’s Horoscope Forecast October 18th to 24th, 2021

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In this week’s Astrology, Mercury goes Direct, and the Sun will be Ingress into Scorpio, which should put a transformative vibe to the next bunch of days.
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Hey guys, we have a transformative week full of planetary Transits.

This week is huge for Mercury as it goes out of Retrograde and makes a few alignments causing communication to be somewhat off-kilter. The Sun and Mars are still Traveling together by a few degrees which should help us feel more energized. And the Full Moon in Aries happens this week, along with the Sun going into Scorpio, which shifts the tone.

On the 18th, Mercury will go Direct, which should help us feel like things are finally becoming clear about the decisions we’ve made with our love lives and career. We won’t have all of the answers yet, but at least it will feel like you can start piecing together any data you collected during this Inverse cycle.

Just as Mercury goes Direct, it will make a complex Aspect to Chiron, which could bring up unresolved feelings from the 6 weeks involving relationships and money. This is part 3 to the Opposition between these planets, so even though it is uncomfortable, it can aid in understanding why you are experiencing disappointment with others or why you’ve been dwelling on the things you need to move forward from. When you find yourself ruminating, try purging these thoughts by journaling so you can recalibrate your mind and release all of those stuck emotions.

Luckily we have some softer energies on the 19th. Mars and Jupiter are making a fortunate alignment that actually helps us go after what we want in our career, personal, love life, and even educational goals. Now that Jupiter is Direct, these opportunities should come easier. An Aspect like this gives us the energy and confidence to seek out opportunities and make the proper choices for our aspirations.

Of course, we do have the Full Hunters Moon in Aries, which will be ultra-helpful for taking action. Even though this Lunation is rough around the edges, it motivates us to get things moving. Plus, this is great for resolving certain situations in our life that have been either on the back burner or purging out what’s no longer sustainable.

For October 22nd, the energy becomes more edgier than usual, with some of the alignments occurring on that day.

The first is Mars forming an uncomfortable Aspect to Pluto. With the two edge lords of the Solar System coming into a complex alignment, things could be more argumentative than usual. Do your best to stay calm because this type of Transit causes people to have a hair-trigger. I recommend channeling this energy into your ambitious pursuits because if it’s good for one thing, it’s being motivated, so use it to focus on goals. Also, burning off this energy with exercise helps as well.

On the 22nd, the Sun goes into Scorpio, which should cause us to become internalized about our feelings; introspection tends to happen more frequently through this Sign’s Season.⁠ Scorpio is a good time for getting in touch with our personal power and transforming the things we can no longer use in our lives.

Throughout the Retrograde cycle, Mercury has made a few contacts with Uranus; this is the last one for this inverse phase. On October 24th, Mercury will make its 3rd Quincunx for the final round of this cycle. Even though you could feel out of sorts on this day, you will have more clarity on complex situations that occurred during the Retrograde. A resolution could also come from communication that went wrong or a final understanding about why someone unexpectedly reached out.

There will be a separate post for Mercury going Direct, the Full Moon in Aries, plus Scorpio Season.

Vibes For the Week
Astrology Transits shown on a GraphSirius Software

With the vibes on the graph, it’s seemingly quiet for a bunch of days, which is not necessarily the case. There is a ton of ambitious energy this week because we have a load of action-oriented Transits occurring. Often, some of the harder alignments bring out our ambitious side because we are called to action.

So, through this week, that aspiring energy is really going to be ramped up as we get to the 21st. That's when it's going to be very peaked out energy in terms of just having a ton of determination.

And again, there is some good luck energy at the beginning of the week that has a lot to do with Mars and Jupiter that should aid us in taking the right opportunities for ourselves.

Transits for the week

With this interesting mix of Transits, we have a high-octane week ahead.

This week’s vibes October 18th to 24th:

  • 10/18 Mercury Direct: Clarity On What Needs Balance In Your Life
  • 10/18 Mercury Oppose Chiron: Healing Your Inner Dialog Part 3
  • 10/19 Mars Trine Jupiter: How To Act On Opportunities That Bring Success
  • 10/20 Full Moon in Aries: Learning To Assert Yourself
  • 10/22 Mars Square Pluto: That’s Not Being Blunt; You’re Rude
  • 10/22 Sun in Scorpio: Feeding Your Ego With Substance
  • 10/24 Mercury Quincunx Uranus: Unexpectedly Saying Something Rude Part 3

Use the action-oriented vibes this week to your advantage. Try to channel all edgy things into something constructive like getting busy work done, hitting the gym/home workout, or putting some energy back into your goals.

-Later guys

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