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Mercury Goes Out Of Retrograde On October 18th, 2021

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Mercury is going Direct on October 18th; how did this Retrograde Cycle open your eyes to where you need fairness in love and career.
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Mercury is going out of Retrograde on the 18th, just a day after Jupiter goes Direct, which will make for an interesting 24 hours. So now that this planet is Stationing out of Retrograde, we have 2 weeks of the Shadow Phase to move through before this Inverse Cycle is over.

Because we usually get 3 to 4 Retrogrades per calendar year, this is the third and last Inverse Cycle for 2021. This year Mercury went Retrograde in the Air Signs Aquarius at the beginning of the year, Gemini during the end of May, and this current phase in Libra. Air Signs are about our communication with others and our relationships.

Hence, ending this Retrograde Season in Libra is fitting because this Sign is the epitome of Relationships. Libra is about our close one-on-one unions, which could be our romantic partners, good friendships, family members we adore, and business partners.

Reflective Questions For Mercury Retrograde in Libra

Mercury went into its Shadow Phase on September 6th and Stationed RX on the 26th, so you could have experienced Retrograde scenarios regarding Librian things since these dates.

Think back to those dates; what was happening for you involving your relationships with others?

Have you worked on people-pleasing behavior, so you aren’t being taken advantage of any longer?

Think about how those relationships have been affected during this retrograde?

Have you tried to set boundaries in these relationships?

Were you learning to let go in these relationships?

Understood where you could have lost yourself being co-dependent in a relationship?

Learned that passive-aggressive behavior is counterproductive?

Did you try to bring fairness to your situations?

Have you worked on issues with indecision?

Addressed problems when it comes to flakiness?

Was this a time you found it hard to get others to compromise?

Have you needed to adjust things with business partners, people you wanted to collaborate with, or contracts?

These are essential questions to ask, relationships are tremendous in this energy, and these were some of the core situations that occurred during this Retrograde.

Co-dependency is brought to our attention with a Retrograde like this, so we have to become clear about relationships where we lose our identity for the sake of keeping someone. Libra is about relating to others, and sometimes we can lose ourselves in this energy.

Another stressful thing in this Retrograde is it’s hard to express disappointment, but these situations were hard to sweep under the rug. Libra is the Sign that likes harmony, so things tend not to be brought up out of fear it will disrupt the peace.

However, in these Retrogrades, arguments occur due to passive-aggressiveness, resentment, and petty actions. In this kind of situation, things that have been bubbling overcome up to the surface to be resolved.

Libra is about harmonizing the off-kilter things, so if these scenarios came up, it was to bring balance to that area of life. The ability to meet others halfway is crucial in Libra, so these circumstances could have opened your eyes to who is looking for peace in your relationships and those who would rather be right.

We will be revisiting some of these themes over the next 2 weeks as we move over the Shadow Phase.

Mercury will move out of the Shadow Period on November 2nd and will finally leave Libra on 11/5/2021 after being in this Sign for two and ½ months. Even though we still have a few more weeks of this cycle, at least now that we are on the other side of this Retrograde Period, we can move forward with more understanding of our situations.

Important dates to remember:

  • Shadow Period 9/6
  • Retrograde 9/26
  • Direct 10/18
  • End of Shadow period 11/2
  • Moves out of Libra on 11/5

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