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Jupiter Goes Out Of Retrograde On October 17th, 2021

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Jupiter will be out of Retrograde on the 17th; this should help us understand why specific opportunities have slowed down since June.

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Jupiter is going Station Direct on the 17th of October, so after 4 long months, this Celestial body will be out of Retrograde. Planets in Retrograde slow down as they are about to move in either direction backward or forward; therefore, they are stationary.

With Jupiter Retrogrades, it's one of the tamest of the Inverse Cycles; however, it does have its things that can be uncomfortable. Of course, it always depends on if you are aspected by this planet during the RX period. In other words, if Jupiter goes Retrograde over one of your chart points, then you will experience it on a personal level.

This Retrograde would have been felt mainly by the Fixed Signs “Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus,” within about 18 to 29 degrees of these Zodiac Signs.

Also, individuals with Mutable placements “Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius” who are within the first 5 degrees of these Signs could have experience Jupiter RX stronger than most other placements.⁠

Jupiter Retrograde Reflective Questions

Jupiter went into Retrograde back on June 20th but has been in its Shadow Phase since March 27th, so think back to what was going on with you involving Jupitarian themes.

During Jupiter retrogrades, we deal with our philosophies. Has your viewpoint in life been changing in some sort of way?

Have you been looking at ways that you can do a long-distance move?

Are you learning to adopt new philosophies in life?

Learned to be more open-minded about most topics?

Sought out the help of coaches, gurus, or skilled individuals to apprentice under?

Has there been a point over these last few months where you’ve questioned your beliefs?

Did you decide to further your education by going back to college or taking up a topic that demands a lot of your time?

Have you worked on an issue with Entitlement?

Have you resolved any problems with indulgence?

Have you worked on problems with carelessness?

Have you reviewed opportunities so you can make sure it’s the right fit for your journey?

Energetically, this could have been a time where you find yourself on a quest for the truth in your life. It's also about looking inward and understanding what is fair; you need to get in touch with your perspective on justice. A Retrograde like this causes us to want to tap into our highest potential. This was a time to look at our belief system and other opportunities we could take advantage of in our lives.

Long-distance travel is associated with Jupiter, so this could have been a period where you weren’t able to stick to plans when it comes to faraway trips. Or, a big move to a new city, state, or country could have been put on pause until you worked out some of the kinks. These last two Jupiter Retrogrades have had more complications than typical due to what’s going on with the world and some of the restrictions we have all experienced when it comes to travel, making this an edgy experience.

Philosophy plays a vital role with Jupiter themes because this is a knowledge-seeking planet. Therefore, you could have learned some new information that is changing your perspective on life. This could have been a period of becoming more open to wisdom, helping you develop an expansive way of thinking.

Higher education is another integral role of Jupiter. Retrogrades from Jupiter helps us embark on a learning journey, so this might have been a period where you are prepping to go to college. Alternatively, some individuals go back to school for a higher degree or take up a new area of study to switch careers.

However, even if you aren’t seeking a traditional education, this could have been when you bought a ton of courses online to educate yourself about a subject further. Another thing when it comes to education is people tend to get mentors currently. Jupiter is about seeking knowledge from others, so this could have been a time where you decided to hire a coach, private tutoring, or a guru.

Even though Jupiter Retrogrades aren’t as harsh compared to Mercury, Venus, Mars, and some other planets, it has its rough points.

Entitlement is one of the lower vibrations with this Celestial body, so during the Inverse cycles, it’s a period to work on your attitude. If you’ve been one of those people that feels everyone owes you something, then this could have been a learning experience for you. Greed and selfishness come up for review under this Retrograde so that real justice is served.

Another thing that comes up is a problem with excess. If you’ve been the type to overindulge, this comes up for review so you can break habits that hinder your progress.

Restoring faith back in yourself comes up during Jupiter Retrograde. Hopefully, you’ve taken this time to believe in yourself once again and can walk in your truth.

On the bright side, this could be a time where you were reviewing any opportunities that are on the table for you to see if they are the right fit. This could have something to do with education, travel, work, starting your own business, or advancements of any kind. Around March 27th, you could have been going back and forth about how to proceed.

Now that we are in the Shadow Direct Phase, at least you can approach these situations with more clarity and take decisive action. This will be a period where you see that all your scenarios are slowly starting to gain momentum.

This planet will be in the Shadow Phase until January 8th of 2022, but at least some progress could finally be made from now until the next 3 months so you can create expansion in your life.

-Later guys

Here are some important dates:

  • Shadow Period 3/27/2021
  • Retrograde Station 6/20/21
  • Jupiter goes Direct 10/17/21
  • Out of Shadow Direct Period 1/8/22

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