Pro-White Educators Will Be Paid to Teach Neo Nazis Ideology to Young Homeschoolers Under Ohio's New Proposed Law

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Pro-White Educators Will Be Paid to Teach Neo-Nazi Ideology to Young Homeschoolers Under Ohio's New Proposed Law.

By Clarence Walker Jr.

An Ohio Couple embroiled in a scandal over teaching young homeschoolers the ideology studies of Adolph Hitler's Neo Nazis regime and white supremacy said it is time to teach white children about their ancestor's history just like Black people teach other Blacks about their ancestral history.

What's raising eyebrows about the explosive situation is that taxpayers will contribute to footing the bill for the controversial teachings under Ohio's "Backpack Bill"-- House Bill 11. Concerned citizens forced the Ohio State Department officials to investigate the school and its curriculums related to Adolph Hitler's teachings of hate.
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The bill will distribute over a billion dollars into homeschoolings, private schools, including the online neo-Nazi "Dissident Homeschool Network" owned by Logan and Katja Lawrence in the Upper Sandusky area of Ohio. "I am deeply committed to giving my kids a positive, pro-White education," Katja Lawrence told the Nazi-promoting website Justice Report in an interview published in February.

RIght-Wing Conservatism Spark Fanatical Movements

People's World wrote in a recent article, "Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida and his right-wing acolytes there and across the country have attacked the public school system and sought book bans to control what children read in those schools. It comes as no surprise that his fascistic policies resonate with admirers in Ohio who are running their own Nazi homeschooling operation to counter the public school system"

The article continued, "Rather than have children learn about the cultures of all kinds of people, the children in Ohio’s new homeschooling operation learn instead how to become good Nazis."

The operation in Ohio was uncovered by anti-fascist researchers with an online group called the Anonymous Comrades Collective, local area reporters, the Huffington Post, and Vice News and has been confirmed by numerous news outlets and organizations, including People’s World, the Ohio State Education Board, and the state’s NAACP chapter.

State Investigation

The results of the State investigation shows how lax the Ohio homeschooling programs are set up without oversight. Homeschool teachers are given an added layer of protection because there are no set rules in place forcing them to report to a superintendent. Based on the rules in Ohio for homeschool learning means whichever studies parents want their children to learn nobody can do anything about it. It shouldn't be that way. We're talking about money from taxpayers spent to fund such nonsense the critics are saying.

In a statement to news media reporters covering the ingenious Backpack Bill the Department of Education reported the district superintendent's review of home education is only limited to ensuring that the minimum educational requirements are met, and that the academic assessment report has to only show a child is demonstrating reasonable proficiency." In essence, the investigation concluded that Logan and Katja Lawrence hadn't done anything illegal and they can resume teaching their children a Nazi-inspired curriculum. So, if the bill pass, the Lawrences' will make "tens-of-thousands" of dollars teaching studies they love best: pro-white education!

Teachers Can teach Neo-Nazis Studies to White Children [but] Black History & Critical Race Theory Cannot Be Taught in Schools

While Ohio state lawmakers are in the process of passing a bill to pay homeschoolers like the Lawrences' to teach children about Hitler's racial hatred towards Jews and any other non-white person many other Republican governors and lawmakers nationwide are fiercerly locked in opposition against Critical Race Theory(CRT) claiming these kind of studies shouldn't be taught in public schools to white students. The debate over CRT introduced into schools has become a lightning rod for Republicans. Critical Race Theory is a study highlighting America's history through the lens of racism but it doesn't teach hate or for Blacks to feel more superior over other races.

CRT focus on the idea that racism is systemic throughout our nation's institution and that they function to maintain the dominance of white people.

Critical Race Theory Prominence in the Mainstream

Critical race theory bled into the mainstream when then-President Donald Trump fired off a tirade of criticism at CRT and the 1619 Project. Trump called both "a crusade against American history" and "ideological poison that will destroy our country."

How-to Become a Wonderful Nazis: Research of a Dog Unmasked Logan & Katja Lawrence

The Lawrences' in Ohio boldly advocate white supremacist ideologies with the focus of influencing the children they teach to "become wonderful Nazis".

The Lawrence couple were unmasked by the dog they owned.

At some point, one or them mentioned on Facebook that they had a German Shepherd dog named Blondi, the same breed and name as the dog once owned by Hitler. Utilizing sharp detective skills the researchers traced ownership of the dog to the Lawrences by using the search feature on the Wyandot County dog licensing website.

According to Vice, the neo-Nazi homeschooling couple Lgan and Katja Lawrence is likely to rake in taxpayer-funded dollars of up to $22,000 per year if the Republican-backed legislation “Backpack Bill” is passed by state lawmakers. Katja and Logan Lawrence, who operate the neo-Nazi Dissident Homeschool Network channel on Telegram, will receive thousands in taxpayer money every year to teach their four children how Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a “deceitful, dishonest, riot-inciting negro.”
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A new nonpartisan fiscal review of House Bill 11, co-sponsored by Republican lawmakers Rep. Marilyn John and Rep. Riordan McClain, concludes that the universal voucher system the legislation proposes would cost the taxpayer over $1.1 billion per year, despite those who support the bill claiming it would be budget neutral.

The bill further provide state funding for homeschooled children as well as children attending non-chartered private schools which means the school the children are taught at don’t have to follow state education guidelines.

"Beginning in 2025, the bill’s Backpack Scholarship Program qualifies any public, nonpublic, or home-educated student enrolling in grades K-12 or the equivalent to receive a scholarship funded through an education savings account… [these] funds may be used to pay tuition and fees to attend a participating nonpublic school or pay for various other educational goods or services. Under the program, students in grades K-8 receive $5,500 and students in grades 9-12 receive $7,500,” the report states.

"This Backpack Bill is a black hole that will suck up more than $1 billion dollars right out of taxpayers' pockets and public school funding and distributed wildly all over the place to private schools, charter schools and, yes, home schools where a Neo-Nazi curriculum can be taught and amplified at taxpayer's expense," said Ohio Democratic Rep. Casey Weinstein, during an interview with Vice News.

Beginning of Nazi School

Vice News reported on their website indicating that Katja Lawrence, who is in her mid-30s, launched the channel in October 2021 because, according to her, she “was having a rough time finding Nazi-approved school material for [her] homeschool children,” as she told the neo-Nazi podcast Achtung Amerikaner! She also shared lesson plans that include Hitler quotes, pictures of a cake she baked for Hitler's birthday, and a recording of her own bloodline children shouting in unison "sieg heil".

Katja Lawrence agrees with Gov. DeSantis of Florida that it is parents, and certainly never public schools, that should control everything their children learn. “We have our children’s best interest at heart and nobody can do a better job than we can because it’s our child. We are so deeply invested into making sure the child becomes a wonderful Nazi,” she said.

Once the disturbing news broke into the T.V. media sensationalism machine the Ohio Department of Education officials issued a report indicating an investigation had started to look into the neo-Nazi homeschool network. Stephanie Siddens, the interim superintendent of public instruction at the Department of Education, allegedly told a news outlet she was "outraged and saddened" by the news, adding that, "there is absolutely no place for hate-filled, divisive and hurtful instruction in Ohio's schools, including our state's home-schooling community."

News media outlets reported 'The Upper Sandusky Exempted Village Schools' superintendent sent a letter to parents after the Lawrence’s alleged curriculum came to light, saying the district “vehemently condemns any such resources” and that the district board of education’s policy is “to maintain an education environment that is free from all forms of unlawful harassment based on protected classes.”

Superintendent Eric Landversicht said he learned about the allegations against the group after a news reporter requested information on homeschooling. The district’s response explained that the district must receive written notification and “assurances” from parents, but what the children study is up to the parents.

The requirements for homeschooling teachers is to have a high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate, but they can also qualify under state regulations with “standardized test scores that demonstrate high school equivalence” or “other equivalent credential deemed appropriate by a superintendent.”

The teachings of neo-Nazi groups are devastating to Holocaust survivors, "and they misrepresent history, said Gretchen Skidmore, the director of education initiatives at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, in a statement.

The statement read, "It is also dangerous,” she said. “Recent years have seen a rise in antisemitism—including violent antisemitism—in this country. It is important for students to understand the devastating consequences of the actions of Hitler and the Nazi party, along with their collaborators, during the Holocaust. Educational efforts should be focused on helping students understand the dangers of antisemitism and other forms of hatred and examining how and why the Holocaust happened.”

Particularly important, 18 states require Holocaust and genocide education by law. The majority of that legislation passed after President Donald Trump took office and the country experienced a sharp increase in anti-Semitic acts, according to an analysis from Axios of data from the National Council of State Legislatures.

Education Week staff reporter Sara Schwartz writes, 'Still, educators and advocates are concerned about how recent legislation banning discussion of “divisive concepts” in classrooms and mandating teachers to show both sides of “controversial” topics could interfere with accurate Holocaust education.'

An Indiana state senator said that under a proposed bill, teachers should be “impartial” on Nazis. In one Texas district, an administrator told teachers that they should include “opposing” views on the Holocaust. Both later apologized for these comments.

In Ohio, where the homeschooling group is located, a state representative said students could learn about the Holocaust from varied perspectives, including that of a Nazi soldier.

Republican Ohio Governor Mike Dewine feels optimistic about the pending bill.

"We have people in the legislature who think that we can move immediately [to a Backpack Bill]," Dewine told the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Ohio State Board of Education Member Teresa Fedor castigated the thought of taxpayers footing a bill to pay racist people to teach hate to young children online.

"My opinion is every elected official up and down both sides; if they don't condemn this, they're sanctioning this, she said.

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