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Explore Berkley Riverfront Park: your summer destination in Kansas City

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Berkley Riverfront, Kansas City, Missouri.Photo byBerkley Riverfront via Facebook.

If you're a Kansas Citian looking for a place to walk, try the Riverfront Heritage Trail. It's also a good place to ride your bike.

As the Berkley Riverfront website confirms, Kansas City began along the Missouri River. Berkley Riverfront Park carries the name of former Mayor Richard L. Berkley.

While at the park, if you want to rest, you'll find picnic tables where you can check out the scenery. If you take an evening walk, you'll notice the lit up vintage lighting. Dedicated in October 1998, the 17-acre park opened to everyone in March 1999. It's located between the Heart of America Bridge and the Kit Bond Bridge on the south bank of the Missouri River.

For sporting events, there are sand volleyball courts. They are open to the public when there aren't reservations or league play. If you have 20 or more players, you need reservations. Visit here under Sand Volleyball Courts to see the dates and times of league play.

The Riverfront Heritage Trail consists of 15 miles for pedestrians and bicyclists. You'll see the Missouri River at the Berkley Riverfront. You'll also discover an archaeological park west of the Heart of America Bridge. This is where the original Town of Kansas river settlement began. You may not know that used to be Kansas City's name. After that it was the City of Kansas in 1853. In 1889, it became Kansas City.

There's a lot of green at the park. When spring has finally sprung, if someone tells you to go fly a kite, say okay, get to the park, and do it. The Riverfront Heritage Trail is also accessible for wheelchairs because it's evenly paved.

Of interest to some might be the wetlands restoration project. Also, along the trail, learn about the bridges downtown. Check out the Urban Berkley Riverfront Apartments if you like the ambience of the park. Also, for dog lovers, there's the Bar K, a unique kind of dog park.

You might have seen the fireworks on the Fourth of July while driving across one of the bridges. Berkley Park hosts the KC Riverfest, which is an annual even that includes a lot of activity.

Visit here to see many photos of the park and trail on Yelp. There is off-street parking available located east of the Heart of America Bridge and west of I-35.

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