Celebrate National Puppy Day on March 23 - adopt, foster, or spread awareness!

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Whether you're a dog lover or not, it's hard to escape how adorable and cute puppies can be with their happy tail-wagging and little paws learning to run across your kitchen floor. I know the loyalty and love of a puppy can get you through rough spots in life.

In 2008, my dad began his two-year decline with kidney disease and other health-related issues. He was admitted to a nursing care facility not far from my son's house. I moved in with my son and his family to be closer to the facility because he needed an advocate and my brother lived out of state.

My son had a dog named Harley. There were countless times Harley would lay at my feet. Harley always looked like a big puppy to me, and he always seemed to know when I needed him to just sit by me. When we lost Harley, it was sad, sad, sad. But he was loved and so were we. He was provided a home. Now my son's family has three dogs!

Harley (2009).Photo byAuthor.

How did National Puppy Day begin?

The purpose of establishing National Puppy Day was to encourage the public to consider adopting a puppy. Also, it was to create an awareness about the puppy mills and farms and cruelty associated with these places.

National Puppy Day was established in 2006 for dog lovers everywhere. The founder is Colleen Paige, an animal rights activist and author.

What you can do

If you're not ready to adopt a puppy, see if your local animal shelter allows volunteers to come assist. Spreading the word across social media about a new puppy needing a good home along with a photo is helpful too.

Maybe you can help foster a puppy until they're ready to be adopted. Some people prefer dogs to already be potty-trained. KC Pet Project has a Foster Care Program. When you foster a pet, you're essentially a full-time volunteer in your home. Visit here to read about this facility and watch the fast-speed presentation of the new animal shelter come into fruition. When you foster a puppy, it also allows for more space at the shelter for new puppies coming in.

Of course, if you're an avid animal lover, you've heard of Wayside Waifs, a no-kill shelter. This facility housed on 50 acres also has one of the largest pet cemeteries in the country. Wayside Waifs is a non-profit organization and also not government funded. It is chiefly supported by "memberships, bequests, the pet cemetery, pet adoptions, and gifts from the public, businesses and foundations."

If you're interested in adoption through Wayside, you have the option of a trial period of 7 to 10 days. Wayside calls it the Slumber-Pawty. This is a great opportunity to see if the pet you're interested in is a good fit for you or your family. Wayside needs help with foster care. Visit here for more information on the program associated with fostering a puppy or other animal.

Here are some other things you can do to celebrate National Puppy Day.

  • Consider purchasing your puppy a new toy.
  • Maybe it can be special treat day!
  • Get your puppy groomed.
  • Sign up for training lessons.
  • Take your puppy to a local dog park so he or she can meet new puppies.
  • Show your puppy lots of unconditional love.

The best thing you can do on National Puppy Day is consider being a volunteer at a pet facility or foster or adopt a puppy.

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