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The Van Leeuwen Ice Cream brand came out with another flavor surprise that swept the internet today

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For those not familiar with Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, they now have a company-owned operation that began in 2008 in New York City out of a yellow food truck. Amazing. According to New York Simply, they have many shops in New York. If you live there, lucky you. If you live in the Midwest, check with your local Walmart or Sprouts Farmers Market. You can also click here to find a close location to you that sells the Van Leeuwen brand.

The ice cream co-founders are Pete Van Leeuwen, Ben Van Leeuwen (CEO), and Laura O’Neill. As their website indicates, they want to make ice cream that makes you feel good.

Last year, a shop was opened in Dallas with the flavor, Strawberry Margarita. That shop was the company’s 30th store. Aside from Dallas and having a major presence in New York, their other locations include California, Colorado, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C.

The ice cream company is releasing seven new flavors in the spring and the flavor surprise that swept the media today was a Hidden Valley Ranch-flavored ice cream. Apparently, March 10 is National Ranch Dressing Day, so it made its debut. Last year, it was the Grey Poupon-flavored ice cream.

Van Leeuwen professes using natural ingredients and it also has options for vegans. Interestingly, too, this company ships nationwide. That's incredibly nice, especially if you don't live close to a location carrying this brand.

When I learned about the flavor, I thought of a family member who liked to dip his french fries in Ranch Dressing. Maybe the surprise flavor can be an alternative for those fries.

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