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Norman Tromanhauser House designed by Louis S. Curtiss in 1914 has an interesting and unique external view

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Norman Tromanhauser House, Kansas City, Missouri.Photo byGoogle Maps.

The historic Norman Tromanhauser house is located on Roanoke Drive in Kansas City, Missouri. The architectural design is Prairie School style. The foundation is stone and the walls are wood and stucco. The architect was the prominent Louis S. Curtiss.

The Tromanhauser House was designed in 1914-1915, and additions were built in 1986 and 1999. It's a one-story bungalow on a triangular piece of land in the West Roanoke subdivision. Interestingly, it cost $5,000 to construct. Although the design is Prairie School, there are also some degrees of Spanish Colonial and Arts and Crafts.

A non-original stucco privacy wall and wooden gate, matching the historic materials and scale of the residence, was constructed in 1999 at the west and north grounds of the property. An art glass skylight, in keeping with the historic vocabulary of the home, was installed in the master bedroom that same year. (Source.)

On January 26, 2001, the Norman Tromanhauser House was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Tromanhauser House is supposed to be the only one of its type in the city. It's an example of architect Curtiss' expressive work that was built for Norman Tromanhauser who was also his friend.

Norman Tromanhauser was an auditor for Burnam-Munger-Root Dry Goods Company, and he became a certified public accountant later.

The house Curtiss designed for the Tromanhausers began a pattern for other structures. The work performed on the Tromanhauser home was much different from the previous residential designs of Curtiss.

The use of white painted stucco and red Spanish tile may seem to some to be the marks of the Spanish Colonial Revival, but the house is purely modern in form and spirit. (Source.)

Norman was born in Ontario, Canada on March 7, 1869. He died on August 5, 1928, at age 59. His wife, Anna, was born on April 4, 1879, in Chicago, Illinois. She died on July 9, 1949, at age 70.

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