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The historic Elijah Thomas Webb Residence and inviting architectural elements in Jasper County, Missouri

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Elijah Thomas Webb House.Elijah Thomas Webb Residence Owner, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

The architectural classification of the Elijah Thomas Webb Residence is Late Victorian and Queen Anne. This three-story structure built in 1891 was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2020.

This home located in Webb City, Missouri has so many of its original details. The architectural styles include Italianate, Romanesque, and Eastlake movements.

Elijah Thomas Webb

Born on August 24, 1851, Elijah was the oldest of four children in his family. They moved from Tennessee to southwest Missouri in 1856. Near the end of winter in 1857, his father, John Webb, obtained 200 acres from the government and began farming.

During the Civil War, Elijah's father left to serve for the Confederacy under General Sterling Price. It was during that time frame that Elijah had to assume the head of the household. When his father returned, more land was acquired up to 320 acres.

In 1873, John Webb discovered lead on their property while he was plowing. He attempted to mine the lead but wasn't successful, so he leased his land for mining. He took the proceeds to develop real estate and expand Webb City. In September 1875, Webb recorded the plat of Webb City and by December 8, 1875, Webb City was incorporated.

In 1877, Elijah enrolled in college at the University of Missouri at Columbia (aka MU). After that, he went to Gem City Commercial College in Quincy, Illinois. When he returned to Missouri, he worked as a deputy county collector for Jasper County for a couple of years. He did this before engaging with his father's business.

In June 1882, Elijah and his father organized the Webb City treasurer of Webb City, school board member, and director of the Joplin College of Physicians and SurgeonsBank. When his father died on April 13, 1883, Elijah inherited the bank and a percentage of the family's lead and zinc-rich land.

In 1883, Elijah served as treasurer of Webb City, school board member, and director of the Joplin College of Physicians and Surgeons. At the time, He was married to Emma Isabella Hayden, and together, they had a son named Ernest Clay Webb, who was born on July 4, 1887.

In 1891, Elijah was also President of Webb City Bank, a part owner of Webb City Lumber Company, and of the Webb City Water Works Company. During this year, he divorced his wife and married Mayme Corpeny in 1892. They had a daughter named Grace Webb.

The wealth and success would afford Elijah the freedom to construct this high-style Queen Anne residence. The house represented to the community in Jasper County that he was highly successful.

Historic photo of The Elijah Thomas Webb Residence (1895).Unknown author, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

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