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Christopher Elbow Chocolates is like having a museum walk in your mouth

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Sometimes we might consume a piece of chocolate that satisfies a craving. Most likely, we all have our favorites at the top of the list. For me, it’s Christopher Elbow Chocolates.

While there have been times I didn’t turn down mass-produced chocolates, they’re not my favorite. 

Any dark chocolate will do in a pinch, but then let’s have some good Belgium chocolate, and finally, whether it’s saving my favorite for the last or not, it has to be Christopher Elbow Chocolates.

It’s the kind of chocolate you buy so you can slowly remove the lid of the box and just stare at each piece. 

Beautiful chocolates and divine silky goodness on your palate

Christopher Elbow Chocolates is located at 1819 McGee Street in Kansas City, Missouri. This used to be a convenient location for me when I worked down the street. It's a place I've recommended over the years if you're looking for a special gift. The chocolates are artistic and beautiful, and the taste is remarkable. The store has several chocolate items aside from candy.

Christopher Elbow Chocolates, Kansas City, Missouri.The Red Door via Blogspot.

Who is Christopher Elbow?

I always thought it was interesting that besides having a store in Kansas City Crossroads District, there was a Christopher Elbow Chocolates on the west coast. That store is located at 401 Hayes Street, San Francisco, California.

When you step into Christopher Elbow's store, you can see immediately that it's not just a store. It's more than that. Christopher Elbow is a very gifted artistic chocolatier. If you live in Kansas City and you've been there, well, you know that's true.

Years ago, one of the first restaurants to open in the Crossroads District of Kansas City was the Shiraz Restaurant that was on Southwest Boulevard (now closed). That restaurant had the best chicken tandoori. I’ve read that Christopher Elbow got his start in a kitchen that was above Shiraz.

Christopher is a native of Kansas City. His affinity for working with chocolate began when he was working as a pastry chef at the American Restaurant. He's also worked in kitchens in restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip.

He used to have an artisan ice cream store called Glacé that closed in 2020. He also had a donut and ice cream shop called Fairway Creamery in Fairway, Kansas that was sold earlier this year.

Chocolatier Christopher Elbow sold the almost 3-year-old ice cream parlor and doughnut shop to Ali and Stephanie Shirazi, a local couple who previously owned Westside Local and Shiraz in Kansas City, Missouri. (Source.)
Christopher Elbow Chocolates, San Francisco, California location.Google Maps.

You get what you pay for

When you’re a child, any chocolate will do. As you get older, like with other foods, you develop a more discerning taste. I remember when I began leaning in on Belgium chocolates because the taste quality was so wonderful. And all that dark chocolate was better for you too but it was inviting with a lot of dark cocoa.

The first time I experienced Christopher Elbow Chocolates, I wanted to eat them in slow motion. Then I wanted more. They're beautiful pieces of chocolate and you get to decide how long you're going to stare at one piece before tasting it. According to Made in the Middle KC, Christopher Elbow's favorite is sweet and salty anything.

When you buy an assortment, it’s hard to decide which one in the box you’re willing to sacrifice first. Each piece is beautiful, some are colorful, and they’re each unique. Your emotional self is wanting to know which one you can live without first. 

How about some Dark Chocolate Pecan Venezuelan Spice Caramels, Salted Caramel Dessert Sauce, or Drinking Chocolate?

Each bite of chocolate is worth every cent.

So what if you don't make it to downtown Kansas City?

Click here to see some of the businesses which sell Christopher Elbow Chocolates. Before you think Christopher Elbow Chocolate is pricey, remember that sometimes you get what you pay for.

Thanks for reading! Go get yourself some chocolate!

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