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The Argyle Building built for commercial use in 1906 was repurposed into luxury apartments in 2014

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Argyle building (center) taken Sept. 16, 2022.Source: author.

In 2005, the Argyle Building in Kansas City, Missouri was added to the National Register of Historic Places. This building was built in 1906 and architect, Louis Curtiss, had designed it to be 4-stories tall. The architectural design is the Early Commerical style.

Architect Curtiss was originally from Canada. Before he came to Kansas City, he studied architecture at the University of Toronto and Paris. He arrived in Kansas City in 1887. He also designed what used to be known as the Boley Clothing Company Building in Kansas City which still exists today housing another business.

Around 1924-1925, the building was expanded to 10 stories by the firm of Keene & Simpson. The new floors contained medical offices. It also used to be home to the Katz Drug Store on the ground floor from 1914 to 1970.

Katz Drug Store, the building’s most notable tenant, opened in 1914 as a confectionery. When Kansas City passed new laws requiring stores selling tobacco to close at 6 p.m., however, Isaac and Ike Katz got creative. The brothers hired a pharmacist and began selling prescription and over-the-counter drugs–but they didn’t stop there. They sold everything from appliances to groceries to even exotic pets, earning the two the nickname “Cut-Rate Kings.” (Source.)

The bottom floors are already over 100 years old and the additional floors that were added are close to that. The building is located at 306 East 12th Street in the area known as the Central Business District.

The building is on the northeast corner of the intersection of I2th and McGee Streets. It's constructed of steel and reinforced concrete with brick veneer. From the second floor to the 10th floor, there are about 13,000 square feet per floor. There is more square footage on the first floor and the basement.

The Argyle Building contributed to the commercial development of the Central Business District.

Today, the building is known as The Argyle on 12th. The building was repurposed into luxury one and two-bedroom apartments with a rooftop deck. It's also within walking distance of the Power & Light District, the T-Mobile Center. The project of The Argyle on 12th was completed in 2014 and houses 117 units. The historic terrazzo floor and marble walls of the lobby were also restored.

Another building has been rehabilitated and repurposed.

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