Peculiar, MO

Peculiar, Missouri isn't that peculiar afer all--it just has a unique name

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The last time I was in Peculiar was when my daughter was playing competitive softball and had a game there. You have to agree that it's an interesting name for small city.

Peculiar is located in Cass County, Missouri. It's considered to be a part of the ansas City Metropolitan area. According to the 2020 census, the population is 5,031.

The early years

The early settlers traveled by riverboat to arrive in western Missouri. They were coming from as far east as Pennsylvania and Ohio in some cases. In 1868, Robert Cass, a county surveyor, platted out the Town of Peculiar. There's more than one version as to how the town was named.

The first version

The town's postmaster, Edgar Thomson, wanted to name the town Excelsior but that ws already taken. Supposedly, Thomson wrote to the Postmaster General a few times with other names with a similar response in return. Thomson wrote back and said just "give us some peculiar name." So, Peculiar was chosen and approved. In June 1868, the post office for Peculiar was established.

The second version

In another story, it's as simple as settlers looking for a place to farm. Allegedly, one looked down a hill and made the comment of Well that's peculiar! It's the very place I saw in a vision back in Connecticut.

After the land was purchased, it began to grow a village and was named Peculiar.

I think I like the first version better plus there's an old letter on the city's website telling the story how the city received its name. The letter appears to be dated March 20, 1899.

Peculiar is incorporated

In 1890, the village of Peculiar became incorporated. It was consiidered a fourth class city of the State of Missouri in 1953 because of its population range. Today, it would be considered third class.because the population is greater than 3,000, but less than 29,999.

Peculiar celebrated being 100 years old in July 1968. There's also a life time resident of Peculiar named Dick Morris who will be turing 100 on September 16, 2022, as reported by Mid-America Live.

Sometimes when people, places or things are differentiated, they're remembered. There are YouTube videos about Peculiar. People continue to be amazed by the city's name.

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