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Out of three regional brands of potato chip companies in Missouri, two have been around for a few decades

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Bowl of Red Hot Riplets manufactured by Old Vienna in St. Louis, MO.Ckoerner, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

There is an old potato chip manufacturer at 1 West Industrial Road in Fulton, Missouri known as Backer's Potato Chip Co. It was originally founded in 1931. The company makes 7,000 pounds of chips per hour. Backer's also ships their brand chips across the country including places in Canada and Mexico. Backer's isn't the only regional brand of potato chips manufactured in Missouri.

Regional brands in Missouri

While Backer's may not be in the chip aisle in your local grocery store, they've been producing their brand of chips in different flavors for several decades.

There are many regional brands of chips other than the nationally advertised brands that you may never see in your shopping aisles, but these regional brands have been around for a long time. Three such regional brands in Missouri are Backer's Potato Chip Company (1931-present) in Fulton and Old Vienna LLC (1936-present) and The Billy Goat Chip Company (2002-present) out of St. Louis.

Summaries of Backer's, Old Vienna, and The Billy Goat

The Backer's Potato Chip Company was started in 1931 by William "Fritz" Backer from his home, and after a fire took his restaurant in 1929. In 1957, his son, Bill, took over the business. In 1989, he turned over the president role of the company to his daughter, Vicki McDaniel. Interestingly, in 1996, Bill opened the Auto World Museum showcasing about 100 of his antique, collectible cars.

Old Vienna LLC began in 1936 by Louis Kaufman. Although the company closed in 1996, it was reborn that same year by former employees and continues to operate in Fenton, Missouri which is a suburb of St Louis. The company also markets its Red Hot Riplet seasoning. According to Old Vienna's website in regard to its seasoning, "a finishing dust is a must for all your favorite recipes!" Several local eateries include their chip and seasoning.

The Billy Goat Chip Company in St. Louis advertises "Get the G.O.A.T." on its website. The owners used to operate the Billy Goat Restaurant and Bar until it closed in 2008 so there could be more focus on their chip company. "As professional chefs and restaurateurs, we realized that the artisanship and quality of our signature Billy Goat Chip was superior to anything found in the snack food aisle." (Source.)

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